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Phnom Penh Packages

Duration Price
Cambodia Temple Tour Package6 days & 5 nights
INR 49,000

The city of Phnom-Penh is the biggest city in Cambodia, also the wealthiest and is the cultural, commercial and political centre of the country while being home to more than 1 million of Cambodians. The best Phnom Penh Tour packages offer extensive cultural and historical attractions, including temples, museums and the Royal Palace. It boasts of a vibrant and varied night life as well.


The city dates back, to the early 15th century when the King Ponhea Yat moved his capital from the Angkor Wat in the North of Cambodia which has oldest cultural artifacts and world heritage sites to the present-day Phnom-Penh on the strategic shores where two huge rivers join. With the coming of the French, the city got its civic structure in the 19th century and later came to be known as the ‘Pearl of Asia’ in all of Europe.


A visit to the religious sites like the famous Angkor Wat temple, Wat Ounalom, Silver Pagoda and Wat Phnom will also bring you across the old architectural styles of the region. A day tour in Phnom-Penh can be taken to watch the Royal Palace, Din Art Gallery, National Museum, Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and other art galleries in the city. There are other opportunities for the art lovers to enjoy a Cambodian Arts traditional dance. Other major attractions include the Mekong River tour, visiting the independence tower in the capital and also private tours to Phnom-Penh’s central market. Visiting local markets will allow you to be in contact with Cambodian people, taste local food and discover the local handicraft. They are places steeped in history where you will immerse yourself in an atmosphere specific to each market. It is the ideal place to buy a souvenir or that unique gift and remember it is expected that you will haggle over the prices!

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