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10 November 2015
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18 January 2016
Bhagirathi Namboothiri Discover Lavasa on a Segway Ride
Wao what a cool ride it was!!! I really want to buy a segway now. It is so amazing , all you need to do is just stand and distance of miles will be covered in just few minutes. Neither too speedy nor too slow, just good enough to give you an awesome ride.
14 August 2015
Beautiful hills station near Pune is an ideal location to try out your first segway ride. we stayed there for 2 days and explored almost all remarkable locations.
21 November 2015
Completely an out of the box experience..... For beginners you need to learn how to balance yourself and once you are familiar enough, you will have a great riding experience. I wish i had one.
12 November 2015
Very Good
A beautifully planned city with hilly terrains and lush green grounds is Lavasa. An ideal location near Pune for your weekend adventure. Segway discovery is quite popular in Lavasa. There are many Segway ride organizers who lends you the two wheeler in reasonable rates. Required instructions are provided in advance and you will also be given a helmet for your ride. It will be a lovely experience especially for first time visitors.
30 October 2015
Very Good
Segway works on gyroscope technology powered by battery. It is very easy to ride but you need to stand, no provision to sit. For travelling short distances, Segway is a great two wheeler vehicle.
24 October 2015
Very Good
Segway ride is a new arrival in adventure activity community you can discover large grounds on it, not much steep hilly terrains.
24 September 2015
Shresthi Bandopadhyay Discover Lavasa on a Segway Ride
Segway is a new mode of transportation on a self powered and balancing wheel. All you need is to stand and travel. Awesome Trip Guys....
26 January 2016
Very Good
Wao, an electronic ride to discover the hilly trails of this man made hills station which is an absolute adventure. Loved the experience.
14 November 2015
Very Good
Lavasa is an interesting place, claimed as India's largest hill city with beautiful location to explore. Segway ride in Lavasa is a popular adventure primarily for exploring nearby locations.

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