Trekking in Lavasa

Lavasa Trekking

From the stunning views of the Kundalika Valley to the colourful sceneries of local flora and fauna, Trekking in Lavasa will provide your eyes with stunning views. The lush green forests, the rugged landscapes and the abundantly thick cascading waterfalls all together make trekking an exhilarating experience.

Suitable for all types of trekkers be they first-timers or experienced trekkers, the trails range from easy to moderate difficulty levels. The daunting trails of Anharban and Devkund Waterfall cover some exciting and dramatic landscapes like steep slopes and huge rocks thus offering adventure seekers many serene panoramic views. Offering a great experience physically and spiritually, the quaint town of Lavasa caterers every kind of trekker, even beginners too.

Lavasa Trekking is undoubtedly a perfect sport for nature enthusiasts as the place is loaded with beautiful terrains and natural vistas. The bewitching journey towards the beautiful Tikona Fort and Torna Fort takes the trekkers towards the unparalleled beauty of nature and offers many steep ridges covered with green vegetation and stunning historical architecture. Overall, trekking is the best way to enjoy a thrilling escapade with your loved ones and marvel at the forested landscapes of nature.

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Lavasa Trekking FAQs

What are the best places for trekking in Lavasa?

1. Andharban: Sitting near pimpri, Andharban is a small forest loaded with many big surprises. Having a descending trail all the way up, this is the most famous route of Trekking in Lavasa.

The beauty of the place can be best enjoyed around the monsoon when it gets more beautiful with numerous seasonal flora and fauna. This 13 KM long trail is loaded with beautiful sceneries and takes around 5 hours to get completed. Being an easy trek, anyone having little knowledge of trekking can enjoy it.

2. Ghangad Fort: Sitting in the heart of Tamhini Ghat, the Ghangad Fort has made Trekking in Lavasa a fun as well as scenic activity. The fort was once used as a prison, and the ruins of which still stand there.

Being an easy trek, the beautiful path to the top can be easily covered by anyone having good physique and some knowledge of trekking. Upon arrival, the highest part of the fort will take you back to the medieval time when rulers used to enjoy the beautiful 360 degree scenery of the surrounding forests.

3. Tikona Fort: Famed for its tough rocks and beautiful climate, Tikona Fort stands at a height of 3500 feet. To reach here, people usually have to trek through the rocky terrains and steep pathways, making it a bit difficult route.

Providing you with a chance to feel clouds touching your heads, this place also offers a panoramic scenery of the lush green plantations below. The beauty, the fun and the adventure one experiences here is undoubtedly adrenaline rushing, making it the best route for Trekking in Lavasa.

4. Devkund Waterfall: The turquoise blue waters streams gushing through this waterfall have attracted numerous nature lovers. The cascading streams when fall down, create a pool for people to rest in. To reach this beautiful location, one needs to trek for a distance of 3 to 4 KM, thus making it easy for first time visitors to reach the place by making less effort.

5. Torna Fort: Taking you away from the tedious lifestyle, Torna fort is located amidst the lush green nature. These beautiful ruins are a historical location and are frequented by tourists from all over the world.

To reach here, one needs to trek for around 2 to 3 hours, thus making it an easy trek. From the top of the fort, one can easily marvel at the surrounding panoramas of the valley, making it one of the best Lavasa Trekking.

What kind of fitness am I expected to have for trekking in Lavasa?

For trekking in Lavasa, you are required to have an average level of fitness. Say, if you are able to walk for a distance of 5 to 6 KM without stopping, then you can easily cover the trekking trails offered in Lavasa.

The place has numerous short treks too which can be completed without any training but in case of the trail towards Tikona Fort and Andharban, you will have to undergo some training. Your body needs to be fueled better so that you can carry baggage with you to the top. In addition to all this, make sure you practice running ten to fifteen days before the trek so that you can easily cover the distance.

When is the best time to visit Lavasa for trekking?

The best time to visit Lavasa for trekking is around the monsoons, when the streams are at their best and the local flora and fauna flourish. Around the months of July to September the area becomes greener, thus covering the trails with colourful blossoms.

Since this city is bestowed with good climate all year round, you can visit here anytime and enjoy an adventurous session of trekking. Just after the monsoons, the place is frequented by flocks of tourists so that they can enjoy the beautiful valley without any rainfall, thus you can also visit here around October and November.

Will we stay in camps during trekking in Lavasa?

No, the trekking trails in Lavasa are short and get completed within hours, thus a camp stay is not required.

However, if you are willing to stay back and set a camp for the night then you can easily do so. Many trails of Trekking in Lavasa take you to forts and waterfalls, thus offer a place to camp and enjoy a fun filled evening with your loved ones.

What kind of medical arrangements will be there during trekking?

Whenever you opt for a session of trekking, proper medication facilities are provided like a first aid kit and pain relief balms and gels.

In case of some emergency, a doctor on call and personal stretcher facility is also available. However, for personal safety, it is advisable to carry your own first aid kit while Trekking in Lavasa.

What things must I carry for a trekking trip to Lavasa?

Things to carry while Trekking in Lavasa include:
- Layerable clothes
- Windproof jackets
- Extra pairs of clothing and undergarments
- Sunscreen
- Personal medication(if any)
- Nuts and protein bars
- Backpack with rain cover
- Power Banks
- Cap or hat
- Water bottle/thermos.

Do we need a walking stick on trekking?

If you are trekking towards Andharban, then you might need a walking stick to help you trek around the steep and rocky terrain.

However, the need for a walking stick while Trekking in Lavasa is dependent on the fact that where are you going for trekking as any trails here are simple and can be covered by anyone without using much effort.

Name the hardest trail of Lavasa?

The hardest trail of Lavasa Trekking is to Andharban and is 13 KM long. This trail takes around 5 to 6 hours to get completed and takes you through many steep slopes and rocky areas.

To complete this trek a little knowledge of trekking is required in addition to a normal physique.

Which is the easiest trek in Lavasa?

The easiest trek while enjoying Lavasa Trekking is towards Devkund Waterfall. This beautifully gushing stream of water is located amidst the forest but the trail towards here is simple and can be covered by anyone.

However, the area around the waterfall is a bit rocky, thus requiring some extra cautions.

Is it safe for a solo female to trek in Lavasa?

Yes, it is totally safe to opt for a solo session of trekking in Laasa as the trails there are not much dangerous.

However, it is advised to check for one's own safety and carry necessary items accordingly like a pocket knife and extra batteries.

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