Best Villas in Lavasa

Villas in Lavasa provide you with a staycation amidst the beautiful nature and away from the monotonous and mundane urban life. From high class luxuries villas to affordable family villas, the array of options available here are a big one.

Not only these villas provide you with a comfortable stay, but they also make sure that you enjoy the serenity of nature from every corner of your stay. Be it the Lavasa Luxury Lakeview Studio or the Soul Tree by Vista Rooms, all villas aim to offer you a perfect vacation by providing all the necessary amenities as well as privacy to their guests.

Being located close to many famous tourist destinations like Mulshi Dam and Dasve Lake, Shantai Villa and Lavasa Lake Palace are some of the most famous Lavasa Villas. Either you are looking for some romantic hideouts or want to enjoy an adventurous outing with your family and loved ones, the villas in Lavasa offer numerous facilities like kids play area, jacuzzi and swimming pool, thus making your vacation a memorable one. From finding a perfect accommodation to indulging in numerous recreational activities, these villas are famed for offering the best of everything.

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Lavasa Villas FAQs

Which are the best villas in Lavasa?

1. Lavasa Luxury Lakeview Studio:
The Lavasa Luxury Lakeview Studio aims to provide its guests with all the best facilities from a fully equipped kitchen to a television. Either planning a family trip or looking for a romantic staycation, this villa has your back and will provide you with a surrounding perfect for any kind of vacation.

Standing out as one of the best Villas in Lavasa, the stay provides you with a beautiful scenery of lake straight from your rooms.

Location: E1-303, Portofino Street, Dasve Cir, Lavasa, Maharashtra 412112,
Timing: Open 24*7.
Price: INR 9500 to INR 10000.

2. Lavasa Lake Palace:
This luxury villa holds everything one can think of whenever going on a vacation. From an open air Jacuzzi with a beautiful view of the lake to a kitchen equipped with a microwave and a fridge, here you can find the best facilities than other Villas in Lavasa.

Its proximity to many famous tourist destinations makes it the most booked stay of Lavasa. The location of Lavasa Lake palace provides you with a panoramic view of the beautiful lake and the high mountains standing guard behind it. To add more fun to the staycation, the villa provides bicycle rental services using which you can go for a city tour on your own and marvel at the beautiful nature.

Location: 002, Portofino, Dasve, Lavasa, Maharashtra 412112.
Timing: 12:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
Price: INR 9500 to INR 11500.

3. Kaarvi Indraprastha Lavasa:
One of the top picks of any traveller, this villa provides you city-like facilities with a village like vibes. Being a perfect amalgamation of modernism within antiquated things, this villa provides the visitors with small cottages which are connected with numerous colourful paths.

From a giant lawn for kids to play in to a pet friendly environment, here you can enjoy numerous rare facilities. The whole stay will provide you with a society kind of vibe and the beautiful sceneries of surrounding hills.

Location: Ganga Bhagyoday, S-2, Sinhgad Rd, Manik Baug, Lavasa.
Timing: 8:00 AM to 11:30 PM.
Price: INR 8000 to INR 9000.

4. Shantai Villa:
Located on a hillside, this villa is famous for providing the guests with a thrilling yet comfortable stay. From a personal parking to a well equipped kitchen and from a backside patio to a beautiful scenery of famous landmarks, this villa provides you with the best of everything.

The most famous thing about this villa is that you can also bring your furry friends with you, making it one of the best Villas in Lavasa.

Location: School Street, Villa No 22, Village Dasve lavasa, Tal - Mulshi, Dist - Pune, Lavasa, Maharashtra 412112.
Timing: Open 24*7.
Price: INR 5000 to INR 6500.

5. Soul Tree by Vista Rooms:
With a beautiful swimming pool and a huge terrace to marvel at the surrounding beauty, Soul Tree finds its name in the best Villas in Lavasa.

Having many famous locations like the Mulshi Dam and Dasve lake in its close proximity makes it one of the most booked villas of Lonavala. In addition to its beauty and location, the facilities provided here are top class and they even let you bring your pets along without any extra price.

Location: 50, Waterfall St, Lavasa, Maharashtra 412112.
Timing: Open 24*7.
Price: INR 6000 to INR 8000.

Which are the luxury villas in Lavasa?

1. 41 Villa: The lovely property of 42 Villa is located amidst the lush greens of Laasa, thus adding more stars to its beauty. Being a 3 bedroom villa, this stay makes sure the beautiful scenery can be enjoyed from its every room. From cozy bedding to a full time caretaker, this is the stay to book if travelling with your loved ones.

2. Saffron Stays Calvin and Hobbs: This beautiful mansion can be all yours if you opt for a staycation in Lavasa. The surroundings, the interior, the architecture and everything about this villa is beautiful and eye catching. In addition to the serenity, the facilities offered here are the best like personal balconies and open terrace, making it one of the best Villas in Lavasa.

3. 52 Hill view Villa: As the name suggests, the villa provides the beautiful panoramas of the surrounding hills while itself being located on the hillside. The location of this villa has attracted numerous travellers and the facilities provided here cannot be seen anywhere else like separate cottages and beautiful sceneries direct from your rooms.

4. Aamby Valley City: Famous for being one of the most famous Villas in Lavasa, the Aamby Valley City is a small cottage wholly made of wood. From the roof to the beds, everything here is finely crafted and beautifully placed.

From an open bathtub facing towards the lush green valley to the fine linens and comfy bedding, a stay here will let you enjoy the real comfort amidst the best of nature.

Which are the best villas in Lavasa for couples?

1. Thrush Villa: From serenity to privacy, this villa aims to provide the much required solace on a couple’s trip, and is considered to be one of the top Villas in Lavasa. Be it a personal kitchen or a beautiful scenery straight from your bedroom, here you will enjoy the best staycation with your lover.

2. Soul Tree by Vista Rooms: Providing you a chance to spend some romantic time with your other half in a beautiful swimming pool and an open terrace, Soul Tree aims to offer the best staycation to its guests. From the best amenities to spellbinding sceneries, here you will enjoy the best of everything.

3. West Valley Farm Villa: Away from the monotony of mundane urban life, the West Valley Farm Villa provides its guests with a romantic atmosphere and an escape towards the lush green nature. From the ultimate comfort and privacy to the array of adventurous activities around it, this is the best option to choose among the best Lavasa Villas.

4. Portofino: As chic as the name sounds, similar is the vibe of this place. A staycation here with your other half means days filled with comfort, serenity, love and laughter. The perfect facilities and location around the lake makes it a perfect place to plan a romantic getaway.

Which are the villas in Lavasa for the family?

1. Lake View Villa: Located in the heart of Lavasa, Lake View villa is famous for being affordable and still offering the best services. The villa houses 3 rooms, a hall and a fully functioning kitchen, this sorting your family vacation to a much larger extent. Here one can enjoy a home-like feeling while indulging in an array of adventurous activities.

2. Sudnya Villa: Sudnya Villas is one of the most small and charming Lavasa Villas, however here one can easily find many top notch amenities like a sitting area and a flat screen television. The stay is beautifully located on the school street, thus providing the guests with beautiful sceneries of the surrounding.

3. Saffron Studios: The Saffron Studios sits in a picturesque location and finds its name in the list of some of the best Lavasa Villas. From kids play area to child friendly rooms, this is the best option to choose if you are travelling with family or friends.

4. Thrush Villa: Located on a hillside overlooking the beautiful valley which can be seen from its each and every room. The fact that the villa provides small cottages and a beautiful front garden makes it stand out from other Lavasa Villas.

Which are the best villas in Lavasa with a swimming pool?

Soul Tree by Vista Rooms: Soul Tree by Vista Rooms is a beautiful and luxurious property which aims to provide a comfortable and scenic staycation. Offering facilities like a swimming pool and an open terrace, this villa makes sure that you enjoy some blissful time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

What is the lowest & highest price of villas in Lavasa?

The lowest priced villa in Lavasa is Shantai Villa which charges around INR 6000 for a night while offering facilities like a well equipped kitchen and private parking.

The highest priced Villa in Lavasa is Lavasa Lake Palace which takes INR 9000 to INR 11500 for a night.

Are villas in Lavasa safe for kids or child-friendly?

Yes, many villas of Lavsa are child friendly and offer special gardens and play areas for the kids. Some of them have their interiors made with baby proofing, thus do not have any sharp items.

What facilities will be provided at villas in Lavasa?

The facilities provided at villas in Lavasa include:

- Jacuzzi
- Well equipped kitchen
- Caretaker
- Private parking
- Kids Play area
- 24 hours clean water supply.

Do villas in Lavasa have a private pool?

No, Villas in Lavasa do not provide a private pool, however the stays like Soul Tree by Vista Rooms do offer an open pool which can be used at any hour of the day.

Are villas in Lavasa safe for couples?

Yes, Villas in Lavasa are totally fine and safe for couples as many of them offer couple friendly services like do not disturb protocol and room decoration options.

In addition to this, the owners are very friendly and provide facilities like a full time caretaker and CCTV cameras.

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