Best Spas in Chiang Mai

The spas in Chiang Mai are one of the most rejuvenating places in the world, welcoming people to relish body pampering and detoxifying inner self. A city surrounded by the magnificent mountains, Chiang Mai caters to be the oasis in Thailand, providing authentic and ethnic therapy at pocket-friendly prices.

During your budget friendly trip to Thailand, visiting a Chiang Mai Spa could be a way to show gratitude towards your body and an escape from the tiresome lifestyle. What could be a better option than an organic massage from the best of experts in the world? Experience an array of massages and therapies commingling Ayurveda and traditional Thai treatment along with the pacifying ambiance leaving you revitalized.

Encounter the luxury of bathing in water laden with petals and natural oils along with soft music adding an unusual to this enticing delight. Terrazo bathtubs and steam showers at Anantara Spa, the one-of-a-kind Vedic ambiance with the Ayurveda twist at Nakara Spa or the authentic homely essence of the Home Massage and Spa, each spa in Chiang Mai has something unique making them distinctly appealing. If you are planning a getaway vacation anytime soon, Chiang Mai should be on top of your list.

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Chiang Mai Spas FAQs

What are some of the best spas in Chiang Mai?

Dheva Spa and Wellness Centre:

The Dheva Spa takes its name from the Star Goddess, who guards longevity and guides to reach spiritual enlightenment. This spa in Chiang Mai is an alluring spa and wellness centre inspired by the ancient Mandalay Palace popular for its Ayurvedic inclination.

Spread across an area of 3100 sq. feet, this attractive spa offers a range of appealing amenities including ayurvedic therapies, wellness programs, healing routines, Vichy shower, and hydrotherapy rooms, to name a few. Not to forget about the customizable packages it offers the visitors, making it even more desirable.

Fah Lanna:

Living up to its tagline ‘Easy to find, hard to forget’, the Fah Lanna Spa is rumoured to be the best in the city. With so many awards to it, this spa is acclaimed to be the oasis in Chiang Mai, building a reputation that brings along flocking visitors in huge numbers to both the branches of the spa.

Relish the enticing body relaxing session at this pocket-friendly spa and enjoy the additional amenities including free pick up and drop services to ease the customer’s travel hassle and attain satisfaction.

Cheeva Spa :

With two branches located fairly near each other, Cheeva spa is another extremely popular spa in Chiang Mai. Choose among the exclusively curated Spa packages and find out the one that suits you, for this spa brings you a variety to avail from.

Talking of the honeymoon couples, Cheeva Spa offers exclusive spa therapies for the budding lovers making them return them with memories they will cherish for years.

Lila Thai Massage :

Recruiting and training the ex-convict women to help them get back into the job, making them distinct from the other spas in Chiang Mai. The ex-convicts are rigorously trained in a manner that they give the best possible treatment to the visitors.

Much popular among the other spas, this place ensures an exotic and relaxing experience, leaving a mark so deep that you will come back again for the body whelming session.

Nakara Spa:

Focusing on intensive Ayurvedic care and treatment, this spa has made a name for itself as one of the places a follower of Ayurveda should visit. Beyond the grand massaging experience here, another aspect that really catches the attention of visitors is the ethnic and grand decoration, which creates a perfect Vedic ambiance for Ayurvedic treatment.

The staff is extremely professional in their behaviour and try to provide the best massage experience to render. They will also assist you to select the best Ayurvedic treatment that is needed for your current body conditions.

Rarinjinda Wellness Spa:

Within a 140-year-old Thai house, this Thai spa gives you a much lively spa experience never-like-before. The entire resort gives off an antique vibe which makes the experience a lot richer and majestic. This Chiang Mai Spa is situated in the centre of the city thus it can be said to be close to almost anything in the city.

The rooms in this resort have their own personal verandas with the luxury of a swimming pool. If you are interested in the spa activities, then the wellness and spa sector and the Yoga sector will blow you away. Overall this revitalizing centre is the perfect combination of a spa and resort.

Kiyora Spa:

Kiyora Spa is one of the more popular spas that can be found really close to tourist attractions of Chiang Mai. With cozy private suites for visitors, the spa follows a great massaging experience incorporating the western massaging techniques to provide a unique spa experience to the visitors.

Anantara Spa:

With Minimalist exteriors and a professional service to offer, Anantara Spa is a place where you can expect passionate hotel staff ensuring that guests have the escape they came looking for. The place has 5 separate treatment rooms with a terrazzo bathtub and steam showers, another 5 separate rooms exquisitely made for couples with aromatic sauna and herbal steam rooms, a Thai Massage Room, provisions for Rooftop Outdoor Relaxation Decks with daybeds and sun loungers.

One can avail a variety of treatment here including Lanna Rituals, full 90-minute Anantara Signature Massages and the most coveted 120-minute Detoxifying Chocolate Therapy. Make sure you book well in advance to avail of the amazing range of offers and discounts.

Oasis Spa:

Located on Samalan Road, Oasis Spa in Chiang Mai offers a huge range of therapeutic massage and treatments using techniques adopted from both Asia and the world at large. It is found near the Wat Pra Singha Temple which is in close vicinity to the Sunday Walking Street.

The most spellbinding feature of this place is its green and organic atmosphere which is enhanced even more with the terracotta walls and the warm golden hues giving it a relaxing appeal. It is advisable to book your slots in advance for Oasis Spa since the place has quite a reputation, keeping it a full house on most parts of the year.

Zira Spa:

Ranked as the first choice for a Spa in Chiang Mai by visitors, the Zira Spa brings along Siam Lanna, a unique Spa Treatment offered for the wellness and beauty enhancement of the body.

This spa makes it possible for its guests to travel back to the old mystic Lanna Times when the Lanna Ladies were introduced to the Siam wisdom and culture with techniques and methods that open up the human senses of smell, sound, sight, taste, and touch. This place is an upscale delight for all those looking for authentic spas in Chaing Mai.

Mahasiddha Yoga:

While most places on this list focus on massages and therapy, Mahasiddha Yoga has its own unique twist of Yoga. Not only does this spa helps you to relax but rejuvenate the mental peace too.

As stated, yoga can help you transform yourself in order to reach the peak of your human existence. This place brings you forth the magical essence of Yoga along with the body relaxing spa therapies.

Perception Blind Massage:

If you’re into something unusual, then the concept of this spa will surely blow your mind away as the masseuses in this spa are blind. The visually impaired or blind therapists often have a very different style of giving massages and providing therapy.

This spa works on the noble goal to provide employment for the blind while providing a very different experience for visitors. Do try this one-of-kind massage experience which will help you to drown into relaxation.

The Home Massage and Spa:

With hundreds of testimonials speaking highly of the excellent quality of the spa and massages, this Chiang Mai Spa aims at making you feel at home. The Home Massage and Spa gives you the most delightful spas at reasonable prices making it yet another experience you would include in your trip to Chiang Mai.

With free rides offered to the spa and back, this place needs zero effort to visit. The staff is courteous and will put your priorities above all others to be able to provide you with the best experience.

Makkha Health and Spa:

Built inside an ancient Thai House, the perfect atmosphere is set for you to loosen your body and emanate your soul. The ancient interiors will help you to soak in the culture and essence of the region.

The Makkha Health and Spa bring out the best of the natural beauty of Chiang Mai while giving you the incredibly relaxing massages that will only bring peace and tranquillity to your mind. As soon as you enter you are welcomed with a drink and from there on you can let go of all your human senses and seclude yourself in the heart of nature. So what’s stopping you, lose yourself in the arms of Chiang Mai!

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