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Best Rafting Tours in Kolad

Kolad is one of the peaceful holiday destinations located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra that is famous among adventure aficionados for activities like rafting, rappelling, kayaking, rock climbing and many more. The water based adventure activities hosted here draws tourists from various locations overwhelming them with the picturesque natural beauty they behold with their eyes. However the best rafting tours in Kolad are a standout due to the Kundalika River which is one of the fastest flowing rivers in South India. The river is also one of the popular tourist attractions of the village which provides an exhilarating experience of rafting to the thrill seekers. The 14 kilometer stretch of Kundalika River offers mind blowing rapids which will get your blood pumping through the veins as you meander through the rushing rapids.

White water rafting in the Kundalika river in Kolad is full of excitement and best enjoyed during the monsoons when the rains make the rapids grow up to another level of adventure. It offers you the thrill of feeling the power of nature and the vistas of breathtaking landscapes that greet tourists throughout the journey. The rushing falls, tall mountains and the verdant greenery will be etched in your brains reminding you of the thrilling affair with the Kundalika River in Kolad. Journeying through lush green forests and rugged mountains, the unique personality of River Kundalika is best witnessed with rafting beholding the majestic landscapes along the way. With experienced rafting guides and safety experts, it is easy to partake in the activity with a little training and following some instructions. Fed by waters from the nearby dams, this stream is a rapturous location for those who wish to savor an adrenaline rush. Take up the challenge of the best rafting tours in Kolad to feel a sense of fulfillment and be rewarded with lifetime memories of an unforgettable adventure. Save yourself the trouble of finding the tours to enjoy rafting in Kolad by having a look here at our handpicked selection of the best.

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    White Water Rafting and Stay at Kolad
    d1 Day n1 Night

    About the activity : If it is pure and raw adventure that you are looking for, then you need to head for an exciting white water rafting and stay experience in Kolad. Apart from the adventure sports, you can also enjoy an exciting array of historic sites around the place.  The Kundalika River flows through the rugged terrain of the forested hills and through the farms and offers a golden opportunity to enjoy a rafting tour for beginners. This river on the international scale is rated as a grade IV river, making its rapids pose a challenge for the ardent water sports lover.You will run the rafts in fast flowing water currents almost 12km downstream. 

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    Monsoon River Rafting in Kolad
    h15 Hours

    About the Activity:Embark on this adventurous river rafting activity this monsoon in Kolad, Maharashtra.Start your journey from Mumbai from the Pritam Hotel in Dadar East at around 5 AM or you can get picked up from Yogi Hotel in Chembur at around 5.30 AM, Vashi Plaza at around 5.50 AM, and from Mc Donalds at Kalamboli at around 6.10 AM and continue your journey to Kolad. On the way to Kolad, enjoy a delicious breakfast and reach the rafting site at around 8.30 AM. Meet your guide and listen to the safety instructions carefully and gear up for the rafting activity.Start your rafting at around 9 AM, which will last for 2 to 3 hours through various rapids of Kundalika river.After the rafting activity, have your lunch and relax for sometime. Start your journey back to Mumbai at around 2 PM and reach your destination by 7 PM, depending on the traffic. 

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    Kundalika Rafting Camp with Adventure Activities
    d1 Day n1 Night

    About the Activity: The Kundalika rafting camp is the perfect choice for anyone looking to indulge in adventure in the green escapes of nature! Located at just a couple of hours drive from Mumbai, it is the preferred hotspot for all those eager to escape the mad rush of the city.The Kundalika rafting camp gives you a rare opportunity to engage yourself in a multitude of adventure activities in the engaging company of nature. As you take a quiet drive down to the campsite, you can check-in and indulge in the beauty of nature while munching on some yummy snacks and refreshing tea. Fortify yourself and embark on a vast range of activities like kayaking, river crossing as well as ziplining! Get your tired but excited selves back to the campsite and relish a delicious dinner before calling it a night. Next day indulge in rafting and other activities post breakfast.Available in 2 packagesNote: Barbecue is chargeable at Rs. 300 for Veg and Rs. 400 for Non-vegTimings:Check-in: 3:00 PM (Day 01) ; Check-out: 3:00 PM (Day 02)

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  • l
    h6 Hours

    About the Activity:Pack your bags for one of the most enthralling weekend getaway trips near Mumbai and Pune with this rafting package in Kolad river amidst picturesque landscape and cloud touching peaks.Along with rafting, you will be able to take part in different adventure activities as well as indoor games, depending on the package that you take up.There are multiple packages available for the weekday and the weekend.Report at the starting point of rafting around 08:15 am and the activity ends at 12:30 Noon. Have an enthralling experience doing the 12 KM rafting and if you have selected rafting and lunch package, you can have lunch after the activity at the campsite between 01:00 and 02:30 PM

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  • l
    d1 Day

    About the Activity: Embark on this adventurous river rafting activity this monsoon in Kolad, Maharashtra.Start your journey from Mumbai from the Pritam Hotel in Dadar East at around 5 AM or you can get picked up from Yogi Hotel in Chembur at around 5.30 AM, Vashi Plaza at around 5.50 AM, and from Mc Donalds at Kalamboli at around 6.10 AM and continue your journey to Kolad. On the way to Kolad, enjoy a delicious breakfast and reach the rafting site at around 8.30 AM. Meet your guide and listen to the safety instructions carefully and gear up for the rafting activity.Start your rafting at around 9 AM, which will last for 2 to 3 hours through various rapids of Kundalika river.After the rafting activity, have your lunch and relax for sometime. Start your journey back to Mumbai at around 2 PM and reach your destination by 7 PM, depending on the traffic. 

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    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the activity: White water rafting in Kundalika river provides you with an adrenaline pumping experience. Enjoy staying near Lake Belt in Pooja Farm to grab some adorable moments amidst a pristine location.Post your arrival at the campsite at around 08:30 AM on the first day, prepare to go out for the exhilarating white water rafting.In addition to rafting, you can also indulge in other breathtaking activities such as kayaking, river crossing etc.This 2 day adventurous package is surely a recipe to cure the blues of an adrenaline junkie.The package includes food and accommodation.

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  • l
    d1 Day

    About the Activity:The Kundalika River is the ideal destination for anybody hoping to enjoy the company of the green getaways of nature. Situated at only short drive from Mumbai, it is the favourite hotspot for anyone enthusiastic to escape the crowds of the city.Witness the rush of energizing rapids, get invigorated by the shower of cooling water and let out the skill in you!  Enjoy an escape of a lifetime at the stunning Kundalika River and revel in the union with nature!Covering a large stretch of 14km, river rafting near Pune will take you around 3.5 hours to complete. Get exhilarated by the jaw dropping, exciting rapids and challenge yourself to an adventure unlike any other!

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    d1 Day

    About the Activity:Your exciting Kundalika River rafting adventure begins as you arrive at the beautiful campsite on the shores of Kundalika River. Check-in at about 07:45 AM and rejoice the beautiful feel of a quiet morning.As soon you arrive, you will be commencing the Kundalika rafting experience, where you will encounter thundering rapids and undulating flow of water that will give you the much needed rush of adrenaline. Challenge yourself and rise up to meet the high point of excitement and head back to the campsite!As you return, a delicious spread of lunch awaits you; relax your tired bodies and embark on the stimulating activities like river crossing, kayaking and ziplining. Your amazing session adventure activities and Kundalika rafting draws to a stunning close with a high tea, as you bid goodbye to the campsite and your experience.

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    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Activity: Charge yourself and get ready for some thrilling monsoon rafting in Kolad. This tiny weekend getaway destination in Maharshtra is well known for its wide variety of water adventure sports.  Reach Kolad in the evening at around 4 PM in the evening and relax and stroll around the area amidst the green surroundings.Enjoy your dinner and go for a good night sleep because a day awaits you with full of adventure.Next day, enjoy your breakfast and report at the rafting start point, where you will meet your guide. Until you gear up for the activity, listen to your guide carefully explaining all the important safety procedures.Start your rafting activity and pass through some really tough and challenging rapids and get your adrenaline pumped up. Finish your rafting activity and head to your stay where a delicious lunch awaits you.Check out from the stay at around 3.30 PM and end your tour with lots of adventurous memories.

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    27 ratings

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  • l
    d1 Day

    About the Activity:Enjoy the fascinating rapids of Kundalika River which flows with a mesmerizing view from the Bhira Dam, the added inflow of high density of water from the Mulshi Dam Project makes Kolad River rafting package an ideal destination for white water rafting. This adventure quest will begin with your arrival at the rafting camp by around 08:30 in the morning and will take you through some of the strenuous rapids in the Kundalika River.Following your arrival, you will be briefed about the safety measures for Kolad river rafting package and then will be provided with the required gears and equipment for Kundalika rafting. Post this, embark on a 10km rafting trail and challenge the roaring rapids! Upon completion; after covering 10km, get back to the shores and start advancing towards your onward destination. You can also avail other adventure activities like kayaking, river crossing, flying fox, rappelling and scuba diving at an additional cost.

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    552 ratings

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  • l
    h2 Hours

    About the activity:Delight in an adrenaline pumping experience along the rapids that are a located at Saje, a small village on the banks of River Kundalika. The remote hamlet is a short drive from Mumbai just 120km away and 100 km from Pune. Located in the virgin forests below Mulshi and Bhira Dams.Spend two hours in this unique rafting site with multiple rides to beat the rapids as you get to body-surf, swim and have a great time.Report at raft start point at around 08:15 AM. Have a short briefing session with the river guide. Collect your gear and equipment and head to the river. You can then embark on the incredible experience of navigating these rapids that stretch for almost 11km. Thrill yourself with this delightful experience.This activity does not require any swimming experience and anyone above the age of 14 can indulge in the activity.The site can be accessed by any local transport by road to take back the incredible memories as you embark this activity.

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    Water Adventure Activities and Rafting in Kolad
    d1 Day

    About the Activity:The most exciting of water adventures awaits you at Kolad, situated over the Kundalika River, just about 121 Km from Mumbai. Flowing over the mountains of the Sahyadris, it indeed makes up for a stunning getaway adventure!Post your arrival at the rafting campsite at around 08:30AM, you will be briefed about the dos and don’ts of water sports in Kolad. Post this, by 09:00 in the morning, get you rafting gears, hop into the enthralling waters of Kundalika.Employ your adventure spirit and  witness the rapids crushing against the raft and increasing the thrill of the day. Continue On completion of this vigorous journey, return to the campsite by around 02:00 PM for a delicious lunch.Post  lunch, you can also embark on various other adventures such as  kayaking and river crossing.After such an exciting day beside the Kundalika River and adventures like river rafting in Kolad, check-out from the campsite around 06:00 PM.

    Excellent 5.0
    363 ratings

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  • l
    d1 Day

    About the Activity:Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a fun-frolic day out at Empower Camp in Kolad.Take a short drive from cities like Mumbai, Pune and mark the beginning of an exciting day out.Pick up the most suitable package for your group from a wide range of options and choices.Keep yourself immersed in unlimited fun, thrill and excitement with activities like raft building and rafting.Make the day out even more exciting with sumptuous buffet meals.

    Excellent 5.0
    149 ratings

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  • l
    d1 Day

    About the Activity:Here's a golden opportunity to raft in River Kundalika at Kolad!A short drive away from both Mumbai and Pune, begin rafting over a 15-kilometre stretch!Return to campsite for lunch to enjoy sumptuous biryani.Following which, partake in zip-lining and other fun games.After a day of fun-packed activities, return back to the city with fond memories.

    Good 3.0
    31 ratings

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  • l
    h11 Hours

    About the Activity:Fixed departure: 18th September, 2016Kundalika river in Kolad near Mumbai is a perfect rafting destination with exciting bumpy rides giving adventure to the maximum. This one day trip will give you immense pleasure on the cold water.Professionally trained persons will be guiding through this mesmerising activity along with some other activities such as Burma Bridge and commando crossing.The package includes food, transportation which is inclusive of pick-up and drop-off from Dadar in Mumbai and fun activities.

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    39 ratings

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What You Should Know More About Rafting in Kolad

  • Where is Kolad? How can I reach Kolad?

    Kolad is on the National Highway 17 (Mumbai-Goa).

    • From Mumbai: Take the NH 17 Goa Highway road till Kolad. 1 Km after the Kolad Market, take left on the NH 60 on the Pune Highway.
      • Bus: The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) operates regular bus services between Mumbai and Kolad.
      • Train: Train journeys from Mumbai take approximately three hours. The train route to Kolad is awesome and it is full of scenic beauty.
    • From Pune : Take road to Mulshi Dam and drive down the Ghats till the turn to Sate Village.

  • How far is Kolad from Mumbai and Pune?

      It is 130 Kms from Mumbai and 120 Kms from Pune.

  • What all places can I see in Kolad?

    • Kundalika River is one of the main attractions of Kolad and offers variety of adventure activities like white river rafting, river crossing and fishing.
    • Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls are beautiful with lush green peaks
    • Kansai Waterfalls and hot springs
    • Bhira Dam is a popular picnic spot
    • Ghosal Fort, with a temple and Dargah
    • Sutarwadi Lake with its charming surroundings is another must visit place.

  • What is the flowing speed of river? Is it safe to raft in that speed?

    Kundalika River, is one of the fastest flowing rivers in the south that makes its water ideal for White Water Rafting.


    Helmets and life jackets are provided for safety. All rafting companies have a good safety record with experienced rafters leading the raft, so it is completely safe.

  • What should be worn for rafting?

    Wear comfortable clothing:

    Shorts, t-shirt and footwear you can get wet in. It is advised to carry a towel, change of clothes, sunscreen and a water bottle.

  • Will we have a guide for rafting?

     Kolad Rafting is run by professional and experienced staff. Customer service and safety are given the highest priority and experienced raft guides will give you proper instructions and training before the activity. Usually two expert rafters are present in one raft along with tourists.

  • How many people will be there on the raft?

    There will be eight people in one raft including a trained and experienced raft guide and his helper.

  • Will we stay overnight near the river? What kind of arrangements will be there? What kind of sleeping bags?

    Yes, there are several camps which have direct access to rafting sites. Depending on your budget you can stay in a tent or a cottage in these camps. Clean and comfortable sleeping bags are provided to all customers.

  • Will life jackets be provided to me for rafting?

    Customer safety and service is the highest priority of rafting companies and a life jacket and helmet is provided to everyone in the raft.

  • Can someone with spectacles do river rafting?

    There is always a risk of spectacles getting lost during strong currents. They can be tied with a headband so that they don’t get lost. You can try wearing contact lenses.

  • Can children do river rafting? Is it safe for them?

    Children below 12 years are not permitted for rafting.

  • Can we do rafting if it rains? Is it safe to do so?

    It is absolutely safe and is more exciting and challenging during the rains. The only thing that you must keep in mind is the safety record of the operator.


    Out of the 4 operator at river Kundalika, 2 are national level world class operators with a 100% safety record.

  • What things must we carry for river rafting?

    Please leave all your personal belongings in the rooms or tent. Carry a towel, change of clothes and water bottles. A quick snack can also be carried, as it is a strenuous activity leaving you hungry.

  • What kind of accommodation options will there be? Will we sleep in dorms or tents?

    Kolad is a very popular destination and provides all kinds of accommodation options for varied kinds of travellers, depending on your budget.

    • Luxury resorts in Kolad like Dorset Forest Lodge, Radison Blu Resort and Spa, Amby Valley City and Sea Shell Resorts are perfect for families and honeymoon couples.
    • For those who are looking for adventurous stays, camping in tents is the best option.
    • A Farmhouse stay in a homely environment with natural village surroundings is exciting for those looking for a break from city humdrum.
    • AC dormitories for backpackers can house up to 25 adults and provide basic amenities. They are perfect for college students.
    • Bungalows are available for extended families with immaculate rooms and beautiful green surroundings.

  • What kind of tents will be there? Will there be any special arrangement for couples?

    Those who love exploring nature can enjoy a camping experience in Kolad. There are two types of tents available:

    • Normal Tents: These are clean and comfortable normal waterproof tents. Keeping in mind safety of guests the campsites provide insect proof and snake proof tents which can accommodate at least 4 adults. Like these there are several tents of different sizes and shapes to choose from.
    • Luxury Tents: Campsites are also equipped with luxury tents and have a spacious ground for outdoor activities. Luxurious tents are attached with toilets and showers and can accommodate at least 4 adults.

    En-suite washrooms and insect proofing are some innovations of the tents at the campsites.Power supply is available for lights and fans as well as for charging of laptops and mobiles. But there is no Wi-Fi or T.V. at these camps.

  • What kind of food will there be? Will there be non-veg food?

    Simple but well prepared meals are served in most camps. Availability of non-veg food depends on the camp organizers.

  • What if I fall down from the raft?

    Training is provided by an experienced raft guide before beginning rafting, so chances of falling are slim. If you fall, quickly grab for the side of the raft and the safety rope that runs along the outside of the raft. Hold the rope until a rafter or your raft guide comes to pull you up into the raft.

  • Will there be any medical facility in case of any emergency?

    Medical emergencies are taken care of by the company. The guides are trained in providing basic medical care till the person is evacuated to the nearest medical center for treatment.

  • What other things can I do in Kolad?

    • White Water Rafting is the star attraction in Kolad but a short trek through the camp forests leads one into the Kundalika River where one can spend an evening kayaking and dipping. Trained instructors and proper safety equipment make this a safe and fun activity. Wild boars, deer and at least 20 species of birds can be easily spotted around the campus.
    • Flying fox and raft building are other activities in Kolad that can be indulged in by people of all ages. In fact the flying fox is an instant hit with the children as little as 3 years of age.

  • Can we have alcohol/smoke during our stay?

    If, the place has liquor license you can consume alcohol, but it is advised not to before any activity. Smoking would be permitted in some regions but disposal of cigarettes should be taken care of due to risk of fire.

  • What kind of toilet facility will be there?

    Most camps have toilet facilities available. Normal tents have a common toilet facility. Luxury tents will have an attached toilet and bathing facilities.

Traveller Tales from Kolad


Deeptimay Jain

11 November 2015

An amazing experience. For the first time, I got the chance of river rafting and I loved it alot. Thanks you my lovely friends for insisting me to go on this trip.

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Charuvrat Ahluwalia

12 January 2016

amazing rafting experience. The flow in the river was so fast and sometimes we really felt that we will fall of the boat, but the instructors and guide were so good in managing it during the rough flows.

  • Review-3875-1.jpg
  • Review-3875-2.jpg
  • Review-3875-3.jpg
  • Review-3875-4.jpg

Vishnu Rana

10 December 2015

Though we all had a doubt about the arrangements as we booked the package only a few days before the commencing date, we were really delighted after arriving the site. Whatever was promised, was there. The activities were too fun-filled. Especially rafting in Kundalika stole all the limelight. Thanks to all the group members and the organisers for such a nice experience.

  • Kolad-rafting-img_9452_anurag-mallick.jpg
  • Kundalika.jpg
  • Rafting-at-kolad-img_1060.jpg

Dhanadeepa Gandhi

11 January 2016

It was a perfect day in Kolad and while rafting we got to witness the magical beauty of the region too. It was somewhere like a full proof package of fun, thrill and adventure.

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  • Lead_4.jpg

Kartik Khanna

12 December 2015

I went with my family and friends and Had an awesome experience with them. Although we did all the activities available there but everything was just overshadowed by the white water rafting. It is a great river with large tides and waves and gave us a memory for life!

  • Review-4003-2.jpg
  • Review-4003-3.jpg

Charuchandra Patil

06 January 2016

i am a water sports lover and have tried almost all the water sports. frankly telling you guys, this was the best river rafting experience i have ever had. go for it without giving it a single thought.

  • Httpsprisonbreak.thrillophilia.comadminreviews33091.jpg
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Anal Pothuvaal

31 December 2015

it was so amazing...never thought would ever get a chance of river drafting in India...but this trip made it possible..really thank you so much people...

  • Httpsprisonbreak.thrillophilia.comadminreviews31591.jpg
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Gajabahu Dubashi

06 January 2016

gud 1. lvd the boat ride. the stream were so powerful. will definitely recommend that you carry extra clothes with you, because you are gonna get too wet there.

  • Httpsprisonbreak.thrillophilia.comadminreviews33121.jpg

Anal Kaur

28 October 2015

White water rafting with stay at Kundalika River was suggested by the office boss, he had been for this trip last month and was praising about it, I just wanted to try it out and I went over along with my colleagues. Initially to start with, I should say that the plan was well organized and well executed, next the guides were helpful, and about the rafting trip – fullest safety norms were followed and all the essentials were provided. Not only that I ended up making loads of friends as the co-tourists became friendly with us and we enjoyed their company. I should say that I learnt a lot from this rafting tour, I am thankful to my boss for showing me this kind of pleasure.

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