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Kolad River Rafting

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Kolad is one of the peaceful holiday destinations located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra that is famous among adventure aficionados for activities like rafting, rappelling, kayaking, rock climbing, and many more. The water-based adventure activities hosted here draws tourists from various locations overwhelming them with the picturesque natural beauty they behold with their eyes. However, the best rafting tours in Kolad are a standout due to the Kundalika River which is one of the fastest flowing rivers in South India.

The river is also one of the popular tourist attractions of the village which provides an exhilarating experience of rafting to the thrill-seekers. The 14 kilometer stretch of Kundalika River offers mind-blowing rapids which will get your blood pumping through the veins as you meander through the rushing rapids. White water rafting in the Kundalika River in Kolad is full of excitement and best enjoyed during the monsoons when the rains make the rapids grow up to another level of adventure. It offers you the thrill of feeling the power of nature and the vistas of breathtaking landscapes that greet tourists throughout the journey.

The rushing falls, tall mountains, and the verdant greenery will be etched in your brains reminding you of the thrilling affair with the Kundalika River in Kolad. Journeying through lush green forests and rugged mountains, the unique personality of River Kundalika is best witnessed with rafting beholding the majestic landscapes along the way. With experienced rafting guides and safety experts, it is easy to partake in the activity with a little training and following some instructions.

Fed by waters from the nearby dams, this stream is a rapturous location for those who wish to savor an adrenaline rush. Take up the challenge of the best rafting tours in Kolad to feel a sense of fulfillment and be rewarded with lifetime memories of an unforgettable adventure. Save yourself the trouble of finding the tours to enjoy rafting in Kolad by having a look here at our handpicked selection of the best.
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11 November 2015
An amazing experience. For the first time, I got the chance of river rafting and I loved it alot. Thanks you my lovely friends for insisting me to go on this trip.
12 January 2016
amazing rafting experience. The flow in the river was so fast and sometimes we really felt that we will fall of the boat, but the instructors and guide were so good in managing it during the rough flows.
"very nice experience ..... will surely recommended to others.....And thanks to Vaibhav and Soniya..."
11 January 2016
It was a perfect day in Kolad and while rafting we got to witness the magical beauty of the region too. It was somewhere like a full proof package of fun, thrill and adventure.
06 January 2016
i am a water sports lover and have tried almost all the water sports. frankly telling you guys, this was the best river rafting experience i have ever had. go for it without giving it a single thought.
Once you sit in the raft and adrenaline rush you feel is amazing. Rafting in Kolad is the best experience if you are looking for an adventure.
This package from Thrillophilia was very fulfilling as the company arranged everything for us from on-time pick-up and returned journey, good lunch, and nice staff, the activity place was truly mesmerizing and at this site, it has clean and good facilities like changing rooms and washrooms. The activity happens with safety measured as the operator provided us with a good helmet and professional instructor who take care of us the entire activity. Truly full fun throughout... Unforgettable expereince thanks Thrillophilia.
Should try this once, this adventure would WOW you definitely, everything was perfectly arranged by Thrillophilia team. Highly recommended tour
A journey from Pune to Kolad village was smooth and hassle-free, Reaching the place I was wow by the beauty of it, Our guide took a short lesson explaining about the dos and don'ts and later providing us with good life-jackets and helmet for safety, we enjoyed rafting by splashing water to one another and the guide makes more fun during the activity, Great place with clean facilities, served with tasty lunch and get ready for return... Everything went smoothly.
I enjoyed the river-rafting as the instructor make the experience fun and memorable along with the amazing views of the place from it which fill with joy and laughter, This is the most thrill Bungee-jumping I was nervous but the staff motivates and cheers for me the jump took my breath away for a second but later I enjoyed it...Wow...

People Also Ask About Rafting in Kolad

  1. Where can I go for river rafting in Kolad?

    Kundalika River: The mighty Kundalika River makes Kolad river rafting a super thrilling and fun-filled sport to enjoy. The Kundalika River is controlled by a dam and rafting can be done when the river water is released and flows at its full speed. River Kundalika has rapids of Grade  I, II, III, and IV. Grade I will prepare you for Kolad water rafting, with the instructor explaining to you the important rafting techniques and safety measures.

    At Grade II, your raft will glide into the river at a low speed and you will try maneuvering it according to rafting techniques you learned at Grade I. At Grade III, you will be facing the wild white waters while tackling the waves to move forward. Grade IV generally takes place during the monsoon season, when the water is roaring and you need to use all your skills for the raft to stay afloat. Grade IV is recommended only for the seasoned rafters.

    While you enjoy rafting in the Kundalika River, you can soak in the breathtaking panoramic views of the magnificent Sahyadri mountains and surrounding lush greenery.

    Cost: INR 1,000 per head on weekdays; INR 1,500 per head on weekends
    Timings: 8.30 AM to 5 PM
  2. What is the best time to visit Kolad for river rafting?

    The best time to visit for Kolad rafting would be during the monsoon season which is from the month of June to the month of October. The konkan belt receives heavy rainfall at this time and the water levels in the river are high with stronger currents which will make the experience of Kolad river rafting more exciting.
  3. How to reach Kolad?

    - By Road: You can reach Kolad by road taking Mumbai-Vashi-Kalamboli-Panvel Bypass-Karnala-Pen-Wadkhal Naka-Nagothane-Kolad route.

    - By Train: You can also reach Kolad by train from Dadar Terminus and Lokmanya Tilak Terminus.

    - By Air: The nearest airport to Kolad is in Mumbai and Pune. You can take direct flights to these airports from various cities across the country and then cover the rest distance by road.
  4. How far is Kolad from Mumbai and Pune?

    The distance of Kolad from Mumbai and Pune is around 112 km and 114 km respectively. You  can cover the distance within 3 hours and 30 minutes despite normal traffic.
  5. What should I wear while going for white water rafting in Kolad?

    You need to put on a T-Shirt and shorts while taking part in the kolad river rafting activity. You should also carry a pair of dry clothes to change after the end of the kolad water rafting activity. Other options include wetsuits, splash jackets and synthetic layerings to wear under the jackets. Clothes are available on rafting sites on rent.
  6. What types of rapids are found in and near Kundalika River?

    Grade II: The first type  of rapids that you will find in and near Kundalika River is grade II. You need to work on your manoeuvring capabilities as you will face a bit of rough patches during kolad rafting. Build your team and prepare to glide your raft through the rough waters swiftly.

    Grade III: Grade III rapids take you to the raging white water. You need to brace yourself to the raft firmly as it is very likely that you will meet sudden drops during Kolad water rafting. You will also need to have better technique planned in your mind to pass through this thrilling kolad rafting experience.
  7. Is there any age restriction for the river rafting in Kolad?

    Yes, there is an age restriction for Kolad river rafting activity. Individuals with age more than 15 years can take part in this activity. Apart from age, the individuals should have a minimum weight of 35 kg and a maximum weight of 120 kg to be eligible for being a part of this activity.
  8. Is River Rafting in Kolad dangerous?

    No, Kolad river rafting activity will not be called as dangerous as you will be assisted by expert guides and a medical support team who will extend their helping hand in case of any emergency. The route through the river is not filled with tough challenges which means you will easily reach your milestone.
  9. Will we have a guide for rafting?

    Yes, you will have an expert guide for Kolad river rafting who will navigate you through the stronger currents of the river and will also let you be aware of all the survival techniques.
  10. Will there be any medical facility in case of any emergency?

    Yes, there will be medical support to facilitate immediate medical help in case of any emergency during Kolad river rafting activity. There should be nothing to worry about while taking part in this Kolad water rafting activity. You will be at all times assisted by an expert medical team.
  11. What are the important things to carry while going for Kolad river rafting?

    For summers:
    Quick-dry shorts
    Sturdy footwear
    A pair of sunglasses with a retainer strap
    Synthetic shirt for sun protection and warmth
    Water bottles

    For winters/monsoons:
    Windproof and waterproof jacket
    Wool or synthetic socks
    Windproof and waterproof pants
    Synthetic long sleeve shirts
    A thin, warm winter cap
    Synthetic long underwear
    Water bottles