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15 July 2015
Kamshet is the unparalleled beauty that you get to see and enjoy on your weekend and we luckily got that chance this holiday when we all decided to be a little generous.
24 August 2015
This was fifth time in paragliding and first in Kamshet region. Amazing experience- what a feel you get while gliding though the air. Awesome place and service provided is also satisfactory. Great-great experience.
13 September 2015
Woohhooo! The feeling of flying like a bird over the stunning and breathtaking moutains, valleys and cliffs is just unparalleled by anything I have experienced so far. The instructors were extremely helpful and well informed which kinda helped in taking a little of the fear away.
12 August 2015
Epic Trip! Had so much fun doing this activity! Thanks to the guys over there who are all extremely well informed and cheerful.
29 October 2015
This was a truly thrilling experience for us and I had an amazing time with my college friends. My fear of heights vanished. This is safe even if you are a tad overweight like me so dont worry.
09 February 2016
Gudakesa Bhattacharya Paragliding Joyride in Kamshet
Celebrated my birthday by going here for an exciting experience and I am lucky enough to have gotten to enjoy it.
29 December 2015
What an awesome experience!! Completely scary for someone with fear of heights, but once done, the feeling of accomplishment is just the best.
17 December 2015
Chandak Mukhopadhyay Paragliding Joyride in Kamshet
Absolutely stunning views! Mind blown. Highly recommended.
10 January 2016
it was so amazing experience. i always wanted to do this....thanks alot for an amazing activity....
10 November 2015
Total worth the price. It was my first time of paragliding and i enjoyed a lot. So, refreshing and peaceful....

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