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Kamshet is a gorgeous hill station that is located in the district of Pune in Maharashtra that is ideal for camping. With urban life getting increasingly stressful, more and more people in Mumbai and Pune are choosing to spend their weekends camping in the green hills of Kamshet. Kamshet camping is a great way to explore the countryside surrounding the city of Pune, especially if you are into adventure sports.

Camping in Kamshet is a versatile activity that city-dwellers, travellers and backpackers can enjoy when they are in Maharashtra. It is also relatively secluded since it has not yet been recognized as a major tourist spot. During Kamshet camping, apart from the whole excitement of living in tents under the night sky, one can also enjoy a horde of other exciting activities such as mountain climbing, bonfires, treks and paragliding- which is what the place is essentially known for.

The town itself is very well-equipped. It is a cluster of small villages where you can get the basic amenities for a comfortable stay during Kamshet camping. The geography of the area is also safe and versatile for you to have a rewarding time when you go camping in Kamshet. You can set up different kinds of camps near forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, lush green hills and other natural attractions that are unique to Kamshet.

It is the perfect place to retire to for the weekend and to regenerate amidst the best of nature in Maharashtra. The town is accessible by road and the weather remains relatively pleasant throughout the year. All these factors make Kamshet the perfect place to go camping, especially if you live in nearby cities like Mumbai or Pune. Its quaint reputation also makes it a favourable campsite compared to the adjoining camping hill stations of Lonavala and Khandala.

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Camping In The Clouds In Kamshet | Book @ Flat 14% Off Featured
Camping In The Clouds In Kamshet | Book @ Flat 14% Off



Location: KamshetCheck-In: 4:00 PMCheck-Out: 10:30 AMThis is an ideal getaway location, nestled in the foothills of Shirota forests, the last of the mighty hills of the Sahyadri ranges before it slopes away into the plains beyond Khopoli and onward towards Mumbai. It is close to nature, open space, fresh air. You’ll love this place because of the location, the ambience, and the outdoor space. The campsite is ideal for couples, solo adventurers, business travellers, families (with kids). This campsite is built on a hilltop at an altitude of 2226 ft. above sea level, deep in the western ghats.Camping In The Clouds In Kamshet provides food packages inclusive of all the four meals. It includes High tea with snacks, Dinner with barbecue ( vegetarian and nonveg) and a dessert. The breakfast menu is egg and vegetarian in its offerings. You can also visit Kondeshwar shiv temple & sunset Valley point near the campsite to enjoy the aesthetic view of the surrounding. Furthermore, the campsite features 5 shared washrooms with hot & cold water, limited access to Wifi, lounge cum dining chalet, campfire as well as a garden area.Places to Visit Near Camping In The Clouds: Shinde Wadi Hills, Kondeshwar temple, Pawna Lake and Bedse Caves.Kamsheet Camping In The Clouds Package Offers:  Comfortable accommodation along with meals, bonfire and small trek.Suitable for: All age GroupHow to Reach Camping In The Clouds In Kamshet:This Campsite is situated at a distance of 65 Km from Pune and 121 Kms from Mumbai. You can reach the campsite with public or private transportation but it would be preferable to bring your own vehicle.Note:Children below 5 years can join without any charges, and those between 6 to 10 years can book the child package

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55 Ratings

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Lake Camping near Pune Featured
Lake Camping near Pune



Location: KamshetCheck-In: 4 PMCheck-Out: 11 AMCamping next to the lake is one of the most preferred type of gateway for the people around Pune as well as Mumbai. Among all the locations nearby, Pawana Lake is one of the most famous attractions specially among the youngsters. Pawana lake is one of the popular artificial lakes located 10 kilometres away from Kamshet on the old Mumbai- Pune highway. It is a place known for nature, lake and green hills all together. Pawana Camping has become an important campsite after the construction of the Pawana Dam. The lake is situated amidst the lush greenery of Lonavala surrounded by some famous forts such as Tikona Fort, Tung Fort, Lohagad Fort, etc.This campsite at Pawana Lake is an ideal gateway for people seeking an escape door from the city's rush. Campsite offers an overnight stay in nature next to the lake. You will be staying in tents on a multiple sharing basis. The tents are as new as they can get, and equipped with all the comfort you need. Delicious meals cooked in local style are included with the package. You will be served evening snacks and dinner on the first day. And as you wake up the next morning to a beautiful sunrise, a delicious breakfast will be waiting for you before you check out. Veg/non-veg options are also available. For activities, all type of Indoor/Outdoor sports equipment are available at the campsite.Places to Visit Near the Campsite: Tung Fort, Tikona Fort, Visapur Fort and Lohagad fort.Package offers: Overnight stay in camps with meals, indoor/outdoor activities and bonfire with music.Stay: In 2/3/4 sharing camps along with blankets, pillows and mattresses,Meals: Evening tea and refreshments, Veg?Non-Veg unlimited dinner and breakfast.Activities: Indoor/Outdoor activities along with bonfire and music.Child :Children below 5 years can join without any charges, and those between 6 to 10 years can book the child package.How to reach?Campsite is 60KM from Pune & from Mumbai, it is 120 KM. You can easily get public and private transportation to reach the location. But it would be preferred to travel with your own vehicle for smooth transportation.
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Kamshet Paragliding And Camping I Book Online & Save 10% Featured
Kamshet Paragliding And Camping I Book Online & Save 10%



Location: KamshetTimings:Paragliding from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM Day 1Kayaking between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM Day 2A beautiful hill station located in the Western Ghats of India, Kamshet is calling you for an adventurous getaway where you can get the taste of thrill and adventure. The site owns a lake in the vicinity and is home to natural beauty you will fall in love with. Surrounding tall trees add to the lush green beauty that the site beholds. Head out for a perfect outing with your friends and family members.The property allows you to stay in camps on a sharing basis. The tents are on a shared basis and shared between two to three people. Being nestled in a prominent spot, you will be able to view the mesmerising beauty of nature from tents. The stay comes with mattresses, pillows, and blankets and provides utmost comfort to all. The site also features common washrooms that are clean and hygienic.Avail a thrilling paragliding activity with your visit. If you wish to see how birds view the world, paragliding will help you. Here, you would also be able to avail kayaking wherein you can get through the gushing waters and let the adrenaline rush. Apart from this, you can also swim in the lake, go for a short hike in the woods and sit by the bonfire in the evening. Tea and snacks, unlimited dinner, morning tea with cookies and lunch on both days come included with Kamshet paragliding and camping package.Places To Visit Near Kamshet Paragliding & Campsite: Bedse Caves, Magic Mountain, Visapur Fort, Bhaja Caves, Karla Buddha CavesParagliding And Camping in Kamshet Package Types:Camping & Paragliding with All Meals & ActivitiesIncludes lunch, dinner, and breakfast to be served at 12:00 PM, 8:00 PM, and 6:00 AM respectively. Enjoy activities and comfortable stay with this package.Check-in Time: 9:00 AMCheck-Out Time: 1:00 PMHow To Reach Kamshet Campsite:You can easily reach by public or private transport.Note:Children aged 5 - 10 years can book the child package.Infants under the age of 5 years can join for free.Minimum 2 people are required to book the package.

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47 Ratings

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Paragliding with camping there was very great, swimming and kayak at the natural water was simply awesome, nice bonfire session, well stayed, good quality foods, the whole staff was freindly, a great place for a great weekend with dear once.
This is truly worth the cost, the itinerary planned is awesome, everything was provided as per mentioned at the website.
Gorgeous place! Nice tents location with amazing views of the surrounding areas, the place is absolutely great for a getaway with family and friends... well-organized, well-managed, clean and everything from stays and foods are up to the marks... Would Recommend...
The host was nice, the whole place is beautiful, nice trekking expereinced there, the arrangement at this campsite was superb.

Kamshet Travel Guides

People Also Ask About Camping in Kamshet

  1. What are the best camping options available in Kamshet?

    There are several unique campsites where you can set up camp in Kamshet. Here are a few examples:

    1. Pawna Dam Camping

    - Pawna Lake is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Kamshet.
    - Despite being an artificial lake, it is a scenic retreat if you are looking for a weekend getaway.
    - Because of its beauty, it is one of the most popular camping sites in Kamshet. Make sure you don’t miss the golden sunset when you are camping on the banks of the Pawna Lake.

    Location: 17-22 kilometres from Kamshet railway station and Lonavala

    Price: INR 3,360 approx.

    2. Bhairi Caves

    - Another popular campsite in Kamshet is Bhairi Caves.
    - This is the ideal campsite for adventure lovers, who want to experience a multitude of activities such as trekking, hiking and mountain climbing, along with camping itself.
    - To reach the caves, one has to go through dense jungles, climb a plateau, walk through grasslands and finally arrive at the cave which is carved into the steep face of a hill.
    - The caves can accommodate up to 100 people at a time and offer some of the most breath-taking views of the surrounding landscape.

    Location: 8km from Jambhivali village

    Price: 1,800 INR approx.

    3. Visapur Fort

    - Visapur Fort is another striking tourist attraction in Kamshet, located at a comfortable distance of 20 km from Tiger’s Point in Lonavala.
    - It is an ancient fort built atop a plateau that is covered with lush greenery.
    - The campsites are located on top of the plateau near the main fort, which offers some amazing vantage point for views of your natural surroundings.
    - You can even trek through the surrounding foliage and check out ruins of ancient temples and rocky rivers that flow through the area.

    Location: Malavli, Maharashtra 410406

    Price: 1,100 INR

    4. Bhandar Dongar

    - Bhandar Dongar is another adventure-seekers paradise because of the stunning views as well as the plethora of activities one can enjoy when they are there.
    - One of the most popular places to go Kamshet campingis in Bhandal Dongar, a hill that is known for the ancient temple located at the summit.
    - Except for its historical significance, it is also the point where activities such as paragliding are organized.
    - You can also try your hand at hang gliding when you are camping in Bhandara Dongar.

    Location: Bhandara Dongar Rd, Bhandara parisar, Sudhavadi, Maharashtra 410507

    Price: 2,000 INR approx.

    5. Shinde Wadi Hills

    - Possibly the most popular paragliding take-off spot in all of Kamshet is the ShindeWadi Hills.
    - Because of the popularity of the activity, several campsites have been set up in the surrounding areas.
    - The Shinde Wadi hills are surrounded by plain land as well as forests. You can get breath-taking views when you set up camp in the nearby areas.
    - These hills also used to be the vantage points for soldiers in wars during the British Raj and you can learn more about the history of the place from the local guides there.
    - It is the ideal place to camp for adventure lovers and retreat seekers alike. 

    Location: Shindewadi, Maharashtra 412115

    Price: 1,500 INR approx.

  2. When is the best time to do camping in Kamshet?

    The best time to visit Kamshet is between October and June, which sees the autumn, winter and spring seasons.

    Summer: March and April are the summer months in Kamshet which is short and intense. Temperatures can go as high as 40 degrees Celsius which is uncomfortably hot and humid.

    Monsoon: The monsoon season in Kamshet lasts from May to November. During this time, the town sees some of the heaviest rainfall and makes the landscape very picturesque. The hills, plateaus and jungles are lush green while the waterfalls showcase a very scenic picture.

    Winter: Between December and February, the winter months descend upon Kamshet. These months are incredibly pleasant and see the maximum number of tourists. Minimum temperatures reach 13 degrees Celsius, which is rather bearable.

  3. Where is Kamshet located? How can I reach there?

    Kamshet is a small, quaint hill-town located at a mere distance of 45 km from the city of Pune. It can be found on the Sahyadri ranges of the Western Ghats in Maharashtra, which is on the western side of the Indian subcontinent. Here are the ways in which one can reach Kamshet:

    By Air: The nearest airport is the Pune airport, which is located 55 km away from the town. From there, one can easily get buses and taxis to Kamshet. You can also hire a car from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Terminal in Mumbai, which is located at a distance of 210 km.

    By railway: The railway station that is nearest to Kamshet is the station in Lonavala. There are frequent trains from all parts of the country that stop at Lonavala, which is 15 km away from Kamshet. A short taxi ride from the station can bring you to Kamshet within an hour.

    By road: Kamshet is very well connected by road. Some paved roads and highways have been carved through the Western Ghats to easily access the town, whether you are travelling from Mumbai or Pune. There are also frequent buses that pass through Kamshet that come from Pune, Mumbai and Lonavala.

  4. What is the approx. cost of camping in Kamshet?

    A weekend trip that consists of Kamshet camping and all the other peripheral activities that the town offers will cost each individual anything between 1,500 INR to 3,000 INR, depending on the scale and location of your stay.

  5. What kind of clothes and equipment should I carry for camping in Kamshet?

    Kamshet is a relatively rainy hill station in the Western Ghats, which means it sees frequent bouts of rainfall and it can get cold during the night, especially during the winter season. When it comes to clothes, make sure you carry comfortable pieces of clothing in which you can easily trek, climb and hike and won’t have any trouble when you are in camping.

    Full sleeved clothes are a must for when you are going through jungles. Jackets and woolens are also essential to combat the chilly weather. As for equipment, the essentials will likely be provided to you by the camp organizers. However, it is best to be equipped from your end as well with basic necessities such as umbrellas, raincoats, flasks, ropes, medicines, sturdy shoes, binoculars for sight-seeing, sunscreen for sun protection and food and water.

  6. Will food and safe drinking water be provided during camping in Kamshet?

    Yes, most of the camps that you book when you plan to go Kamshet camping will provide you with food and safe drinking water. However, as a precautionary measure, make sure you carry your own supply of drinking water when you are traveling because you can never be too sure.

    You can also carry specific foods that you like- snacks, meals and anything else you might want to carry. If you don’t wish to carry your own food, then you need not worry. There is provision for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks throughout the day when you are in Kamshet.

  7. Is it safe for a solo female traveller to go camping in Kamshet?

    Yes, it is safe for a solo female traveler if she wants to choose Kamshet as her destination. It is relatively unknown trekking and camping site which is not frequented by as many people who visit Lonavala and Khandala every year. However, it is still relatively close to Pune and is well connected by road and rail.

    Lots of women from across the country who want to go camping choose to go to Kamshet. As a precaution, however, it is ideal that women should have their safety measures in place, and travel with a trusted tour company who will arrange the tour. Even if they are backpacking through the region, it is best to research the place thoroughly beforehand and to keep safety measures on hand for emergencies.

  8. How is the general climate in Kamshet?

    The climate in Kamshet remains moderately cool throughout the year because of the frequent rainfall experienced by the region. The monsoon months last from June to October when the temperature varies between 21 degrees Celsius and 26 degrees Celsius.

    For the remainder of the year, the temperature stays between 20 degrees Celsius and 27 degrees Celsius. It also experiences some arid weather during the summer months.

  9. What sort of camps will there be in Kamshet? Will sleeping bags be provided?

    When you go camping in Kamshet, you will be entitled to a well-protected and sturdy tent that will be set up for your stay. These tents are located at close proximity to each other, like a small community with clean, hygienic and user-friendly washrooms.

    Sleeping bags are also provided with the tents, and should you require, you can also ask for a mat and other basic amenities that are available for your taking.

  10. What sort of food will be there for camping in Kamshet? Will there be a barbeque as well?

    Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are provided when you choose to go camping in the picturesque town of Kamshet. You can choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian options when you are booking your stay.

    You can also get tea and coffee throughout the day during your stay. Campsites are synonymous with bonfires and barbeques, so most of the campsites have provisions for bonfires as well as barbeques that you can enjoy with your team or with other people at the campsite.

  11. How to deal with insects, animals or bad weather we might face?

    While the more popular campsites are protected against these basic issues, you are bound to deal with some insects when you go camping in the wild. The best solution is to wear covered clothes with minimum skin exposure and to carry the rights sprays, ointments and medicines to deal with bites or rashes.

    As for animals, there aren’t many dangerous animals, big or small, that should bother you during your camping trip. The best time to visit Kamshet is between October and June when you are least likely to face bad weather. If you are visiting any other time, make sure you carry warm clothes and raincoats to protect yourself from the cold and rain.

  12. Can we smoke/drink while camping?

    While there is no strict rule against smoking and drinking when you are camping, it is ideally recommended that you avoid smoking and drinking to ensure you are at the peak of your health during the tour.

    Smoking can make trekking through some high altitudes difficult while drinking makes you unfit for a host of other activities.

  13. What sort of toilet facility will be in camping in Kamshet?

    There are makeshift toilets that are set up near all the camps, no matter where you decide to put up.

    These are well-maintained, semi-permanent structures that are safe and hygienic and should cause no inconvenience when you are camping.

  14. Can we do camping in Kamshet during the monsoon?

    Yes, camping in Kamshet during the monsoons is quite possible. The village has several pre-arrangements of tenting and camp setups by tour agencies and camping vendors for tourists to enjoy during the rains. Camping can be done near the below-mentioned places where most of the arrangements are easy to be done.

    However, the best time for camping in Kamshet would be towards the end of monsoons or post monsoons when the region is the greenest and has fresh winds blowing from the Sahyadris!

    1. Uksan lake
    2. Pawna lake 

  15. What if it rains while we are camping?

    The tents in which you will be camping are waterproof. In addition to that, provisions to keep the ground dry when it rains make the experience hassle-free and pleasurable.

    The area sees very frequent bouts of rainfall, so make sure you carry waterproof clothing such as raincoats and boots to protect yourself against the rain.