Nightlife in Dharamshala

The Nightlife in Dharamshala opens up a different side to this hill-station that one must explore during a vacation. Though mainly known for the natural scenery and adventure activities, this bustling town has many exceptional nightclubs that turn into a rager at night, perfect for the party animals.

Apart from the party scenes, Dharamshala and upper Dharamshala - Mcleodganj also have plenty of restaurants and cafes where one can be headed for a family hangout. Here you can savour Tibetan, Indian, Continental cuisines as well great atmosphere and picturesque views. So, be it those hunger pangs or just wanting to gulp a drink, Dharamshala has many places worth checking out.

Places like Labooze, Xcite Bar and more are a welcome surprise into the Dharamshala tour plan Nightlife in Dharamshala experience. With affordable drinks, great music and a chilled out atmosphere, you are sure to have a fun evening. Meanwhile, places like Bob n Barley, Morgan's Place and Nick's Italian Kitchen are for those more relaxing and quaint dinner outings with your loved ones. These places have simple and cozy interiors and a more refined menu for food and drinks that provides a wholesome night experience in Dharamshala.

With that said, both Dharamshala has plenty of more eateries and places where you can spend your evenings and nights. Also all these places promise the best views of the splendid hill station, which is an added bonus to the night-out. Explore all this and more with Himachal packages.

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Dharamshala Nightlife FAQs

What are the best places to visit in Dharamshala at night?

1. Bob n Barley: A more up-scale spot, this restaurant and bar is perfect for a quiet dinner outing. The simple yet stylish interiors compliment the vibe of the place perfectly. Moreover the place also has a drinks and food menu that leaves you with titillating taste buds, along with serene views of the town.

2. Morgan's Place: This place with its rustic and red interiors along with a homely atmosphere is perfect for a family dinner or hangout. The restaurant serves scrumptious cuisine and has a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, you can choose to sit indoors or outdoors while admiring the picturesque views of the mountains.

3. Green Hotel: This vegan Cafe has a wide garden where you can take a stroll. The place also has enchanting views of the surrounding scenery. Besides, the food despite being vegan would surprise you with the flavours. You can also read books while sipping a hot cuppa coffee or tea.

4. Trek and Dine Cafe: Nestled amid the mountain ranges near Dharamshala, this Cafe has the best views of the scenic surroundings. Moreover, you can visit here during or after a trek and enjoy their specials like wood-oven pizzas, sandwiches and more with a cup of tea or coffee.

5. Xcite Bar: This is among the most popular nightclubs in Dharamshala that has a diverse selection of dishes, drinks at pocket-friendly rates, good music and ambience for the guest's to enjoy. Also, the views of the city from here are splendid.

6. Espresso Bar: This Cafe/lounge is a favoured hangout spot for locals and tourists alike. The place has large glass windows that let you enjoy the stunning views of the surroundings, a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and delicious food - especially Indian, Chinese and Italian. Moreover, the ambience of the place lets you slide from a day visit to a night-out just like that.

What are the best places to eat in Dharamshala at night?

Dharamshala has plenty of eateries, some fancy, others more simple, yet all these places have delicious food and comfortable ambience. Here are some of the best places to eat in Dharamshala at night.

1. Norling Restaurant and Cafe: This place has elegant interiors and an outdoor seating area which offers the idyllic views of the garden. Moreover, the menu at this Cafe has a range of Indian, Tibetan, Continental and other cuisines that the guests can enjoy. They also arrange a lunch buffet that you can check out too.

2. Lung Ta: An authentic Japanese restaurant that has a vegetarian take on all dishes. The place serves traditional and tasteful miso soup, okonomiyaki (an omelette), desserts along with other items. Moreover, the place has a unique feature around the menu that changes every day.

3. Green Hotel: A well-kept garden and a collection of novels and books set the tone for this place. While you eat the delicious vegan dishes here, you can indulge in some reading or just enjoy the beautiful views of the hill-station. This place is one of the most popular among locals and tourists in Dharamshala.

4. Clay Oven: This restaurant with its wooden interiors, hanging lanterns and flower baskets and spectacular views from the balcony add the perfect cozy ambience. Moreover, the food with heavy Tibetan influences as well as other cuisines is heavenly. This place is perfect for a quiet family dine-out.

5. Nick's Italian Kitchen: This authentic Italian restaurant serves some of the tastiest of pizzas, pastas and desserts. Moreover, the spacious and comfortable indoors and relaxing outdoors with scenic views of the surroundings act as the perfect background. Also, the friendly staff here would leave you with a happy feeling and a well-fed belly.

What are the best party places in Dharamshala?

Just a few kilometers from Dharamshala is Mcleodganj which is also called upper Dharamshala. The best nightlife can be experienced here and this list tells you about a few of the places.

1. Black Magic: This bar is one of the best places to enjoy the Nightlife in Dharamshala. The place offers stunning surroundings, delectable food from a range of different vegan and non-vegetarian cuisines, drinks and scintillating music for an exciting evening.

2. Xcite Bar: A prominent nightclub, this place will let you enjoy the great club music, affordable drinks and delectable Indian, Chinese and European dishes and hookah. Spend some good time here while experiencing the Nightlife in Dharamshala.

3. MCLO Restro and Bar: The rustic wooden log interior of this place offers a relaxing vibe. Along with that are majestic views from the balcony where you can spend your evening while having a few drinks. Moreover, the food menu here is also worth a mention.

4. B6 Bar and Lounge: A great and chilled out spot to enjoy the Nightlife in Dharamshala, this place has a wide selection of alcohol which is quite affordable. Moreover, from here you get some of the best views of the town along with great food and a comfortable atmosphere.

5. Labooze: A restaurant and a club that has muraled walls, casual interiors and a relaxed environment. Here, you can savour decadent quick-bites and proper dishes, and drinks served by a warm staff. Also, the music and the ambience here make this place one of the best to experience nightlife in Dharamshala.

What is famous in Dharamshala?

Dharamshala is a popular hill-station in Himachal Pradesh which is known for many beautiful places, activities and shopping for items that attracts numerous visitors here for a vacation. Here are some of the bests in Dharamshala that you should try.

-Gyuto Monastery
-Dal Lake
-Jwala Devi Temple
-Dalai Lama temple complex
-Tsuglagkhang, Mcleodganj

-Trekking to Triund, Kareri Lake
-Paragliding in Bir Billing
-Sightseeing - Temples, Monasteries, Museums and more
-Cycling around the town

-Signings bowls
-Prayer wheels and prayer flags
-Local fabrics with stunning embroidery
-Local hand-crafted jewellery

Is Dharmashala safe at night?

Dharamshala is quite a safe town and one would not have to worry about any major mishaps. A popular holiday destination, the city remains crowded with people even during the night, and security personnels also are easily accessible. That being said, if you are travelling solo or are on your own, then avoid visiting the dark and jitted parts of the town as a precaution.

Is alcohol available in Dharamshala?

Yes. Dharamshala has liquor stores and bars that serve alcoholic beverages. However, the legal drinking age in this region is minimum 21 years and one would have to carry identification proof to buy or consume alcohol here. Also, it is advisable to drink responsibly and take care of your belongings, if out.

What is the best time to visit Dharamshala?

The best time to visit Dharamshala is from February to June, these months experience spring and summer in the region with pleasant weather and vibrant scenic landscapes. Or from September to October, after the monsoons.

Moreover, the winters here are more frigid and have snowfall, so if you want to see snow and can handle the freezing temperatures, then November to January is when you can plan a trip.

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