Best Tree Houses in Dandeli

If you’ve never experienced what it’s like to wake up to surreal beauty and admire it from a treetop, treehouses in Dandeli should definitely be on your travel list! Dandeli is a small town in Karnataka, South India, well known for Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, trekking trails, and dense forests which are home to black panthers, deer, elephants and beautiful flocks of birds.

But the real beauty lies in the treehouses of Dandeli, with a panoramic view of the trees, forests, and trails beyond. Some of the most preferred treehouses here are the Hornbill River Resort and the eco-friendly Dandeli Mist which boast of sumptuous interiors, unique accommodation options and packages include activities like adventure sports, island visits, and boat rides.

For budget treehouse stays, other options include the Whistling Woods Treehouse and Shikra Jungle Resort. Packages offered by Shikra are inclusive of food while Whistling Woods packages are inclusive of a dip in the natural jacuzzi, indoor games, and other activities.

Each treehouse in Dandeli has something different to offer and each one is unique in its own way. Which is why we’d recommend visiting multiple treehouses during the course of your stay for a wholesome, adventurous experience!

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Dandeli Tree Houses FAQs

Which are the best Tree Houses in Dandeli?

Dandeli Mist:
An exquisite eco-friendly jungle getaway, Dandeli Mist is well placed besides jungle streams and enveloped by banana plantations. Accommodations here include rustic themed luxury cottages, tribal cottages, dorms, and three types of treehouses namely Mango, Nandi, and Silk Cotton, named after the trees they are built-in. The barks of the trees make way for themselves right through the houses, built well above the ground. The rooms are well-equipped and the interiors are cosy, ensuring you enjoy a warm welcome and a comfortable stay.

Hornbill River Resort:
Known to be one of the most preferred tree houses in Dandeli, Hornbill’s comfort blends in perfectly with the calm surroundings. The resort offers rock houses, tent houses, cottages and tree houses, all of which offer a unique stay. Designed with a wooden finish and a homely feel, the simple yet stately tree houses with basic amenities make for a perfect getaway. Hornbill packages also include an array of activities including an island visit, a boat ride, adventure sports and more, which adds to the beauty of your stay.

Shikra Jungle Resort:
Shikra is a well-planned, reasonably priced resort in the heart of Dandeli. Offering basic rooms, adventure tents, cottages, and treehouses, the package includes camping, bird watching, food and accommodation and a host of adventure activities like bamboo walking and tree-climbing. The rooms are tastefully designed with wooden interiors that add to the feel of being in the midst of a forest. Built-in the lap of natural beauty, Shikra is committed to providing a genuinely memorable jungle experience.

Whistling Woods Treehouse:
Staying true to its name, Whistling Woods is on the outskirts of Dandeli, where the picturesque forests are breathtaking, the chirping of the birds connects you with nature, and the wind whistles as it blows past. The treehouse is simple with minimal design, which adds an authentic touch of being closer to nature and away from the modern, materialistic world. Packages are well-priced and inclusive of boating, swimming, trekking, natural jacuzzi, campfires, indoor games, island visits, and a lot more!

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