Trekking in Chiang Mai

Gear up for an adventure of a lifetime with an exhilarating experience of trekking in Chiang Mai. Located in the midst of beautiful mountains of Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is often known as a trekker’s paradise. It is home to numerous Buddhist temples and spiritual places for tourism but attracts the maximum crowd for its trekking opportunities. Trekking in Chiang Mai is often regarded as one of the most spectacular experiences for adrenaline junkies who are planning a budget friendly trip to Thailand for a memorable vacation. Tourists can enjoy a plethora of trekking tours in Chiang Mai according to their likes. These amazing trekking tours take the tourists to the most breathtaking sceneries of Thailand filled with majestic waterfalls, charming lakes, and gorgeous valleys. It is the best way to go on an off the beaten path and enjoy a pristine getaway in the realm of nature. Trekking in Chiang Mai can usually be enjoyed throughout the year. However, November to May is considered to be the most favourable time for partaking in trekking activities in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is famous for its salubrious climate, beautiful landscapes and its lively local population. Trekking in Chiang Mai is also a great exercise to meet some locals and know more about the local culture of Thailand. While going through the jungles, tourists can have an interesting perspective on the lifestyle of the native hill tribes here. Moreover, the experience of hiking through the quiet forests is one of the best ways to enjoy an unforgettable experience in Thailand. With so many trekking opportunities in Chiang Mai, it is often a tough task for the tourists what to hit and what to miss. These trekking trails offer an exhilarating journey through beautiful trees and mountains and boast of some of the most exotic views. Some popular hikes in Chiang Mai are Doi Pui to Doi Suthep Hike, Huay Tung Tao circular hike, Doi Inthanon Nature trail, Muang Kurt to Huay Kukap, Huay Kukap to Tadmok Waterfall etc. Most of the trekking trails in Chiang Mai are considered to be of moderate difficulty. However, some of these trails can become challenging as you may have to cross steep slopes and river valleys on the way. While trekking in Chiang Mai, one can appreciate a scenic visit to the beautiful Mae Tang River and engage in some thrilling water sports there. Tourists can also indulge in rock climbing as Chiang Mai is famous for having some astonishing caves and caverns to excite adventure enthusiasts.

Trekking in Chiang Mai is a wonderful activity whether you wish to go alone or with a group of your friends and family. It offers many joyous moments that will get etched in your hearts for a long time to come. Most often, tourists can combine these treks with a wide array of adventure activities like elephant safari, white water rafting, bamboo rafting, sightseeing etc. These trekking exercises can also be enjoyed along with nature walks and getting acquainted with the Akha Hill tribe villagers of Chiang Mai. The duration of trekking tours in Chiang Mai differs from one day to multiple days. The pulse-racing adventure can be enjoyed by anyone who fits the criteria of having reasonable fitness and sharing the enthusiasm for trekking. In Chiang Mai, there are various tour operators who offer registered and professional trekking services. While trekking, the tourists can be assured of having a great experience in the company of expert trekking guides. This activity in Chiang Mai is an incredible way to discover the authentic nature of Thai life. One of the most astounding things about trekking in Chiang Mai is the experience of camping and sharing a dinner with locals. Most trekking operators arrange a stay in a native hut where you can enjoy an exceptional stay amidst the most captivating landscapes of Thailand. It is also a great way to relax and unwind away from the concrete jungle and into the real jungle.

The cost of trekking in Chiang Mai starts from 1500 Baht and can go up to 2700 Baht. However, this cost depends on various factors like number of people, number of trekking days, activities which are offered, kind of stay etc. Therefore, tourists can choose from various trekking packages in Chiang Mai. Whether you are travelling on a budget or wishing to enjoy a luxurious stay in nature’s abode, trekking is a marvellous experience that everyone must try in Chiang Mai. Trekking can be an exciting adventure for most of the thrill seekers. However, one must keep in mind some of the precautions while trekking in Chiang Mai. Tourists should always keep the basic necessities like first aid box, sunscreen lotion, torch, compass etc before undertaking the exercise. Also, if you are going alone for trekking then make sure somebody else knows about your whereabouts. Tourists are also advised to carry a GPS to navigate through the hiking trails and wear proper hiking shoes.

For the shutterbugs, a good camera is a great addition for capturing the most beautiful memories of your trekking trip in Chiang Mai. Other important things to always remember while trekking is to keep yourself aware of the surroundings and protect yourself from wild animals. One should wear long trousers to keep themselves safe from snakes, reptiles and wild grasses and carry a hat to guard themselves against the sun. Also, trekkers should respect the nature and not indulge in littering and smoking so as not to harm the environment. While hiking in groups, it is better to stay together and trek according to the comfort of everyone. For the trekkers in Chiang Mai, this activity is a thrilling getaway to see the enchanting caves, verdant trekking trails, fascinating waterfalls and luxuriant valleys. Chiang Mai is covered by a blanket of greenery that is simply mind-blowing and helps you rejuvenate in the most serene surroundings of nature. If you have been seeking a way to relax with a bit of adventure, trekking in Chiang Mai ticks all the boxes for a great retreat away from the worries of life.

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