River Rafting in Chiang Mai

If you wish to embark on a wonderful journey of adventure on your next trip, rafting in Chiang Mai offers a rejuvenating escape. One of the most beautiful cities in Northern Thailand known for its cultural richness and religious importance, it is also a place for adventure lovers. While exploring the awe-inspiring landscape of Chiang Mai that boasts of luxuriant forests, picturesque terraced rice fields and gushing rivers, white water rafting in Chiang Mai is an activity that will leave you refreshed in the most amazing way. Rafting Tour in Chiang Mai is organised at Mae Tang river and is one of the most popular activities for tourists here. Often hailed as one of the best rafting experiences which you can enjoy in the whole of Asia, Chiang Mai rafting is a breathtaking adventure that awaits you. Filled with some thundering rapids and splashing river waters, Mae Tang is a great place to appreciate the serenity of nature with a bit of adventure.
Rafting in Chiang Mai is one of the best recreational experiences for adventure junkies in Thailand.

The activity is guided by professional experts who have trained around the world and teach you the basics of rafting before you go about the activity. These trainers follow the highest safety standards and guide you every step of the way. From the basics of paddling to emergency response, the expert team of rafters in Chiang Mai leave no stone unturned to help you cherish a thrilling experience with river rafting. The expert team also gives a brief about the rafting gear and the routine things which you need to know before going in the waters. The day-long activity can be enjoyed by anyone even if they are not well versed with swimming. Only children below 7, expectant mothers and those suffering from some serious heart condition are not allowed to partake in this activity. Most of the rafting tour operators in Chiang Mai also offer buffet meals, hotel picks up and drops off along with accidental insurance to the tourists.

Rafting in Chiang Mai is an activity that will get your blood pounding with a rejuvenating feeling as you pass through the panoramic surroundings. The months from August to October are considered to be the best time for engaging in rafting here as the water levels are high and the activity becomes more challenging for thrill seekers. The average cost for river rafting in Chiang Mai ranges from 1200 THB to 1800 THB. A rafting trip for tourists in Chiang Mai can be organised for both groups and solo travellers. Tourists can also choose to go for organised rafting trips or get a customised plan according to their wishes in Chiang Mai. The rapids at Mae Tang river range from grade 3 to 4 and offer one of the pulse racing adventures that you will get a chance to undertake in your lifetime. The splendid activity is a great way to seek ultimate relaxation for the tourists by engaging in the of the most exhilarating adventures in Chiang Mai.

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