An Italian Dream Holiday: Beyond Pizza, Pope and Pompeii


“One of the great joys of traveling through Italy is discovering first-hand that it is, indeed, a dream destination.”

Debra Levinson



The name itself is enough to infect a person with the travel bug, even one who has the tiniest inkling of its fantastic attractions. It’s one of those places where a tourist observes poetry in action, a fairy tale come alive and a reverie that carves out a fascinating landscape to behold.  From the remnants of Roman times to its versatile scenery of coastlines and lakes, Italy is as close to what a dream feels like coming true.

A mesmerizing view of the sunset

You have heard all about the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Colosseum and Vatican. You have probably witnessed sparks of romance ignited seeing the gondola rides in Venice. You have also felt a tingle in your taste buds at the thought of Italy’s Pizza and Parmesan. But what will you say when you get to know that all these glittering spectacles are just a tiny exhibit beyond which lies the real charm of Italy? Doesn’t sound plausible, ehh?

Who wouldn’t want to explore these beautiful streets, right !

If that’s the case, let’s err on the side of caution and believe for once that’s possible. If you are one of those who subscribe to the roads less travelled by, here’s a small glimpse of the world that Italy has got hidden behind the curtains for you.


1) Villages of Italy: Let Time Slip By

Skip the Italian trifecta of Rome, Venice and Florence and find your perfect summer escape in the rustic beauty of Italian villages. This is where you surrender yourself to the old-world charm. And this is where you say goodbye to the crowds. The villages of Italy are worth a visit to explore the postcard perfect landscapes to bask in the authentic Italian experience. Add some wine, regional delicacies with an interesting Italian famiglia’s hospitality, and you’re good to go!

Because nothing goes better than a sunrise and a glass of wine in the idyllic countryside of Tuscany!


2) Italian Cooking Class: For Some New Tricks

Why stop yourself with a slice of pizza when you can return with some magic recipes in your cookbook? In Italy, seize the opportunity to learn and master the most mouth-watering dishes. Participating in Italian cooking is your first step to eat local and live local in this culinary paradise. Try the pasta class, enjoy gelato like a glass of wine, stroll around the vibrant vegetable markets or enjoy flipping pizza bases in the air. One thing’s for sure, an Italian cooking class will forever keep your plate full.

How to Make Friends (Or Pasta) and Influence People?


3) Sports Beyond Compare: Switch On Game Mode

One thing that Italians take very seriously (after food probably), is their love for sports. While soccer is their national passion, there is no iota of doubt in saying that Italians have excelled in continuing their tradition of sports whether it’s basketball, volleyball, cycling, rugby and so on. Doesn’t matter if you’re a sports freak or not, when in Italy catch up with a soccer game in a bar (Just remember to always cheer for the home team) or venture out in the open for an adrenaline rush with adventures like windsurfing, skiing, mountain biking etc.

How about hopping mountains in Italy? Or as they call it ‘Angel’s Flight’!


4) Beach Bumming: Cruise Through Sun, Sea and Sands

Blessed with a long coastline touching the Mediterranean, Italy is any water lover’s delight. With some breath-taking covers of white sands and remote islands, a vacationer in Italy is spoilt for choice. Be it water sports, the charm of lazing around in the sands or the fun of cruising in luxury through picturesque seascapes, the beaches of Italy are the best place to marvel at the beauty of this country.

It’s the beaches of Aeolian Islands in Italy that help us discover exquisite places like these!


5) Cultural Galore: Carnivals, Theatres And Festivals

Wherever you go in Italy, it’s culture follows. While the Italians need no excuse to bring out their mask, costumes and confetti to dress up for a masquerade party, the country is always abuzz with events that resonate its culture and putting up the most astounding display of the country’s vibrancy. It can be only in Italy where a culture buff finds his paradise with the best amalgamation of art, music, theatre, opera, literary festivals and so much more.

Can’t wait till Halloween? Here, let us take you to Carnevale Di Viareggio


6) Hiking Through Streets: Find Your Way

To know a place by heart, one must discover the secret lanes and the narrow alleys leading up to the most wonderful places. This is where strolling through the streets of Italy turn out to be a fantastic idea. The lanes of this amazing country exude the allure of past which are best explored on foot be it a walking tour or a hike. Pack your boots and you’ll be surprised to see the cultural riches of Italy manifest themselves so beautifully in this country.

They say not all who wander are lost.

But who won’t like to be lost in this gorgeous vista of Cinque Terre?


7) Souvenirs and Shopping: Make it Sassy and Stylish

It could be tough task to rein in the shopaholic in you when vacationing in Italy. From the swanky streets of Milan to the vineyards of Tuscany, there are plethora of things to leave you spoilt for choice. For they have given us the likes of Ducati, Ferrari, Versace and Prada, getting back home with a souvenir to remind you of the sweet sojourn is nothing but a small gesture to the gifts of Italy’s fashion and design.

You know you’re Italy when street shopping feels like visiting a heritage monument in Milan


8) Heritage Sites: To Relive the Past

We all love to witness the charm of historical ruins but often disappointed by the lingering crowds hindering your rendezvous with the old world. However, Italy offer something special to solve this problem. With the most number of Heritage Sites, it’s never a problem in Italy to find the best site to place your time machine and have some blast from the past. From Verona of Shakespeare to the Ghetto of Rome, Italy is a Renaissance in itself with all its historic cafes, museums and monuments.

Ready to be transported back in time in this 10,000-year-old?

Isn’t Italy full of surprises now that you see this? Well…better to go see for yourself than look for answers here. Since this was just a curtain raiser. A prelude to a world full of surprises. In a nutshell, a humble glimpse of infinite gems hidden in a country that continues to enchant us since time immemorial.
All set to give your travel diary some interesting stories and embellish your passport with a stamp of Italy? Well then, all we ought to say to you now is Buon viaggio!
And yes…Ciao…Till you come back to tell us your stories!

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