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Popular Treks in Nepal

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Trek Name Duration Price Details
  Everest Base Camp Trek 15D/14N ₹ 41,500 View Details
  Annapurna Base Camp Trek 9D/8N ₹ 27,400 View Details
  Manaslu Circuit Trek 20D/19N ₹ 84,983 View Details
  Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking 7D/6N ₹ 21,369 View Details
  Island Peak Trek 17D/16N ₹ 1,70,101 View Details
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    Nepal for all reasons has been long associated with challenging and thrilling trekking tours. Travel fanatics and adventure seekers have associated trekking very closely with Nepal given that the well-known treks to the Everest Base Camp, Kanchenjunga Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp commence from this country.

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    Trekking in Nepal lies on the list of every traveller as it gives them a rich experience of beautiful backdrops, rough and challenging terrains and the magic of snow. Rolwaling Trek, Three Passes Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek and others are some of the finest treks in Nepal. Not limited to these, but treks like the Island Peak, Makalu Base Camp Trek and Himchuli Peak Trek are also famous amongst travellers.

    From varying difficulty levels like difficult, moderate and easy, one can choose a trek as per his/her requirement and physical fitness. T
    hese treks are arranged with experienced guides with exhaustive training and gear being provided to the travellers to ensure their safety. Explore our listicle that details about different treks.
  • Trekking in Nepal: Difficult Level

  • 01Everest Base Camp Trek

    Everest Base Camp Trek
    Image Credit : onthego tours

    Savouring an up-close view of the highest mountain peak in the world is a dream dreamt by every adventure enthusiast and mountain lover in the world. This trek gives you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy the closest view of Mount Everest, the grandest mountain to ever exist on the planet, boasting a height of 29,100 feet. 

    You walk through quaint villages of Nepal, lush green forests of Himalayas, gushing water streams, and snow-clad terrains to finally reach the base camp of Mount Everest. Everest Base Camp Trek is the most desired trek in the entire world.

    Difficulty level: Moderate to Challenging

    Height: The maximum elevation you reach is 18,300 feet

    Best Season: March to May and September to November
    Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal 2019

    Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal 2019

    NNNNN1418 Ratings

    d15 Daysn14 NightslKathmandu


    Starting from


  • 02Annapurna Base Camp Trek

    Annapurna Base Camp Trek
    Image Credit : flickr - Matt-Zimmerman

    Mount Annapurna is the 10th highest mountain in the world, and trekking to its base is nothing short of an achievement. If you find EBC too daunting, ABC is the second best option for you where you can challenge your spirit to do something extraordinary to deserve something extraordinary in the form of breathtaking views of the Himalayas. 

    When you look around and below at the world from Annapurna Base Camp, you realize that you have left the world behind to find an abode above clouds. This is one of the most sought after Himalayan treks, and is a great choice if you have prior experience in trekking moderate level trails.

    Difficulty level: Moderate

    Height: The maximum elevation you reach is 13,550 feet

    Best Season: September to November

    Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Nepal 2019

    Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Nepal 2019

    NNNNN426 Ratings

    d9 Daysn8 NightslPokhara


    Starting from


  • 03EBC,Gokyo and Cho-la Pass Trek

    EBC,Gokyo and Cho-la Pass Trek
    Image Credit : Tom Kellett
    Tucked away to the Western Side of Everest Base Camp is the Ri Trail, Gokoyo and Cho-la Pass, which is perfect for those who want grandeur views, five terrific alpine lakes. This is one of the most adventurous treks for seasoned trekkers.

    It combines the Everest Base Camp as well as Gokyo Valley with the highest elevation of almost 5500 meters.

    : The trip highlights include sensational views of snow-capped mountains and dramatic landscapes. The place is well known for its warm hospitality as well. Trekkers will also get the opportunity to explore Buddhist culture, diverse ethnicities and pristine lakes. The trek usually includes Sagarmatha National Park as well.

    Location: Kathmandu.

    Things to keep in mind: The trek is difficult and therefore, make sure that you get the right sleeping bags, fleece jackets with the wind-protection factor. Always carry sunscreen and water bottles among other necessary items.
  • 04Rolwaling Trek

    Rolwaling Trek
    Image Credit :  randomix
    One of the most outstanding treks lies between Gaurishankar Himal and Rolwaling Himal. This beautiful area was first explored during the preliminary surveying of Mount Everest.

    Highlights: You can take a walk through the Teahouse, Lodge and Camping. You can also get a glimpse of the Sherpa community and the beautiful and spectacular view of Himalayan range.

    : You can take a bus from Kathmandu to Gongar Khola (6 am and 8 am)

    : You can witness the beautiful landscape which ranges from Rhododendron and Juniper forests.

    Best time to visit
    : September, October, November along with March, April and May.

    Difficulty Level: High.
  • 05Three Passes Trek

    Three Passes Trek
    Image Credit : Mahatma4711
    This fabulous three pass trek is a doorway to the colossal Mount Everest. This trek is certainly the one which has been designed for the adventurers. The three passes are Renjo La, Cho La, and Kongma La.

    This trekking in Nepal involves going up and down so much that it becomes a little strenuous and exhausting. However, the warm and pleasant natured Sherpas can relieve you from all the exertion.

    : You can visit some renowned Sherpa villages and monasteries. Also you get a chance to dive deeper into the vibrant lifestyle of the Sherpas.

    Best time to visit
    : March to May and October to November.

    Difficulty Level
    : High.
  • 06Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

    Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

    Take the path less-travelled and enjoy an exclusivity over the grandest vistas of the mighty Himalayas you will ever see in your entire life by trekking on this scenic trail beginning at Beni. Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek lets you circumnavigate Mount Dhaulagiri, which is the seventh highest mountain in the world with its peak reaching the height of approximately 26,800 feet. 

    This trek is not recommended for seasoned trekkers as one needs experience and skills in mountaineering to successfully accomplish this challenging expedition. The trek takes you to several breathtaking uninhabited landscapes while the enchanting views of the sky-piercing Himalayan peaks keep you motivated to keep going.

    Difficulty level: Challenging

    Height: The maximum elevation you reach is 19,900 feet

    Best Season: March to May

  • 07Island Peak Trek

    Island Peak Trek
    Image Credit : McKay Savage
    If you are blessed with mountain madness then this is the chance to live your dreams by climbing the Island Peak which is also known as Imja Tse. You can have an amazing Himalayan experience which is covered with snow. The view is simply beautiful and appealing.

    This expedition is sure to create lasting memories in your mind. The mountaineering is such that it will give you can experience which you would never like to forget.

    : From the summit of the Island Peak, you can have a clear and amazing view of Lhotse and Makalu.

    Best time to visit
    : April and October.

    Difficulty Level
    : High because it is a very strenuous trek.
  • 08Trek To Banthati

    Trek To Banthati
    If you are searching for something incredible, then trek to Banthati is an option an you. The backpacking trip usually involves a number of other destiantions, including Ulleri, Banthanti and Nangathanti. The treks can be anywhere from 4 days to 10 days long.

    : The sun rises quickly in this place, which makes it easier to explore the panoramic views. Apart from the trek, you can enjoy buying artistic products, beautiful handmade jewelry at the place. The trek is pleasant, with pure spring water, stacked stones and plunge pools right by your side.

    Location: Ulleri.

    Things to keep in mind: Since this trek tends to long and moderately difficult, you need to get comprehensive gear for the trek. This includes carrying walking boots and a day pack. You might even need to have sleeping bags, first-aid box and water bottles with you. Don’t forget to carry safety equipment.
  • Trekking in Nepal: Moderate Level

  • 09Manaslu Circuit Trek

    Manaslu Circuit Trek
    Image Credit : roman korzh
    It is one of the most popular teahouse treks. You will find many popular tea houses strung buttons away. This is the most challenging trek with the most rugged topography. If you are not bounded by time then you can even explore the Bamboo forests at Arughat which is the starting point of the trek.

    You can even enjoy the spectacular view of Larkya La Pass.

    : You can explore the beautiful village of Sama beneath the pass of Tibet. This village has beautifully crowned the Manaslu Mountain too.

    Best time to visit
    : March to May and September to November.

    Difficulty Level:
  • 10Landruk Trek

    Landruk Trek
    Image Credit : Amira Elwakil
    Enjoy panoramic, spectacular views of the valley with the Landruk Trek. The trek usually starts from Ghandruk Village or the River Camp, depending on the option of the tour that’s chosen. This particular trek offers some incredible nature views that will leave an indelible imprint on the heart.

    Highlights: When the fog is lifted in the region, you will experience a nature rendezvous that you wouldn’t have imagined before. The small clearing, nestled with the forests and incredible mountains is a must have. The Landruk village itself has farming terraces that will instantly capture your heart.

    : Ghandruk Village.

    Things to keep in mind
    : This is a moderate trek that can be undertaken by beginners and trek lovers alike. Just ensure that you don’t carry items that cannot be disposed easily or could harm the environment. Don’t forget to carry sunglasses and sunscreen along with water bottles.
  • 11Rara Lake Trek

    Rara Lake Trek
    Image Credit : Rojan Sinha
    The Rara Lake is one of the best freshwater lakes. Location: You have to take an hour flight from Jumla to Kathmandu. You will find some vulnerable and endangered species at the time of the trek. You can experience some of the best scenic views in the northwestern side of Nepal.

    : If you get a chance it will be best if you can witness the rare Rara Lake Frog. You can also witness Danfe which is the national bird of Nepal. It is the ideal habitat for musk deer and at the same time, you will also get a chance to Himalayan Black Deer.

    Best time to visit
    : September, October and April and May.

    Difficulty Level
    : Medium.
  • 12Helambu Trek

    Helambu Trek
    Image Credit :
    Helambu is one of the most beautiful places in Nepal that should be visited. It is also spectacular for trekking and similar purposes. If you ready to embark on an adventure, then Helambu Trek is just the right option for you.

    The place is famous for its sweet apples as well as artistic Buddhist pilgrimage sites.

    :The trek is usually 8-10 days long, although it can be completed in 5 days as well. The normal trail starts from place called Sundarijal, which has a small dam and hydroelectric station. This place then takes you through different villages and districts. Other starting positions can include Nagarkot, Kakani and Sankhu.

    : Helambu, 30 km from Kathmandu. The starting place for trek differs from region to region and depends upon the length of trek.
  • 13Tamang Heritage Trail

    Tamang Heritage Trail
    Experience exciting, new trekking route between Langtang and Ganesh Himal with the Tamang Heritage Trail. The trail is one of the most welcoming trail is warmest and easiest trails in the country. Perfect for introductory trekking and beginners’, this trek takes you through Nepal and Tibetan borderlands, with gentle circuit treks.

    :The trek will take you through terraced fields and some of the most picturesque villages in the countries. For tranquility lovers, the trek has several peaceful valleys where you can enjoy the serenity. This is where the discerning trekkers go. On the route, you will also enjoy panoramic mountain views and hot springs at Tatopani.


    Things to keep in mind
    :The trek is a world expedition trek and you don’t really need to carry a number of things. However, don’t forget to carry a sleeping bag, fleece jacket, wind-protective clothing, sunscreen, backpack and a first-aid box.
  • 14Tsume Valley Trekking

    Tsume Valley Trekking
    Image Credit : roman korzh
    Located against the majestic backdrop of Ganesh Himal and Buddha Himal ranges is the Tsum Valley, which is perfect for beginners’ trekking experiences. The valley, which occupies 1663 square kilometers is well known for its cultural diversity and magnificent panoramas of the mountains around. The place is popular for its Buddhist culture and traditions as well.

    :The trek is not just an adventure. It is also a spiritual experience. The sacred pilgrimage valley here is home to Buddhism as well. When you pass through the valley, you get the opportunity to climb Arughat, visit Gumba Lungdang and then ascend to Soti Khola before going back to Arughat. The trek can last for anywhere from 12-21 days.

    :Starts from Kathmandu.

    Things to keep in mind
    :Ensure that you carry winter clothing, hiking socks and boots, carry a first-aid box, sunscreen, water bottle, a hat and trekking pole.
  • 15Royal Trek

    Royal Trek
    A short trek that follows a shrub-like path, Royal Trek is all about rediscovering the beauty of nature. The trek is called Royal Trek as the trail was explored by Prince Charles of the United Kingdom in the early 80s.

    The place offers meaningful opportunities for discovering a diverse mix of peoples and culture that live in this region.

    Highlights:The eloquent beauty of this trek and the stunning Gurung hamlets are the Highlights of this trek. The true picture of unique Nepal beauty is visible through the place. Compared to other treks in the region, this trekking trail is relatively uncrowded and recommended for beginners.

    : Pokhara.

    Things to keep in mind
    :This particular trek doesn’t require a high level of professional trekking equipment. However, you should carry warm socks, fleece jackets and wind-protecting equipment with trekking poles to walk easily through the trail.
  • 16Annapurna Dhaulagiri Panorama Trek

    Annapurna Dhaulagiri Panorama Trek
    Image Credit :
    You will be truly mesmerized by the absolutely stunning views of both Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. Also, you will get many opportunities to take some of the spectacular photographs of sunrise and sunsets. The high pastures above the Kopra ridge is something which is not to be missed.

    The beautiful and breath-taking views are not to miss which will bring you closer to nature.

    : Himalayan Mountain Flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara.

    : Kopra Ridge and Khayer Lake Trek.

    Best season
    : March is, however, the best time for trekking.

    Difficulty Level
    : Medium.
  • 17Gosaikunda Pass Trek

    Gosaikunda Pass Trek
    Image Credit : Laxman Thapa
    Up for a trekking challenge? Then Gosaikunda Pass Trek is what you need to explore! Gosaikunda, located in the Langtang National Park is a stunning alpine water lake that rises to an altitude of over 4000 meters.

    The challenging trek pass is perfect for seasoned trekkers and is great for people who want to explore the religious or spiritual side of Nepal.

    : Gosaikunda Pass Trek includes a trip to the lake, where you will discover how the lake was the abode to several Hindu deities, including Shiva and Gauri. The waters from the lake has been known for their mystic properties in both Ramayana and Mahabharata. A significant place of interest for trekkers, the place is known for its steep ascent as well as famous valley views.

    Usually the trek starts from Dhunche Village.

    Things to keep in mind
    :Ascend is steep, so people can get altitude sickness. Make sure that you carry first aid boxes.
  • 18Upper Dolpo Trek

    Upper Dolpo Trek
    Image Credit : Great Himalaya Trail
    Experience the sixth stage of Great Himalayan Trail which is the Dolpo Trek. This place is richly loaded with authentic Tibetan culture. It is one of the most inaccessible treks in Nepal.You can meet several Tibetan nomads who will help you in exploring many Buddhist sites.

    Since the topography of this place is quite rugged so it becomes very difficult for them to do this trek.

    : Phoksumdo Lake is one of the finest lake you would have seen in the world.

    Best time to visit
    : March to May and September to October.

    : You can get regular flights from Kathmandu to Upper Dolpo.
  • 19Makalu Base Camp Trek

    Makalu Base Camp Trek
    Image Credit : twiga269 ॐ FEMEN #JeSuisCharlie
    It is the most challenging trek and that too on the world’s fifth largest mountain, Makalu. The trek begins from Tumlingtar and you have to walk from Chichila which is a three-hour drive from Tumlingtar.

    Although it is a little exhausting every bit of it is worth the effort.

    : You can enjoy some of the most beautiful mountain peaks such as Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse and Mt. Chamlang along with others.

    : It is an hour’s flight from Kathmandu.

    Best season
    : February, March, April, September, October and November.
    Difficulty Level
    : Medium.
  • 20Langtang Gangja Pass Trek

    Langtang Gangja Pass Trek
    Image Credit : Sebastian Preußer
    If you are a nature lover, then embark on the amazing, adrenaline pumping Langtang Ganjala Pass Trek that will help you appreciate the beauty of nature. The trek, which rises to over 5,000 meters offers tremendous panoramic views, challenges your abilities and takes you through the cultural exploration of the country.

    : During the trek, you will encounter stunning green rhododendron and bamboo forests, which are simply breathtaking. You will also witness majestic waterfalls and the snow-capped Himalayas, one of the highlights that makes this trek so diverse in nature. The trek can be undertaken from September to November or from March to May.

    : The trek begins from Kathmandu.

    Things to keep in mind
    : This trek is usually for 10-14 days, so make sure that you carry enough items, including a backpack, sleeping bag, right hiking socks and boots, among winter clothing and a first aid box.
  • 21Trek To Pothana

    Trek To Pothana
    Image Credit : Ben Tubby
    Trekking is quite an adventure, especially in the mountains and hills of Nepal. One such trek is the trek to Pothana, where you can enjoy the glimpse of the luxurious white clad mountains and experience the sky so close to your head.

    Highlights: The jungles near Pothana offer such a unique trekking experience. The place is a habitat for wonderful wild animals, birds and butterflies. It is a paradise for trek lovers. What’s more is that the place has a diverse range of population and their enthusiasm to meet and greet people will warm your heart.

    Location: Pokhara city.

    Things to keep in mind
    : Foreigners should get permission from relevant government authorities for this trek. However, if you are travelling with a tour group, you wouldn’t need such permissions. Make sure that you carry trekking poles, binoculars, wash towels and eco-friendly water bottles. Don’t forget to have a sanitizer with you.
  • 22Trek to Himchuli Peak in Nepal

    Trek to Himchuli Peak in Nepal
    • d33 Daysn32 Nights
    • lPokhara
    • NNNNN34 ratings
    • Chhatra Karki
      Chhatra Karki
    • 1,70,101
    • Book Now

    About the Activity:

    • Rivet in the natural beauty of Himchuli peak with this 33 days and 32 nights trekking tour that ensures the complete display of the nature at its best.
    • Himchuli Peak crowned an altitude of 6441m is situated at the Annapurna Region and offers magnificent view of the pasture lands, meadows, snowy peaks and the local settlements with their own culture and tradition.
    • There are several routes to the summit of the Himchuli peak, the route that you would embark upon will be selected on the basis of your season of travel so as to make your trekking an easy and delightful experience.
    • The trekking towards the Himchuli peak will begin from Kathmandu with the drive over to Dunai. 
    • Enthrall in this amazing trekking experience for an unparalleled experience.

  • 23Island Peak Trek in Nepal

    Island Peak Trek in Nepal
    • d17 Daysn16 Nights
    • lKathmandu
    • NNNNN35 ratings
    • Chhatra Karki
      Chhatra Karki
    • 1,70,101
    • Book Now

    About the Activity:

    • Get set for a 17 days/16 nights long peak climbing to Island peak near Kathmandu, the salubrious nature will make you comfortable.
    • Island peak trek is one of the best trekking and peak climbing destination of Nepal situated at the Khumbu/Everest region.
    • Crowned at a soaring height of 6160m above sea level, enjoy the glorious view of the surrounding and towering mountain while trekking towards the base camp of the Island peak.
    • The trekking towards the base camp of the island peak will go all the way through the beautiful and one of the demanding trekking trails of Nepal of the Khumbu regions.
    • You will be provided with all the required briefing and equipment’s so as to provide you with a hassle-free trekking experience.

  • 24Trekking from Pokhara to Ghandruk via Landruk Village

    Trekking from Pokhara to Ghandruk via Landruk Village
    Image Credit : cat_collector
    An embodiment of the true culture of Nepal is reflected in this trek. Ghandruk, one of the most beautiful villages in Nepal opens its arms and welcomes you to a world where you can truly discover the beauty of this small, mountainous, landlocked country. The trek entices you with its rich views and culture.

    :This short trek offers an introduction to trekking and opens you to the exotic beauty of Nepal. The sacred mountain trek is beautiful and takes you through the ornate village of Landruk, while giving you a chance to discover the conservation work being carried out at this place.

    : Pokhara.

    Things to keep in mind
    :This trek is for conservation and eco-friendly people. It is recommended that you don’t bring anything to the trek which can lead to disturbances in the ecology of this place. Carry reusable, recyclable items and sunscreen.
  • The Easy Level Trekking in Nepal

  • 25Siklish Trek

    Siklish Trek
    Image Credit : CB
    An alternative trekking route for beginners and introductory trekkers, this particular trek takes one through the corners of Annapurna Conservation Area. If you are an ecology enthusiast or a nature lover, then this trek is particularly designed for you.

    The trek takes you through the beautiful Begnas Taal along with the paths ascending gently and steadily uphill, making it is easier for introductory trekkers to enjoy learning the art of trekking.

    :The highlight of this trek is the routes. They are easy for beginners and the homeland of Himalayas opens its arms to give trekkers an opportunity to explore.

    : Pokhara.

    Things to keep in mind
    :The relatively easy trek is an alternate route for Royal Trekkers. For this trek, carry warm clothing and trekking poles for easy to trekking. At the same time, don’t forget to carry reusable water bottles along with sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • 26Ghandruk Cultural Trek

    Ghandruk Cultural Trek
    Image Credit : Pawan Pandey
    Sometimes, a trek goes beyond the natural beauty of a place to capture the cultural aspects of a region. And that’s what Ghandruk Cultural Trek is all about. The stunning trek gives you an opportunity to romance with the cultural and natural scenery of Ghandruk, where you can walk through the ridges, villages and forests.

    Highlights: The place is full of Gurung inhabitants, who are friendly, warm people with their own unique culture. The opportunity to eat, drink and meet these people itself is a wonderful, once in a lifetime event.

    Location: Ghandruk town.

    Things to keep in mind
    :This cultural trek is easy. However, you have to keep in mind that you get a fleece jacket with a wind-stopper for this trek. Don’t forget scarves and sun-hat. Carry a basic first aid kit, a day pack, trekking poles and hiking socks for the trek. Stay safe with thermal bottoms.
  • 27Upper Mustang Trek

    Upper Mustang Trek
    Image Credit :  Jean-Marie Hullot
    Upper Mustang Trek is known as the mini-trek of Nepal and has been termed as ‘Mountain Dessert.’ The trekking tour to Lo Manthang will let you meet many locals whose hospitality is going to add to the fun of the trekking experience.

    However, the trek to Upper Mustang allows you to go through tracts of barren and treeless lands.

    : One can also visit Buddhist monasteries and can enjoy the panoramic view of Nilgiri, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri along with many other peaks.

    : 2,000 NRs per person.

    Difficulty Level
    : Easy.

    Best time to visit
    : Spring and Autumn are the best seasons for this trek.
  • 28Dhampus Trek

    Dhampus Trek
    Image Credit : Gilda
    A classic trek in Nepal, Dhampus Trek covers scenic beauty and gives you the opportunity to a land that’s inhabited by such wide diversity of people. The spectacular scenery in the background, the stunning Mt. Mchhapuchare range makes the small trek quite rewarding experience.

    Highlights: The Dhampus Trek follows a short stretch of woods, perfect for those who would like to discover nature. The mountain view is completed with the views of ethnic Gurung Village. The trip, which begins for Kathmandu usually follows a hike to Sarankot hilltop and then panoramic views of Annapurna range.

    Location: Dhampus Village.

    Things to keep in mind
    : While the trek is short and easy, it is recommended that travellers carry their water bottles, come with right kind of equipment and gear. Don’t forget to carry sunglasses as well as winter clothing with lots of sunscreen as trekking can lead to sunburns.
  • 29Arun Valley Trek

    Arun Valley Trek
    Image Credit :  Ben
    Off beaten trails in Nepal are perfect for those who seek to enjoy calmness and serenity of nature. Arun Valley is one such place. The non-touristic place is great for trekkers and you get significant views of Mount Everest and hundreds of mountains that can be viewed with naked eyes.

    The trek, which requires stamina and fitness is recommended for experienced and seasoned trekkers.

     Highlights: One of the best parts of the trek is that the length can be largely determined. Most travellers opt to trek in this region for 15-20 days.

    : The trek begins from Kathmandu valley, from where trekkers usually fly to Tumlingstar and then start with the ascent towards Tipchaur.

    Things to keep in mind
    : Make sure that you have practised trekking before embarking on the trip. Carry basic items like water bottle, trekking pole, hiking socks and boots, sunscreen lotion, hats, sleeping bags and fleece jacket.
  • 30Annapurna Poon Hill Trek

    Annapurna Poon Hill Trek
    Image Credit : Gweltaz
    Trek to the beautiful Ghorepani with Annapurna Poon Hill Trek. At 3,210 meters, this trek is perfect for beginners and trekkers who want something moderately adventurous. Having the Himalayas close up, this trek offers some of the most breathtakingly beautiful sights. The trek is usually 4-5 days trek.

    :The great locations are beautiful, absolutely lovely. The highlight of this trek is that it is the most unforgettable trekking experience. The views of awesome and the steep climb is worth it.

    : Pokhara is the beginning point for this trek.

    Things to keep in mind
    :Make sure that you carry water bottles for the trip, a backpack, sleeping bag, sunglasses, sunscreen and winter clothing. Don’t forget to have a first-aid box for any emergencies and make sure that you take nothing with you that can harm the environment.
  • 31Day Trek to Champa Devi in Nepal

    Day Trek to Champa Devi in Nepal
    • h7 Hours
    • lKathmandu
    • NNNNN25 ratings
    • Chhatra Karki
      Chhatra Karki

    About the Activity:

    • Champa Devi in Nepal is a pilgrimage site known for a Buddhist stupa and is considered as a Hindu shrine situated at an altitude of 2285 m south - west of Kathmandu.
    • Hiking to Chapadevi starts with a 16 km drive south from Kathmandu for an hour to a place called Pharping (on the way to Dakshinkali Temple). From here start your hike gradually uphill for about half an hour.
    • Continue hiking for about another 3 hours gradually uphill following the trail towards Champadevi. Langtang and Ganesh mountain range are expected views in clear seasons.
    • After your exploration, begin your hike downhill to Hattiban for 2 hours to catch your car and drive back to Kathmandu as your experience comes to an end.

  • 32Trek From Pokhara To Sarangkot

    Trek From Pokhara To Sarangkot
    Image Credit : Kevin Lee
    Some of the greatest views of the Annapurna Himalayan Mountain Range can be seen here. The white clad mountains appear to be dressed in pink early in the morning, while an orange shadow casts upon them at the dusk.

    :The trek is designed to be short and sweet, with steady climbs so that even the introductory level trekkers can enjoy it. The trek also follows through a non-descript village, where anyone can experience cultural joys of meeting new people or they can get permission to enjoy paragliding and similar activities.

    : Pokhara.

    Things to keep in mind
    :Booking a tour may seem easy. And it is. But before leaving, make sure that you check out the weather in Nepal. If it is cold and windy, ensure that you get torches, right clothing equipment, hiking shoes and socks. Bring snacks with you and carry water bottles. Carry daypacks and sleeping bags as well.
  • 33Pokhara Trek To Australian Base Camp

    Pokhara Trek To Australian Base Camp
    Enjoy hot breakfast in Pokhara and then embark to the Kande, where you will begin your short trek to Australian Base Camp. The 1-2 day tour will take you to the beautiful hill top that has striking natural views of Nepal.

    The trail here is steep, but it is all rewarding. The majestic views make the physical discomfort feel better!

    Highlights:The trek goes beyond mountain beauty and scenic wonders. The village itself near the base is quite attractive and you will be surprised to see a stunning amount of slate roofed houses here. Meet people, talk to them and discover the culture of Nepal while the natural beauty works as a backdrop.

    : Kande.

    Things to keep in mind
    :This is a short trek and you don’t have to carry a number of options. However, don’t forget to carry disposable or non-disposable water bottles, a small first-aid kit and a sleeping bag.
  • 34Trek To Ghorepani Hill

    Trek To Ghorepani Hill
    Image Credit : rocksee
    Experience stunning views of the Annapurna range. Enjoy eating hearty meals during this introductory trek. If you are interested in doing a safe, beginner’s level trek, then this oddly comfortable trek is the right option for you.

    Highlights: The trek usually takes 2-5 days, depending on the tour you decide to go with. The energizing fresh mountains and the enthralling natural beauty of dramatic Annapurna range will cast an impression on your mind.

    The leisurely trip will also involve a cultural exchange, giving travellers the opportunity to meet and greet people from Nepali. The trek usually begins from Poon Hill and provides you with a chance to discover the Lake City of Pokhara.

    Location: Poon Hill.

    Things to keep in mind
    : For this trek, don’t forget to take trekking boots and hiking socks with you. The temperatures can drop sometimes and therefore, carry a fleece jacket, with a wind-protector is an ideal option.
  • 35The Begnas Hiking

    The Begnas Hiking
    Image Credit :
    On a cold morning, the Begnas hiking can bring warmth to your heart! One of the most popular hiking trails in the country, this place is well known for its lakes and stunning seal trees. The forests here are perfect for short breaks and walks, whereas the view of hillsides is simply breathtaking.

    Highlights:This particular trek has open meadows, Sundari Danda ridge and small lakes that you would love to experience. The old schools and older buildings in the region make up for an interesting discovery.

    : Pokhara.

    Things to keep in mind
    :The trek is short, but you are recommended to carry the right kind of items with you. Don’t forget to carry fleece jackets, hiking shoes and socks to prevent cold from getting through your feet. Carry small first aid box, a reusable water bottle and sleeping bag if you plan on staying in for the night.
  • 36Jomsom & Muktinath

    Jomsom & Muktinath
    Image Credit : Chris deRham
    A classic lodge trek in Mustang region, this trek is arguably a life changer! The initial days of the trek are all about discovering the world of Nepal, exploring its scenic beauty and enjoying the cultural experiences that the place has to offer.

    : During this trek, you will initially ascend through the villages where indigenous people live and move through the rice terraces of the area. The grandeur of natural hot springs in the area, the holy pilgrimage centers and the sacred temple with 108 waterfalls will mesmerize you.

    That’s why this tour goes beyond natural beauty of Nepal to fully enchant your senses. It here that you will also discover the ancient traditions still in practice. 

    : Pokhara.

    Things to keep in mind
    : Ensure that you check the weather in the area. Always carry a large daypack, which is light but filled with items like extra pair of hiking socks, fleece jacket, water bottles and other options.

Sightseeing in Nepal

Adventure in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Camping in Nepal

Rock climbing in Nepal



Hanuman Dhoka

Founded during the 4thto 8thcentury, AD, Hanuman Dhoka is the royal palace in Kathmandu. This considerably expanded place is one of the most stunning destinations in the region. The sprawling palace, which was damaged during the 2015 earthquake is now extensively restored.

 After the restoration, people would be able to access the stunning courtyards and museums of this place without a hassle. The palace is impressive in mature. It is believed that Hanumana guarded important parts of this palace because of Lord Rama

Highlights:There’s a statue at this place that dates from 1672 AD and the god’s face seems to have disappeared due to application of vermillion by the devotees that come here from all over the world. The palace otherwise has large courtyards. Once the palace reopens, you can enjoy the handsome courtyard at the entrance and then, visit the Narsingha Statue or go to the audience chamber.

:Kathmandu Square.

:Admission Fee with Durbar Square Ticket.

:10: 30 am to 4 pm.

Kathesimbhu Stupa

The 17thcentury rendition of the renowned Swayambhunath temple, Kathesimbhu Stupa is one of the most popular Tibetan pilgrimage sites in Kathmandu. Located between Thamel and Durbar Square, the stupa was built using the left over materials from Swayambhunath temple complex. It is set in a hidden courtyard, surrounded by smaller stupas, engravings and statutes. Although well maintained and intact, this UNESCO World Heritage Site witnessed minor damages in the 2015 earthquake.

:In the northwestern corner of the courtyard there’s a beautiful pagoda dedicated to Hariti, the goddess of smallpox whereas the northeast corner is adorned with the Drubgon Jangchup Choeling Monastery.

:Kathmandu, Nepal.

:The complex is opened for public access the entire day throughout the week.

:There is no admission charges for entry into the stupa complex.

Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve

Shuklaphanta is a wildlife hunting reserve in Kanchanpur district and is the most popular testimony of nature conservation in South Asia. It is the first national park of Nepal and is also included in the world heritage sites as well. The forest has always remained undisturbed which makes it the choicest wildlife reserve.

The reserve caters to some 24 species of mammals along with 350 species of birds and 14 species of fish. You will also find Nilgai and Jackal in this wildlife reserve.

: The reserve has accommodated some 200 swamp deer along with 50 wild elephants and 30 tigers.

Best months to visit
: October to April.

: Rs.5000.

: Mahakali, Nepal

National Museum of Nepal

If you are a hard core history buff, this place is for you, where you will find many age old things reminding you of how once olden Nepal was. It is a very old museum and has some historic collection of arts, culture and paintings too. However one would also witness Buddhist gallery which has all the important information pertaining to Buddhism. The complete past of Nepal is neatly wrapped in this beautiful museum.

: You would also find some wooden antiques along with bronze and copper. And you can also spot some amazing sculpture too.

: Rs 150

: Chhauni Road, Kathmandu.

Best time to visit
: Somewhere in October during evenings are the best time to visit.

Kopan Monastery

Kopan Monastery is predominantly covered with Bodhi trees. Once upon a time this place was considered to be the residing place of astrologer for the king of Nepal. The view across this monastery is simply magical. It has accommodated some 360 monks, lamas, teachers and workers.

This monastery is the place where everybody residing here has devoted their time to study the teaching of Buddha Shakyamuni. Everybody is on the look around to follow the teachings of the founder Lama Thubten Yeshe and Lama Zopa Riponche.

: Learn about the monastic tradition and how they live and what all did they practiced. Meditation, teaching and community services are some of the prominent features of this place.

: Kopan, Kathmandu.

Best time to visit
: June.

: US$25

Ghorepani Hill

Experience stunning views of the Annapurna range. Enjoy eating hearty meals during this introductory trek. If you are interested in doing a safe, beginner’s level trek, then this oddly comfortable trek is the right option for you.

Highlights:The trek usually takes 2-5 days, depending on the tour you decide to go with. The energizing fresh mountains and the enthralling natural beauty of dramatic Annapurna range will cast an impression on your mind. The leisurely trip will also involve a cultural exchange, giving travelers the opportunity to meet and greet people from Nepali. The trek usually begins from Poon Hill and provides you a chance to discover Lake City of Pokhara.

Location: Poon Hill.

Things to keep in mind
: For this trek, don’t forget to take trekking boots and hiking socks with you. The temperatures can drop sometimes and therefore, carrying a fleece jacket, with a wind-protector is an ideal option.

the Casino Royale

Take some time off! Feel free and enjoy your stay at Kathmandu by visiting Casino Royale. The place is a gaming and casino center that has over twenty games and thirty gaming machine. The property includes two restaurants as well, along with a hotel that supports over 110 rooms.

The place has several poker games that you can sit and enjoy, including baccarat, blackjack and flush, paplu and roulette. The place includes restaurant, coffee house and a bar as well where you can sit and take off your mind. This is a visit that will help you de-stress and rejuvenate, taking away the stresses of your life. At the same time, you can even book a hotel room and choose among the suites to stay comfortably.

 Location:The Casino is located in Kathmandu.

:USD 50-1000.

Best Time
:All around the year.

Difficulty Level

Royal Botanical Gardens

Kathmandu can get quite crowded during the holidays. But if you want someplace peaceful and quiet, then there’s a perfect spot for you. It is the Royal Botanical Gardens. The place is quaint and great for walking and picnic. However, you might want to avoid it on Fridays and Saturdays, as schoolkids often visit the place then. While the place was slightly damaged during the earthquake, repairs are going on and the place will be back to its glory.

:One of the main highlights of this place is the visitor center, where you can experience an enormous variety of Nepal’s flora. The place includes cactus house, orchid house and a tropical house as well. In the middle of the center is the coronation pond, with a pillar.

: Godavari, Kathmandu.

Haat Bazaar

Nepal’s second largest city is home to several industries, agriculture, places of interest and centers of commerce. But what makes it more interesting is the Haat Bazaar, a local marketplace where you can have a gala time. It is one of those markets that will rejuvenate you, where shoppers will find delight and where everyone gets something!

 Highlights: Haat Bazaar is a leading open market, which is located in the Eastern region of the city. This place is quite well known for its fresh produce. Since Biratpur is a land of agriculture, you can find a number of fresh items, including vegetables and fruits. This place is also reckoned as a culturally important place as small-scale farmers get the incredible opportunity to earn here. The Haat Bazaar has several small vendor stores as well, where you can find memorabilia or enjoy eating some local food.

: Biratpur.

: From 8 am to 10 pm.

: Free entry.

The Koshi Tappu

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is the smallest of Terai’s National Park. However, it is a birdwatcher’s paradise. The grassland habitat is home to almost 500 species of birds and is also the habitat for endangered water buffalo species called the arna. This place was founded in 1976 and it is located on Sapt Kosi river, one of the tributaries of River Ganga

: The wildlife reserve is certainly a serene arena, where you can enjoy rare species of birds, from Swamp francolin to Sarus Crane and Bengal Florican. During the winters, migratory species from Siberia and Tibet welcome you. This place is popular for gangetic dolphins as well, along with marsh muggers, golden jackals, blue bulls, deer, civet cats and porcupines. Visit the bridge at Koshi Barrage to spot gangetic dolphins. You will be surprised with the number of animals and the natural beauty that can be observed at this place.

: Bairawa, Nepal.


Explore the stunning beauty of Nepal by visiting Illam, a municipality zone in the Ilam District. The hilly region, known as the Mahabharata range is popular for its tea-production. So, if you are a tea enthusiast and want to be them being made from ground up, then Illam is the place for you.

: The major highlight of Illam is that it is a quiet, serene place. So, if you are looking for a serene place where you can rest and enjoy with your family, then this is it. And that’s not all! This municipality is known for its stunning natural sceneries as well. So, while at the mountains, you can enjoy the panorama of the hills, fog, mist and the beautiful blue skies. Or else, visit acres of farms to see tea gardens and production.

: Mechi Zone, Illam District. 

:Open at all times.

Forests of Tinjure, Milke and Jaljale

One of the most exquisite places on earth, Forests of Tinjure, Milke and Jaljale are a must visit if you are fond of tranquility and nature. Dense deciduous shrubs cover and fill the shades of red hues across the 30 km forest in the eastern Nepal. The place might not seem like large when you are reading about it, but every meter in the 30 km is beautiful, stunning and leaves an indelible imprint on the heart!

: In these forests, when the rhododendron bushes begin to flower, you will notice something breathtaking and exquisite. The full glory of these bushes and the bright red color, with white, pink and purple cannot be described in words. Rather, it has to be experienced. One of the major highlights of this place is the TMJ route, where you can get views of Everest and Kanchanjunga mountains.

: TMJ route.

Rudra Varna Mahavihar

A historic Buddhist monastery, Rudra Varna Mahavihar Temple is used for major coronation ceremonies throughout the year. The walls and altars of this place are quite popular for their statues. While the temple is not on the main street and has to be searched in the back alleys of Patan, the place is worth a visit, especially for the bronze pieces inside and on the top of the temple.

:This is another one of the beautiful temples in the region. While the Buddhist temple appears like a Hindu styled temple, it does have a few pinnacles on the top that distinguishes it from their counterparts. However, it has a similar pagoda style as Indian architecture. The temple has plenty of golden ornamentation and has several elaborate rituals that will instantly invoke a number of feelings. The place is pleasant because it is off a regular tourist’s trail.

: Patan Durbar Square, Nepal.

: USD 4.

Bhimsen Temple

Dedicated to Bhimsen, one of the five Pandvas, the Bhimsen Temple at the end of Durbar Square is a sacred religious place in the region. Bhimsen is considered to be the god of trade and business. It is also believed that he has superhuman strength. That’s why the drawings and carvings in the temple depict him as a red muscleman, someone who is crushing and elephant with a knee or lifting a horse.

: The pagoda has three storey and what makes it different than other temples is that it has an unusual rectangular plan. The temple was built centuries ago and rebuilt in 1682, after which it has been restored thrice- in 1935, 1967 and most recently after the 2015 earthquake. Non-Hindus can climb to the upper level to view the wide eyed statue once the repairs are complete.

: Patan, Nepal.


If you are looking for inner peace and introspection then what could be better than monasteries. The tranquillity that these monasteries offer will let you come to terms with your inner disturbances. You can indulge in deep meditation which will truly be a bliss for you.

The monks recite sutras where you can feel the positive vibrations. Feel the vibrations which will make you feel as if you are in trance. You might find several monasteries which are not just beautiful but at the same time are truly peaceful too.

: Kopan Monastery in Kathmandu is a must watch in Nepal.

Best time to visit
: October.

: Rs.500


A haven for tourists visiting Kathmandu, Thamel is a popular destination. The place has several hotels, shops and restaurants that are particularly designed to cater to discerning range of customers. The commercial location is an easy walk from central Kathmandu and there are a number of activities that you can enjoy at this place.

:The streets are quite fascinating at Thamel. But be cautious of sellers who might want to rip you off. Otherwise, the place is good for buying anything from Tibetan Singing Bowls to Glass Pipes. Just remember to bargain a little as the prices can come down to 2/3rdof the quoted prices. Here, you can also enjoy shopping incense sticks, Kukri swords, outdoor outfits and books. Over a hundred different eateries are located at this market. So, eat whatever cuisine you wish to try.

: Thamel, Kathmandu.

: From morning till night.

:Entry is free.

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