Camping in Nepal

Camping tours in Nepal is a must, owing to the location of the destination which offers brilliant camping trips as weekend getaways. Nepal is the small country that is surrounded by the Republic of China on the northern side and is bordered by India on the western, eastern and southern side. This small country is the home of one of the famous idols, Gautam Buddha and is situated in the Himalayan region. This beautiful country is home to some of the tallest mountains including Mount Everest and is hence known for Everest base camp trek mostly. The local people here are loving, caring and very hospitable. If one goes to visit this place they should definitely interact with the local Nepalis and even have a homemade a meal by them. The streets in Nepal are full of joy and color. One can see shops around every corner selling jewelry, bags, clothes, fruits, and vegetables. Perfect place for adventure junkies, people often focus only on the trekking part and forget to explore the rich and multifarious culture and history of Nepal.


Being a religious country there are monasteries and temples almost everywhere and have a lot of holy practices. Since it has so many gigantic and majestic mountains, one can witness scenic beauty from anywhere in Nepal. Besides the mountains, there are small lakes present here and there like the Pokhara near Annapurna Mountain which has a magical aura and seems to calm the soul of the traveler. Going camping to such a place is like a dream come true for many, especially among the youngsters. Besides camping one can even go sightseeing, boating, take walks or ride the cycle and have a pleasant time here. This small place although not famous for being a travel spot is still an amazing and marvelous place to visit. Its serene environment and picturesque landscape are just what people need on a vacation as a break from the monotony of daily life. Nepal is few of the good places that offer some amazing Camping Tours.

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