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    The Bandipur National Park is located in the Bangalore Chamarajanagar district and is one of the countrys most known sanctuaries, protecting wildlife and highlighting the wonders of untainted nature. Various trekking opportunities exist in the region and there is quite a strong chance that you will get to see tigers in their natural habitat. At Thrillophilia we have researched some of the best trekking routes for all categories. You can have a glimpse and  choose your next trekking route.

    Bandipur Trekking Diversity

    Trekking in Bandipur

    One of the most interesting parts of Bandipur trekking is the diversity offered. As opposed to other trekking destinations, here you can choose out of an interesting number of choices. You can experience 3 different types of treks that are sure to fulfill your personal tastes:

    Bandipur Forrest Trekking Experience

    If you are a person that loves nature and that wants to go on a trek that will pass through dense forests so that you can experience the wildlife there, this is a trek that you have to be on. We arrange both small group treks and large corporate outings in which we can include teambuilding activities.

    The Siddha Cave Adventurous Trekking Experience

    Siddha stands out as the largest of Nepals cave. It has a width of 10 meters and it spans on a length of almost 500 meters. This is a cave that has an interesting cathedral feel and you will feel astonished when you see the millions of bats. You should also include Patale Dwar in the trip and we can make arrangements with local guides to help you make the most of the experience.

    The Ramkot Village Trekking Experience

    At first glance people are not fascinated by the itinerary but this is a trek that is perfect for those that love culture and history. Go on the Ramkot trek to experience a part of the local customs, habitats and history that is usually hidden to tourists.

    Bandipur Resorts Worth Mentioning

    There are many accommodations that can be arranged but we are sure that you will want the highest possible quality. Bandipur resorts are welcoming, luxurious and include all amenities and services that you want. The 3 that we have to recommend are:

    1. Red Earth Red Earth Red Earth offers cottage accommodations and an overall stunning quality of services. You will surely appreciate the different services, amenities and facilities offered including:

      1. Recreational facilities
      2. Restaurant
      3. Jacuzzi
      4. Swimming pool
      5. Meeting facilities
      6. Kids pool
      7. Car parking
      8. Airport transfer
      9. Coffee shop
    1. Delightz Inn Resorts Delightz Inn Resorts Deluxe suit rooms will make you feel highly comfortable and you will be surprised to see how affordable this resort is when compared to offered services like:

      1. Tours arranged on demand
      2. Airport transfer
      3. Massage
      4. Charged WiFi access
      5. Laundry service
    2. Monarch Safari Park Hotel Monarch Safari Park HotelThis is a resort that offers different room types including cottages, machan and standard hotel rooms. The staff is highly welcoming and there are meeting facilities that are perfect for a team outing that mixes business with pleasure.

    Go On A Stunning Wildlife Safari

    Bandipur is special because of many things and the possible Wildlife Safari is one of them. You are basically going to experience a large wildlife exhibit that will offer a biological conservation education at the same time. The forests here are perfect for animals like wild boars, spotted deer, wild dogs, sambhars and elephants. Leopards and tigers are also quite common while various bird species have their homes here including Drongo, Oriole, Paradise Fly-Catcher, Myna, Blue Jay, Grey Jungle Fowl and many others.

    Three Extra Thrillophilia Recommended Treks Near Bangalore

    Since you are in Bandipur, you can also arrange a trip that would include other treks close to Bangalore. We recommend the following unique experiences:

    1. Skandagiri Trek: Located right next to Nandi Hills at around 70 kilometers from Bangalore and near Chikkabalapur, the trek is moderately difficult. You will need to trek for around 3 to 4 hours until reaching the summit. The moonlight treks in the region are the ones that are the most popular at the moment.

    2. Makalidurga Trek:Makalidurga TrekThe nature lover and the explorer can meet near Doddabalapur to experience a very interesting mixture of forest and steepness, all with a pinch of ruined fort. You will want to travel to the top of the hill so that you can see the wonderful view of the railway and the surrounding scenic landscape.

    3. Jalamangala Trek This is a famous trek because of the Narayanagiri rocky hill. Its height is over 3800 feet and the piece de resistance is the Laxmi-Narayana temple. It is quite a tiring climb that is quite steep but the reward when you reach the top is a breathtaking view that will stay in your hearts forever. 


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