Trekking in Bandipur

Spanning across a land of 874 square kilometres, you will find plenty of untrodden trails for trekking in Bandipur forest reserve. The unadulterated forest of Bandipur along with  Nagarhole National Park, Nilgiri and Mudumalai forest reserves as a whole make the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. Established as a  tiger reserve under Project Tiger in the year 1974, Bandipur forest reserve has quite a considerable number of Elephants and Tigers which tempt the wildlife enthusiast to embark on safari rides and trekking adventures in the core belts of the forest. Different areas of the Park are classified into East, Central,  North West, South and North regions.


As a trekker you make your way passing through the forest brimming with an abundance of flora mainly rosewood, teak, sandalwood, Indian laurel, bamboo thickets, and Indian kino trees etc. On this bewitching walk through the ghost-silent jungle harmonized by the chirping of crickets, be ready with your cameras cause if you strike lucky, you might confront the wild stray of Mammoths walking and grazing in this jungle or an amber striped big cat pawing in the distant. Bandipur trekking can be a short weekend or a long trek but it is very needed to have a local dweller accompany you who is familiar with routes in the deep woods and knows about the wild encounters on each trail.


Trekking in Bandipur is made organized and economical if you take a package from any operator. Mostly the trekking deals will provide food, trek leader, transportation from Bangalore- both to and fro, and a well trimmed and managed camping site in the middle of the jungle where you can smell the earthy smell and the refreshing breeze of the woods. Camping in the jungle can even be coupled with a wildlife safari which is an invigorating experience in Bandipur. The pulsating vibes of the jungle is an adventure worth taking and going on a  weekend trek can fulfil your wilderness calling.

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