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Greece Luxury Tours Packages

Duration Price
10 Days Tour to Charming Greece10 days & 9 nights
INR 91,990
12 Days Grand Greece Tour12 days & 11 nights
INR 1,89,990
9 Days Spectacular Greece Tour9 days & 8 nights
INR 1,67,990
10 Day Ravishing Greece with Naxos Ios Milos Tour10 days & 9 nights
INR 1,89,000
11 Days Tranquil Greece Tour11 days & 10 nights
INR 2,00,990
10 Days Island Special Greece Santorini, Mykonos and Los10 days & 9 nights
INR 1,81,590

Greece Luxury Packages

Experience the epitome of luxury with Thrillophilia's Greece luxury packages, meticulously curated to offer you an extraordinary vacation. Discover Greece's captivating landscapes, mesmerizing coastlines, and cultural treasures like never before, as our expert-curated itineraries cater to your every desire.

At Thrillophilia, we understand your unique preferences, which is why our customized packages cater to couples, families, and groups. Our dedicated team of experts will design the perfect itinerary tailored to your style and needs.

From the iconic Acropolis of Athens to the pristine beaches in Santorini, our packages ensure a seamless and opulent journey. Indulge in yacht excursions, private tours, and lavish stays in five-star hotels. Food enthusiasts can savor Greece's renowned cuisine with our gastronomic packages, featuring exclusive wine tastings, private cooking classes, and farm-to-table experiences that tantalize the palate.

Embark on a journey of a lifetime with our Greece luxury packages and immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty, rich history, and luxurious encounters of Greece. Book now and select your dream package from our exclusive offerings and embark on an extraordinary voyage with Thrillophilia's Greece luxury vacation packages.

Places to Visit on Greece Luxury Trip:

1. Mykonos: One of the best places to include in your Greece luxury packages is the Island of Mykonos, which offers a range of experiences such as lively nightlife, elegant boutique hotels, and breathtaking beaches. Whether you wish to sip on cocktails while lounging at the beach clubs or explore the mesmerizing Little Venice, this place has everything to make your vacation a memorable one.

2. Santorini: With its stunning sunsets and iconic blue-domed churches, Santorini is definitely one of the best places to include in your Greece luxury vacation packages. Delight yourself in infinity pools overlooking the Aegean Sea, gorge on the tantalizing local delicacies, or embark on a private yacht tour to explore the volcanic islands - this place has it all.

3. Crete: Being the largest of all the Greek islands, Crete offers a diverse array of opportunities for tourists and is a great place to include in the itinerary for Greece luxury packages. Ranging from breathtaking hikes through the Samaria Gorge to lounging on serene beaches like Elafonisi, you can do it all in Crete.

4. Athens: As the birthplace of Western civilization, Athens is another destination that should be a part of your Greece luxury vacation packages. Immerse yourself in the magnificence of the Acropolis and the Parthenon, and later enjoy a gourmet meal on the rooftop of your luxurious hotel while taking in the stunning cityscape.

5. Rhodes: Your Greece luxury packages would not be complete without a visit to the island of Rhodes, which boasts of scenic grandeur and rich cultural heritage. Stay in an elegant castle or a boutique hotel, and delve deep into the island's rich history and culture by exploring the Palace of the Grand Master and the ancient city of Lindos.

Activities to Do on Greece Luxury Tour:

1. Island Hopping: Embark on an opulent odyssey of island hopping with our exclusive Greece luxury packages, unveiling a world of over 6,000 enchanting islands, each offering a unique tapestry of possibilities to explore. From the mesmerizing allure of Mykonos, pulsating with glamorous energy, to the serene serenity of Santorini, bathed in tranquil beauty, indulge in the epitome of luxury as you traverse these idyllic havens.

2. Private Sunset Cruise: Embark on a private sunset cruise aboard a traditional sailing boat, immersing yourself in an unparalleled Santorini experience. Delight in the mesmerizing vistas of Santorini's coastlines and Caldera, exclusively accessible from the water. Listen to captivating tales of local legends and history shared by knowledgeable captains. Indulge in delectable snacks and beverages, tailored for your enjoyment, aboard luxurious yachts equipped with all the lavish amenities for an unforgettable journey.

3. Enjoy Helicopter Tour: Elevate your Santorini experience with a luxurious helicopter tour, immersing yourself in the island's mesmerizing beauty. Admire the panoramic views of the iconic skyline, the azure waters, and the majestic volcano. Capture stunning photos with professional equipment while enjoying the personalized attention and insightful commentary of experienced local pilots. Relax in spacious seating and bask in the comfort of air conditioning, ensuring an unforgettable journey through one of Greece's most breathtaking islands.

4. Taste Local Gourmet Cuisine: Indulge in the epitome of luxury dining in Santorini, where exquisite flavors meet mesmerizing ocean views. Delight in the culinary artistry of Greece's finest chefs, as they present a fusion of traditional Greek favorites and innovative creations. Enhance your experience with the island's top-tier wines and spirits, all within an elegant and attentive dining atmosphere. You can even take some private cooking lessons from the chefs for a more enriching experience.

5. Pamper Yourself with Spa Treatments: Immerse yourself in pure luxury and serenity as you indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments amidst the idyllic beauty of Santorini. Experience the ultimate relaxation with a range of exquisite massages, facials, and body wraps designed to nourish and revitalize your body and soul. Choose from an array of signature treatments, carefully crafted using locally sourced ingredients like the antioxidant-rich wine extracts or the hydrating olive oil, for an unparalleled sensory journey.

6. Fine Wine Tasting: Embark on an unforgettable journey as you explore Santorini's esteemed wineries on a guided tour. Delight your palate with tastings of their renowned wines, including the iconic Assyrtiko and exquisite Vinsanto. Discover hidden gems from boutique producers and savor the perfect pairing of local delicacies amidst stunning vistas at picturesque wineries.

7. Take Luxury Car Ride: Enhance your Santorini getaway with the luxury of renting a high-end car, unlocking a world of benefits and experiences. Enjoy the freedom to discover the island's picturesque roads and secluded beaches at your own pace. Feel regal as you cruise in an impressive Mercedes or BMW, commanding attention wherever you go. Access exclusive locations with ease and relish breathtaking views as you leisurely explore the stunning Greek islands. Arrive in style and leave an impression as all eyes turn towards your arrival at popular destinations.

8. Relish Sunset Catamaran Tour: Indulge in the ultimate Santorini experience with a sunset catamaran tour, the perfect way to witness the island's breathtaking beauty from the sea. Choose from various routes showcasing iconic landmarks like Fira Town, Red Beach, and White Beach, with a chance to spot dolphins along the way. Capture stunning sunset photos and savor a delightful dinner accompanied by live music and a mesmerizing view of the starlit sky, creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

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Greece Luxury Tours FAQs

Which are the best luxury resorts in Greece?

1. Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas: Experience the epitome of luxury during your Greece vacation with a stay at the prestigious Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas in northeastern Crete. Indulge in opulent rooms featuring private pools and bask in the exclusivity of a private sandy beach. Immerse yourself in a world of wellness at the renowned spa and partake in thrilling water sports, rejuvenating yoga sessions, and enriching cooking classes, all meticulously curated for an unforgettable escape.

2. Porto Zante Villas & Spa: Discover unparalleled luxury at Porto Zante Villas & Spa, nestled on the picturesque island of Zakynthos. Indulge in the splendor of the Ionian Sea with exquisite villas boasting private pools and revel in the exclusivity of a private yacht, beachside dining, and thrilling water sports at the resort's beach club. Surrender to pure bliss in this idyllic sanctuary.

3. Elounda Beach Hotel & Villas: Experience unrivaled luxury at Elounda Beach Hotel & Villas, located on the pristine north-eastern coast of Crete. Indulge in opulent accommodations adorned with stunning sea views and private pools. Immerse yourself in the exclusivity of a private sandy beach, savor culinary delights at a variety of exquisite restaurants and bars, rejuvenate at the lavish spa, and enjoy an array of activities including water sports, tennis, and golf.

4. Canaves Oia Santorini: Elevate your Santorini experience at the prestigious Canaves Oia, nestled on the cliffside with awe-inspiring vistas of the Aegean Sea. Delight in the lavishness of exquisitely designed suites and villas, seamlessly carved into the rock. Indulge in the infinity pool, relishing panoramic ocean views, and savor delectable culinary creations at the gourmet restaurant. Unwind in the resort's remarkable wine cellar, boasting an extensive collection of both local and international wines.

5. Amanzoe: Experience unparalleled luxury at Amanzoe, nestled amidst enchanting olive groves, with sweeping views of the Aegean Sea. Immerse yourself in opulence with lavish pavilions and villas boasting private pools. Indulge in the exclusivity of the private beach club, rejuvenate at the serene spa, and partake in activities like invigorating yoga, exhilarating hikes, and delightful wine tastings. Amanzoe is the epitome of refined indulgence in your Greece luxury vacation package.

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What are some of the best water sports that I can enjoy in Greece?

1. Windsurfing: Glide over the turquoise waters of Paros, one of Greece's top windsurfing spots, for an unforgettable experience during your Greece luxury vacation packages. The island's constant wind and shallow waters make it perfect for both beginners and pros.

2. Jet Skiing: Feel the adrenaline rush as you race across the sparkling sea on a jet ski. Corfu, known for its gorgeous beaches and clear waters, offers an ideal location for jet skiing adventures.

3. Scuba Diving: When availing the Greece luxury packages, explore the crystal-clear waters of Greece and discover fascinating marine life in the Mediterranean. Crete, with its colourful coral reefs and abundant marine life, is a popular spot for scuba diving.

4. Water Skiing: Skiathos is a must-visit destination for those who love the thrill of water skiing. Its deep blue waters and scenic landscape create a paradise for water sports enthusiasts.

5. Kayaking: Discover Greece's natural beauty in a unique way by kayaking through the tranquil coves and hidden bays of the Ionian Islands as part of your itinerary of the Greece luxury packages. Kefalonia, with its breathtaking coastline and calm waters, is a top destination for kayaking adventures.

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