Boating in Udaipur

Boating in Udaipur is the best way to take in the breathtaking views of the city without dealing with endless traffic jams and packed buses. You can enjoy a boat ride on the shimmering waters of Lake Pichola and feel the gentle breeze caressing your hair. With our Udaipur tour packages, you can enjoy a mesmerizing boat ride with scenic views of the famous monuments and islands of Udaipur. The boat passes through some of the most famous landmarks such as the Jag Niwas, Mohan Mandir, Jag Mandir, and Arsi Vilas. With a six to eight-seating capacity, the boats can accommodate a small group of people and are covered with a canopy.

The boat ride usually starts from Rameshwar Ghat and then takes you to Lake Palace and Jag Mandir where you can spend time appreciating the breathtaking views. During the boat ride you can click beautiful pictures capturing the magical beauty of the lake and its surroundings. The sunset view is majestic from the boat as you get to see the water changing colour from blue to golden and orange. At night, the palace lights reflect on the water of the lake creating a magical spectacle.

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Udaipur Boating FAQs

What is the cost of boating in Udaipur?

Lake Pichola boating tickets are priced at Rs.200 for children and Rs. 400 to 600 for adults. For sunset cruises, adults will have to pay Rs.700 and children will have to pay Rs.400.

Which are the best places for boating in Udaipur?

1. Fatehsagar Lake: Fatehsagar Lake is one of the most famous locations to enjoy Udaipur boat ride. Not only do you get a chance to paddle through azure waters but you can also enjoy a scenic session of shikara ride. Attracting loads of tourists everyday, the lake is a go to spot for the locals who visit here to sit nearby and marvel at the never ending stretch of blue waters. Located across the Moti Magri Hill, the Fatehsagar Lake is the second largest manmade lake in Udaipur and covers an area of 4 KM square. This amount of area will surely provide you with a very scenic spot and if taking a shikara, you will be guided to the best spots of the lake. The lake has three different islands in the middle of it and two of those are public parks.

Location: Fatehsagar Lake, Udaipur, 313001
Timing: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Price: INR 300 to INR 500 per person

2. Lake Pichola: Lake Pichola is one of the biggest lakes in Rajasthan and has been providing the best spots to enjoy a session of paddling and rowing the boats. The best time to enjoy this activity are the morning and evening hours. The lake is famous for the small palace located in its centre known as Jag Mandir which offers dining facilities and boats are used as a vehicle to reach there. Udaipur boat ride in Lake Pichola will provide you with various scenic spots as the lake takes up an area of around 7 kilometre square. In the morning, you can marvel at the beautiful sunrise while rowing your boat and in the evening, the beautiful reflections of sunset will provide you with many scenic reflections of your Udaipur boat ride.

Location: Lake Pichola, Udaipur, 313001
Timing:  9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Price: INR 700 to INR 1000 per person

What is the best time to do boating in Udaipur?

The opening time is around 10:00 am For boating in Udaipur Lake and the closing time is around 5:00 pm. You can go for both sunset and sunrise boat cruises depending on your preference.

How much does boating in Udaipur cost?

The price of boating in Udaipur depends on the type of boat you are hopping on and the time duration for which you want to paddle, row it. A one hour long ride on comfortable shikara will cost you around INR 700 to INR 1000 per person and the same for paddle boats will cost you somewhere around INR 500 per person.

Is it safe to do boating in Udaipur?

Yes, you will be provided with all the necessary safety gears before starting your session of boating in Udaipur. From life jackets to first aid kits, all kinds of facilities will be provided. In addition to this, you will be accompanied by a professional helmsman who will take you to many beautiful spots of the lake if you opt for a shikara.

What things should I keep in mind while doing a boat ride in Udaipur?

- When boating in Udaipur, make sure that you do not eat heavy meals or drink any kind of alcohol as this might cause nausea and vomiting.
- Wearing life jackets is a must and the most important step to a safe boating experience.
- On a shikara, make sure that you follow the rules and not tangle with corner weights.
- Check weather before opting for the activity as you will not wish sudden rains to interrupt your adventure.
- Do not panic at all, try to enjoy the feel as you traverse through the pristine waters.
- Take care of cameras and other items because once they fall in the water, finding them would be impossible.

Where can I go boating in Udaipur?

You can go boating in Udaipur on Lake Pichola, one of the largest and oldest lakes in Udaipur. Flanked by heritage buildings, magnanimous hills, and bathing ghats, boating on Lake Pichola is a dream come true for nature lovers. If you go for an evening boat ride you can the entire place dipped in golden hues with the sun's reflection.

How long do boat rides typically last?

Standard boat rides on Lake Pichola typically last 30 minutes to one hour allowing you to admire the iconic landmarks and panoramic landscapes from the water. Sunset cruises are a bit longer and last around one to two hours.

Are there age or health restrictions for boating?

There are no age restrictions for boating on Lake Pichola however, if you’re below 14 years an adult must accompany you. You must be physically fit and shouldn’t have a fear of water. Pregnant women should be careful while undertaking any such activity.

Can we visit Lake Pichola at night?

Yes, you can visit Lake Pichola at night and see the illuminated palaces and other iconic landmarks casting a golden glow over the water. You can enjoy a romantic walk alongside the lake while enjoying the cool breeze and indulge in a mouth-watering dinner at the lakeside restaurant.

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