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Udaipur is popular known as the city if a thousand Lakes and Palaces in India and around the world. But it is often also referred to as the “Venice of the East”. This historical and picturesque city is located amidst turquoise water lakes and surrounded by the magnificent hills of the Aravalli’s. There are numerous places in Udaipur that will leave you mesmerized but it is the world-renowned Lake Palace that stands tall in the middle of Lake Pichola that takes the prize. The centuries old Palace is a testimony to the rich and vivacious history of not only the city of Udaipur but also the state of Rajasthan. Among its many treasures is the Jaisamand Lake, which claims to be the second largest man-made sweet water lake in Asia. Tourists from India and the world flock to this magnificent city to admire is architectural beauty and opulence. A stand out among its many palaces and forts is the Sajjangarh City Palace also known as the Monsson Palace. But the City is not just all about lakes and places. It is also home to a Solar Observatory, located at Lake Fateh Sagar and has been fashionedon the design of the Big Bear Lake in South California.

Another major tourist attraction in Udaipur is its Wildlife. People from all around the world come to Udaipur to experience and witness nature and wildlife in its most untouched form. Some of the Best Wildlife Toursin Udaipur offer unreal experiences in the lush green forest of the city that are home to many varieties of animals and plants. When visiting Udaipur tourists have a unique opportunity to explore and experience the rich biodiversity if the region and see some rare flora and fauna. There are many activities to do in the wilderness. For instances if you are a thrill seeker, then go for a wilderness safari and witness these magnificent animals in their natural habitat preserved in its raw and rustic form as there is minimal human encroachment in the area. You can even spend a night or two in a forest camp site of jungle resort. All facilities are safe and offer a thrilling experience of living in the wilderness. Wildlife yours and activities are something that you can enjoy with your family, friends or even with a significant other. Scroll on further to review and book one of the very Best Wildlife Tours in Udaipur offered by Thrillophilia.

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Chandani Guha Kumbhalgarh Ghanerao Trek, Udaipur Flat 30% Off
Pali is Arravalis best-kept secret. Trekking to this hilltop fort gave me immense pleasure and joy. I would like to thank everyone who was a part of this trek.
Aadinath Somayaji Kumbhalgarh Ghanerao Trek, Udaipur Flat 30% Off
Spotted almost four crocs in Tandi Beri, the tribe living in this region is a group of very nice and friendly people. Our trek leader Sumedh is a gem, I am still in touch with few of the fellow travellers.
Chandravati Tagore Kumbhalgarh Ghanerao Trek, Udaipur Flat 30% Off
If you, like me, are a nature lover, then don’t miss out on this trek, where you can spot some interesting wildlife and also see some amazing views. The refreshments are all taken care of by the Thrillophilia team, so you don’t have worry about bringing snacks.
Hiranmaya Khan Kumbhalgarh Ghanerao Trek, Udaipur Flat 30% Off
Loved this trekking experience, and the helpful guide made it easy even for a novice trekker like me. Thumbs up, and thanks Thrillophilia for the opportunity.
02 January 2020
We booked this resort through Thrillophilia as they are the best package providers of stay with the activities. We chose the hut room as we were only 2 people. The room was very beautiful and well maintained. The front desk staff and the manager were very helpful and friendly as the room provided to us was not liked by my better half due to its blocked view so on special request they have provided us the other room. We really enjoyed the meals on the stone terrace. We had fun doing the adventure activities, going for a guided nature walk with a friendly and funny guide. Highly recommended as a forest stay for nature and adventure lovers. Do go for bird watching.
16 December 2019
It is a beautiful resort, situated remotely from the city. The rooms are well built and comfortable. The balcony is the best feature. We even enjoyed the different activities like nature walk, adventure activities, bird watching etc. It was a great stay experience at night safari, it was our first time and our driver has taken us to all the ways to show us the wildlife. Thanks, Thrillophilia for providing such amazing stay experience at the best price.
For our recent trip to Udaipur, we chose to stay at the Tree Of Life Vantara Resort Udaipur. But we hadn’t made any reservations in advance. On searching online, we found the best prices among all on the website of Thrillophilia. We contacted them and they got our reservations successful in the least time possible. I am greatly impreseed by their service.
Tree Of Life Vantara Resort Udaipur rooms offered the best views of the surrounding nature and hills and I actually ended taking tons of pictures of the same.
Akshaj Talwar Kumbhalgarh Ghanerao Trek, Udaipur Flat 30% Off
This was a short and nice trek in the Kumbhalgarh Ghanerao, and I think it is a great place to start out trekking for beginners like me. I didn’t have any difficulty and found this trek to be quite easy, and our guide, Harish, also made sure that everyone in our group of 8 felt comfortable and got rest whenever we got too tired. He also provided us with refreshments, which