Jeep Safari in Udaipur

Udaipur Jeep Safari Packages

Duration Price
Jeep Safari in Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary2 hours & 30 minutes
INR 4,000

Udaipur Jeep Safari

‘The City of Lakes’ brims with umpteen varieties of wildlife, which can be best explored by taking jeep safari in Udaipur. With special jeep tracks paved in all the wildlife sanctuaries of the city, a jeep makes for the best vehicle to navigate through the parks and encounter the hidden beauties of the place. Taking a jeep safari in these wildlife reserves will not only let you see the rare and endangered animals from a very close distance, but will also offer you the chance to learn about their habitat, lifestyle, and behaviour.

The best jeep safari experience in Udaipur is offered by Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary. The visitors flocking to the Jungle safari parks in Udaipur can board a 4x4 safari jeep and head for their tour inside the habitat of the animals. During their tour, they can enjoy bird watching and try spotting various exotic animals, including but not limited to Deer, Wild Boar, Panther, Leopard, Antelopes, Jungle Cat, Fox, Sambars, and Hyena. You can also engage in wildlife photography and have an informative chat with their instructors about the wildlife species found here.
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Udaipur Jeep Safari FAQs

Where can I do Jeep Safari in Udaipur?

1. Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary: The 15 kilometers safari to Thandi Beri from Kumbhalgarh is considered to be the best and most popular jeep safari in Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. With an excellent 4-wheeler driving track lying within this wildlife sanctuary, it usually takes the visitors approximately 3.5 hours for journeying to Thandi Beri from Kumbhalgarh and back. If luck has it, on their way, the passengers will come across sambars, bears, and leopards roaming carefree in their habitat. This Jungle safari park is also home to more than 200 different bird species, which can be spotted during the safari. In addition, the tourists can also witness Bhils and Garasia tribes, living here in their rustic traditional huts.

Cost of Safari: INR 2,500 per 6-seater jeep
Best time for Safari: March to December

2. Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary: Built on the banks of Jaisamand Lake in the year 1957, Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary is spread across an approximate area of around 62 square kilometers. Home to umpteen varieties of reptiles, mammals, amphibians, and birds, this breathtaking game sanctuary can be enjoyed by taking a thrilling jeep safari. In the course of your safari, you can spot a number of different species of animals including Wild Boar, Panther, Deer, Antelopes, Jungle Cat, Fox, Hyena, Leopard Turtles, and Crocodiles. Home to different species of colourful migratory bird, this wildlife sanctuary will also let the visitors spot peafowl, parakeets, doves, babblers, quail, owls, woodpeckers, patridges, vultures, eagles, nightjars, mynahs, curlews, flycatchers, orioles, and kites, during their safari.

Best time for Safari: June to November

What is unique about Jeep Safari in Udaipur?

Some of the specialities of doing jeep safari in the city of Udaipur are mentioned below:

- Since the wildlife reserves in Udaipur are not very crowded, the tourists can enjoy a peaceful jeep safari and get the maximum scope to spot the animals.
- Going for a jeep safari to the wildlife sanctuaries of Udaipur offers you the chance to witness a myriad of endangered species, such as leopards, jungle cats, nilgai, sambhar, and sloth bear.
- During a jeep safari in the wildlife sanctuaries of Udaipur, you can witness diverse landscapes and click some excellent landscape photography.
- Since the wildlife reserves in Udaipur receive a plethora of unique migratory birds, the visitors can also indulge in bird watching here.

What is the best time to visit Udaipur for jeep safari?

The most ideal time for doing jeep safari in Udaipur is during the winter months of October to March. During this time of the year, the weather of the city is balmy and tolerable, with less heat and humidity and minimal chances of rainfall, which makes for the perfect atmospheric condition for enjoying safaris.

Is Jeep safari in Udaipur safe?

Yes, doing jeep safari in the city of Udaipur is absolutely safe for all travelers. The use of sturdy vehicles and the presence of well trained and highly experienced instructors make sure the tourists enjoy a safe, sound, and exhilarating jeep safari.

How much does it cost for Jeep Safari in Udaipur?

The basic cost of jeep safari in Udaipur starts from INR 1,200 per head. The cost may vary depending on various parameters, including the duration of the safari and the total distance covered.

What kind of jeeps are used in Jeep Safari?

Sturdy 4x4 jeeps are used for doing jeep safari in Udaipur. These jeeps can accommodate 4 to 6 passengers at a single time for a fun-filled open jeep safari.

Are kids allowed in Jeep Safari Udaipur?

Yes, kids are allowed to enjoy jeep safari in Udaipur. However, it is mandatory that children below the age of 15 should be accompanied by their parents or guardian.

What things should I carry for a jeep safari in Udaipur?

- Light clothing
- A good digital camera
- Sunscreen and a sunhat
- A pair of sunglasses
- Drinking water
- Pair of durable and well-ventilated shoes
- A pair of binoculars

Any travel tips before visiting Jeep Safari in Udaipur?

- Abide by the safari rules and pay heed to the instructor throughout the tour.
- Do not litter around and dispose off waste products only at appropriate places.
- Carry enough water and keep yourself hydrated throughout the safari tour.
- Remember to wear a hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from the heat and avoid getting tanned in the sun.
- Avoid wearing bright coloured clothes that may agitate the animals.
- Carry a good camera and also pack something to protect the gadget from the grime and dust.
- Do not make unnecessary noise or talk loudly as doing so may disturb the peace of the animals.

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