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Day Outing near Pune
Day Outing near Pune



Ride to this adventure with Uber at a special price. Book Now to receive the unique code.About the Activity:The revelry of this day begins with your arrival at Golewadi at around 10.30 AM.Following allocation into smaller groups, engage in Raft Building and compete with opponents in building the most reliable ones.Embark on the thrilling river-crossing at the Dhom Dam, and indulge in a delicious lunch.Partake in activities like Australian Plank, Caterpillar Walk, and 3D Pool.Depart following High Tea, and begin the return journey after a memorable day by around 06.30 PM.

109 Ratings


109 Ratings

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11 January 2017
Aishwarya Patel Day Outing near Pune
It was a great day , our Employees enjoyed their hearts, the team building activities actually built a strong bond between our employees & the DJ was a cherry on the Cake. We found Mr Oscar quite polite, We would like to thank & appreciate his efforts for arranging these activities We look forward for such wonderful trips with Thrillophilia in future again, It would be pleasure giving your recommendation. Thanks for your last minute corporation with our team.
16 November 2015
Deepesh Saini Day Outing near Pune
I am 35+ and all the members in my team more or less belong to the same age bracket. So, when we got there we had a good talk with the instructor and the organizer there. I told them about my apprehensions since I have never tried any adventure activities in my life. He very well told me how they are particular about the guest’s safety and comfort and nothing will happen to either of us. The manner in which he spoke was soothing. I felt a bit of a relief but that didn’t mean the fear had gone. When I actually got involved in the first activity of raft building and river crossing, my fear began to simmer down. I was actually enjoying here. The instructor was a gem of a person. He gave us sufficient knowledge and instructors to complete the drill that nobody could fail or get hurt. After this, we even did some team building activities. What I really liked about this day tour was the treasure hunt. It is very well said that you save the best for the last and that is what happened here. It was a great fun. We even won a prize. I simply had a great day!
16 June 2015
Vishwamitra Chaturvedi Day Outing near Pune
On 10th October, 2016 our team head informed us that our office was going on a one day trip which is basically a Corporate Day Outing And Team Building Activities tour. So, I packed few snacks, an extra layering of clothes and was ready to leave. Our meet up time was 9:30 as we had to reach the destination (located near Pune) by 10:00. On reaching the destination, we received a warm reception. Over a cup of tea and snacks, we had a quick introduction. We quickly wound up the session and were divided into small groups or teams for the different tasks that we were supposed to do. The first activity started at 11:00 AM and we had to begin with raft building and river crossing. I was an athlete in school so building the raft and crossing the river wasn’t hard for me, I along with the team quickly completed the task and won this race. The entire activity was scheduled to be of two hours but we wound this up first in just 1 hour and 40 minutes. That’s when the excitement in me got higher and higher. Now, I was actually looking for the next set of activities. However, we were told that it was break time and we had to stop for lunch. Now, I was so engrossed in the game that the one hour of lunch seemed so long. After lunch we were given some 30 minutes to refresh and get ready for the next set of team building activities. I was already jumping with excitement. Of all the activities that we played on this day tour, I particularly enjoyed the Egyptian and the Caterpillar Walk. Total delight these two were! There were other activities too like 3 D pool, bomb in the city and the Australian Plank which were fairly average. After we were done with these activities, we were again given a break time for snacks and tea. That’s when I heard one of the organizers talking about treasure hunt. I couldn’t believe what I heard and knew I can be the best here. It was a one hour activity which involved prizes for the winning team. I so wanted to win this and our team began making strategies. Sadly, the other team won but I am not disappointed. I had a great time and that’s what that mattered. This is a must visit place for all living in and around Pune!
17 June 2016
Shridevi Saini Day Outing near Pune
" On last Sunday, we reached Golewadi at about 10:00 in the morning. Then and there, we had a small introduction after which we were served some tea and biscuits. Post that we were divided into two smaller groups to begin the adventure of the day. There, our first activity involved raft building. In this activity, we had to compete with the opponents in building the most reliable one. After we were done with this, we began with the river crossing activity at the Dhom Dam. These two activities will be undertaken post lunch from the time slot of 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. After that, there was a small break of one hour and we were called for lunch. All of us assembled in the area allocated and had our lunch. This was indeed delicious. You know in places like these, you don’t expect a good lunch. Naturally because, such places are not meant for being eateries. They just serve you because you are there guests but to my surprise, food was every bit delicious. I completely loved the food that we ate and post that we were given a rest hour of 30 minutes. We resumed our activities at 2:30 PM and did a range of team building activities such as Australian Plank, Egyptian Walk, Bomb in the City, Caterpillar Walk, and 3D Pool that went on till 4:00. After that we were served some tea and snacks and at 4:30 again we got involved in a treasure hunt activity. There was a price for the winning team. So, we were all enthusiastic and luckily for us we won the challenge and got few goodies. At 6:00 we left from there. All in all, it was a great day, I completely loved the day spent there! Thanks to my office and the staff and the team there! I would definitely recommend this outing to each of you. "

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