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Satara Resorts

A quaint township of Maharashtra, surrounded by the lush Sahyadri Hills, Satara is the go-to weekend destination for many living in nearby cities, and their preferred choice of accommodation are the many resorts in Satara. These properties come in all budgets, features and sizes. Be it the warm and cozy Ajanta Resort that gives a very home-like vibe or the Patil Wada heritage resort, a traditional Maharashtrian mansion with antiques and a vintage charm. Whether you are looking for leisure escapes, a place to celebrate your big and grand events or bond with the team on a corporate outing, one can find the right resort for it all.

Many other resorts near Satara, located in places like Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Koyna and Pune are also well-liked for the unique and different experiences they present with. If you want to interact and connect with nature, you can look at resorts, like Forest Escape or Nature Plateau Paradise. And if your ideal holiday involves some budgeting, then options like Peacock Crest etc. are your best bet. Also, no matter which the resort be, they all have essential amenities, cozy rooms and great service to their names.
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Satara Resorts FAQs

Which are the best Resorts in Satara?

1. Nature Plateau Paradise Resort: Situated in Kas, the Nature Plateau Paradise Resort is one of the accommodation facilities near the Kaas Plateau and affordable for every vacationer. The property enjoys scenic views of the Mahabaleshwar wilderness, hills and unspoilt nature and more, making it one of the foremost resorts near Satara for families and backpackers. Guests can stay in AC and non-AC rooms, dine at the multi-cuisine restaurant, outdoor seating area to soak in the sun and sceneries, and more.

- Location: Atali, Survey No. 294, Satara Kaas, Kaas Road, Maharashtra 415002
- Amenities:Wifi, Front Desk, Power Back-up, Security, Air Conditioning, Dining, Sanitization etc.
- Price:Starts from INR 2000 per room

2. Peacock Crest: The Peacock Crest Resort in Satara is a simple yet well-installed resort property that offers a 360-degree view of the verdant hills and lush plains. Guests can stay in a cottage that has every necessary amenities. And to fix those hunger pangs, one can dine at the in-house restaurant or order room service. Deemed as one of the budget resorts in Satara, they are known for their warm and professional hospitality.

- Location: Satara, Maharashtra 415022
- Amenities: Wifi, Room Service, Parking, Housekeeping, Doctor on Call, Sanitization etc.

3. Ajanta Resort: Located in the outskirts of Satara, near Karad, the Ajanta Resort is a massive retreat frequented by locals from nearby cities over weekends. There are twelve, elegantly appointed rooms to book a stay at, in-house dining, arrangements for corporate events, activities and more. What is more appealing about this lodging facility is the cost-effectiveness while not compromising one’s comfort and vacation experience.

- Location: Pune - Banglore Highway, Near Taswade, MIDC Toll Plaza, Post Umbraj, Karad, Maharashtra 415109
- Amenities: Wifi, Room Service, Housekeeping, Parking, Banquet, Business Center, Sanitization etc.

4. Patil Wada by Rock Spring Resort: Patil Wada is a traditional-looking Maharashtrian mansion that operates as a luxury resort in Satara. If your idea of a holiday is ethnic and heritage, this is the place for you. The place has three different types of rooms - suites, executive and basic. To complement the countryside landscapes, the resort has vintage themes and authentic Maharashtrian cuisine to cater to your needs.

- Location: Bhatmarali, Satara, Maharashtra 415002
- Amenities: Wifi, Dining, Housekeeping, Room Service, Outdoor Activities, Cultural Events, Parking, Sanitization etc.
- Price: Starts from INR 1500 per room

5. Forest Escapes Resort, Koyna: Consisting of pool villas with personal plunge pools, forest villas with stunning views of the surrounding greenery, pool cottages and other types of luxe rooms, the Forest Escape Resort is one of the best resorts near Satara. Situated within the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary compound, you and your loved ones can experience and interact with nature and its beings to the fullest. Not just this, the resort offers all the needful amenities and facilities to maintain a luxuriant environment.

- Location: Karad - Chiplun Rd, Koyananagar, Maharashtra 415206
- Amenities: Wifi, Dining, Plunge Pool, Bathtubs, Security, Housekeeping, Parking etc.
- Price: Starts from INR 2200 per room

6. Blue Country Resort: Perched in the foothills of Tableland, fronting with alluring views of the valley, Blue Country is one of the best luxury resorts near Satara, in Panchgani. Covering 3 acres of land, surrounded by lush greenery, there are separate villas and suites for accommodation purposes. The resort is also popular for celebrations and special events, which they arrange with great attention to detail. The same level of personalization and service is provided in all other facilities.

- Location: KhingarRoad, Panchgani, Maharashtra 412805
- Amenities: Wifi, Restaurant, Swimming Pool, Parking, Corporates, Banquets, Security, Housekeeping, Sanitization, Kid-friendly, Wheelchair Accessible etc.

7. La Serene Resort and Spa: La Serene is among the best high-end resorts near Satara, situated in a central area of Mahabaleshwar. This also makes it easy to visit many nearby attractions like Venna Lake and Lingmala Fall. The place as per the new standards abides by all the safety and sanitization protocols for the guests to enjoy their stay without any worries. La Serene’s many different rooms, in-house restaurant and spa, kid’s playground, arrangements for activities etc. are other major highlights.

- Location: Panchgani - Mahabaleshwar Rd, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra 412806
- Amenities: Wifi, Dining, Room Service, Spa, Indoor Games, Activities, Kid-friendly, Pool, Security, Parking, Sanitization etc.
- Price: Starts from INR 3500 per room

8. Kaas Wood Resort: Dubbed as a natural resort, Kaas Woods is one of the best forest resorts in Satara where you can spend some solitary moments. Perfect for couples, this property enjoys a comfortable location from all the amenities, emergency facilities and transit points, and still offers peace. Moreover, to make sure you get a good night's sleep, the property has well-appointed wooden cottages, suites and tents as living spaces. Other than that, Kaas Wood Resort also organizes nature walks, camping activities, bonfires etc. to make your time memorable.

- Location: 
Post-Yawateshwar, Kaas-Satara Road, Near Yavateshwar Mandir, Satara, Maharashtra
- Amenities: Wifi, Dining, Power Back-up. Security, Parking, Housekeeping, Sanitization etc.
- Price: Starts from INR 1500 per room/tent

9. Mount Castle: If you are looking to stay in a cozy and well laid-out accommodation and still not spend a fortune on it, then the Mount Castle in Panchgani is one of the best options of resorts near Satara. Despite the budgeted tariff, one would be surprised to see the range of facilities, level of hospitality and the excellence in service offered here. Guests can book a stay in several different types of rooms, enjoy a swim in the open-air pool, relish drinks and food at the rustic casual dining outlet and much more.

- Location: Opposite M.R.A. Center, Near Dhandeghar Naka, Panchgani, Maharashtra 412804
- Amenities: Wifi, Dining, Room Service, Swimming Pool, Housekeeping, Indoor and Outdoor Activities, Parking, Housekeeping, Security, Sanitization etc.
- Price: Starts from INR 2900 per room

10. Forest County Resort: Nestled in the lap of nature, at an altitude of 4,000 ft above sea level, the Forest County Resort is one of the rainforest resorts near Satara that is a preferred getaway for many in Mahabaleshwar. The property is expansive and overlooks the stunning scenery of thickets and other verdure. Meanwhile, it contains rooms and cottages for accommodation, an outdoor pool, in-house dining facility, conference facility etc. Forest County also has a dedicated games zone, karaoke and the arrangement of outdoor activities like nature walks, treks etc for the guests.

- Location: 35 Malusarvadi Varachi, Post- Taldev, Tapola Rd, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra 412806
- Amenities: Wifi, Dining, Conference Facility, Parking, Indoor and Outdoor Games, Karaoke, Parking, Security, Housekeeping, Sanitization etc.
- Price: Starts from INR 5000 per room

Which are the best spa Resorts in Satara?

1. Brightland Resort & Spa: Situated on a cliff, overlooking lush valleys of Mahabaleshwar, Brightland Resort and Spa offers its guests the best of luxury experiences and amazing views to wake up to. The massive property contains wedding venues, conference facilities, plush accommodations, dining, spa treatments and much more.

2. Ramsukh Resort & Spa:
A part of the Mahabaleshwar province, Ramsukh Resort and Spa is one of the best leisure resorts near Satara to enjoy a family or romantic outing. The place also arranges weddings and other celebrations. Guests can live in bungalows and sumptuous rooms, dine, get spa treatments, a pool etc.

3. La Serene Resort and Spa: La Serene Resort and Spa is among the top 4-star rated resorts near Satara, in Mahabaleshwar. The property enjoys a comfortable location, close to many local attractions. Furthermore, the premises come with well-appointed rooms, spa, restaurant, business centre etc.

4. La Fortuna Resort and Spa: Positioned in a beautiful locality of Mahabaleshwar, La Fortuna Resort and Spa is an upscale lodging facility that presents a chance to enjoy a relaxing vacation with loved ones. From fancy accommodations to fine-dining, spa facilities and business venues. Guests can also plan to visit nearby attractions for an even better experience.

Which are the jungle resorts near Satara?

1. Forest Escape Resort, Koyna: Set in the woods of Sahyadri Hills in Koya, near Satara, the Forest Escape Resort is one of the finest places to connect with nature and take a break from your mundane city lives. The villas, cottages and other facilities are all contained within the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2. Forest County Resort: Located in the wilderness of Mahabaleshwar, Forest County is one of the best jungle resorts near Satara. It sprawls over 6.5 acres of rainforest, at 4000 ft above sea level. The resort is a nature retreat where guests can enjoy fine-dining, luxe accommodations and much more here.

3. Jungle Valley Resort: Exposing you to the untouched and natural visuals of Mahableshwar’s outlooks, the Jungle Valley Agriculture Resort is one of the best resorts near Satara. The property is expansive and beautiful, consisting suites and cabana as accommodations, an in-house restaurant, indoor and outdoor games area, bonfire pit, among other facilities to enjoy.

Which are the resorts near Kaas Plateau Satara?

1. Nirvana Eco and Agro Resort: Taking a different approach towards resorts in Satara, Nirvana Eco and Agro Resort is a lodging set in the natural scenery of the Sahyadri Hills, and is known for its conservation and sustainable hospitality. While providing all the luxuries, Nirvana also does a great job in spotlighting eco-friendly practices that the guests can adopt for life.

2. Lakewood Resort and Spa: This is one of the luxury resorts near Satara, set in the luscious territory of Mahabaleshwar. The resort is situated at a comfortable distance from the Kaas Plateau. Accommodating for leisure, romantic and business outings, this property offers lavish living quarters, business facilities and other amenities, including spa treatments.

3. Kaas Wood Resort: Offering the guests personalized service and vacation experiences that suit them, the Kaas Wood Resort is set in a premium location with many attractions and natural sites nearby. Moreover, the property itself covers all the amenities for a relaxing stay along with cottage, suite and tent accommodations.

4. Kaas Village Resort: Located a mere 10 minutes away from Kaas Plateau, the Kaas Pathar Village Resort is one of the best resorts near Satara to spend your recreational weekend getaway. Surrounded by dense forests, the village resort offers its guests a chance to enjoy comfortable and peaceful days in contact with nature.

5. Swapna Nagari Kaas Hill Resort: This is one of the more affordable Resorts in Satara located close to the Kaas Pathar or Plateau. Guests can book stays in individual cottages that are surrounded by lush landscapes. Besides comfortable abodes, there are all the essential amenities also available here.

What facilities will I get in Resorts in Satara?

Here is a list of the facilities one can expect to get at the resorts in Satara:

- Wi-Fi
- Restaurant
- Bar (limited)
- Breakfast Buffet
- Front Desk
- Housekeeping
- Laundry
- Kid-friendly
- Swimming-pool
- Parking
- Fitness Centre
- Spa
- Indoor and Outdoor Activities/Games
- Airport Shuttle
- Business Center
- Concierge
- Banquet Hall
- Bonfire

Which are the popular places or landmarks to book Resorts in Satara?

Here is a list of the best locations and landmarks to book resorts in Satara:

- Tapla Road
- Yavateshwar Mandir
- Satara Kaas
- Kaas Plateau
- Mahabaleshwar Road

What is the best time to visit Satara?

Satara is one of those places in Maharashtra that can be visited throughout the year, but the monsoon and winter seasons between August till February. These months experience colder temperatures and subliminal weather which works perfectly for sightseeing, shopping, activities and even a stay in the resorts in Satara.

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