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Queenstown Skiing FAQs

Which are the best places to go for skiing in Queenstown?

1. Coronet Peak Ski Area: One of the most popular winter playgrounds of Queentown skiing, this beautiful area is situated very close to central Queenstown. Its adventurous terrain, amazing amenities, and mind-blowing views, and a favourable location makes it one of the most frequented skiing places. The playground is perfect for all levels of skiing enthusiasts and you will find ample guides at the playground to help you if you are a beginner.

You can also keep a check on the unique night skiing parties that get organized at Coronet peak and you can also rent out any of the required equipment ranging from modern skis to snowboards without any hassle near the playground itself. The mechanical snow-making machine at the coronet peak makes it even more favourable and enjoyable for skiers.

Location: Coronet Peak Ski Area, Queentown
Cost: $139/day onwards

2. Soho Basin: Soho Basin is one of the most hidden skiing resorts of Cardrona. At this untouched and unspoiled playground, you feel like you have your very own playground to ski and snowboard. These 264 hectares of beautiful landmass has over 500 meters of vertical terrain to ski over. Visitors get to board the specially designed heated cabins at the resort instead of waiting in queues for the chairlift.

You also get to admire the wonderful attractions, raging from Fiordland to the West Coast. After having an amazing day of skiing, one can also visit the nearby vineyard or have an amazing laidback evening, enjoying a drink or two. Alternatively, you can also continue skiing your heart out till the day sets.

Location: Cardrona Valley Road, Cardrona
Cost: $1150 onwards/day

3. Cardrona: A family-friendly ski zone with the most adequate snow conditions with winter sports, the high elevation of this area ensures an amazing dry layer of snow throughout the season. This is one of the best ski resorts Queenstown for beginners and intermediate level skiers and provides all the basic amenities for playing and fun, including New Zealand’s one and only gondola chairlift.

There are a number of spacious trails at Cardrona, which are spread over three basins. You can find a number of cozy cafes, kids’ corners, retails, and accommodations around Cardrona which make it a great budget-friendly skiing retreat. You can also avail of ski and snowboard lessons at Cardrona and rent out your equipment from an amazing rental department there as well!

Location: Cardrona Valley Rd, Cardrona, Wanaka
Cost: $65/day onwards

4. Treble Cone: The biggest area for skiing in Queenstown, Treble Cone is famous for its long stretches of snow trails, providing some of the best views of Wanaka Lake and the Southern Alps. Treble Cone is one of the most recommended areas to try out for skiing and snowboard enthusiasts, with its crazy terrain and amazing elevation drops.

The Treble Cone’s snowsports school can also come out in handy for those who wish to level up their game and take their skills to the next level. The learners at Treble cone are lined along with various cafes, lodges, as well as rentals for visitor’s comfort.

Location: Mount Aspiring Road, Wanaka
Cost: $99 onwards

Which are the best ski resorts in Queenstown?

1. Snow Farm: The one and only cross country Queentown skiing area, Snow Farm has over 50 kilometers of skiing, snowshoeing, and entertainment area. The area also has 3 beautiful backcountry huts and offers MTB riding during the summer months. It is a perfect place to ski if you want a lesser crown, beautiful views, and the best of amenities.

2. Mount Cook Ski Region: Also known as the big Kahuna of New Zealand, Mount Cook Ski Region is not only popular amidst snow sports enthusiasts but also mountaineers and nature lovers. The majestic beauty of the mountains and gigantic glaciers makes it a perfect destination for tourists and its lovely terrain makes it perfect for skiing in Queenstown and other winter sports.

3. Remarkables: The Remarkables is undoubtedly the best ski resort Queenstown. It is a perfect place to be for first times as well and they can also avail of learner’s lessons to butch up their skills at the resort. The 7 lift passes make it one of the most popular Queentown skiing destinations, with tourists and skiing enthusiasts pouring in, all throughout the year, from all the parts of the world.

What is the best time for Skiing in Queenstown?

Most of the Queentown skiing destinations are open from the month of June to October. However, the best time for skiing is considered during the months of August and September as till this time, the snow base has also been developed and the snowfall also becomes more frequent.

How much does it cost to ski in Queenstown?

The cost for skiing in Queenstown may vary on a huge scale. Starting from a base price of $65/day, the skiing prices may go up to $1150/day based on the place, amenities, and the choice of package.

What is the best time to ski in Queenstown?

The best time for skiing in Queenstown is from the month of August to September. The temperatures and climate during this time is New Zealand are most ideal and also let you experience the beautiful snowflakes falling off your shoulders now and then.

Is Queenstown good for skiing?

Yes, Queentown skiing is considered to be one of the best in the world. The town has some of the best playgrounds, including the Remarkable, Cardona, and several others, which provide you with the best of the ski areas and are equipped with the best of the amenities and stay resorts.

Is skiing in Queenstown expensive?

No, skiing in Queenstown is not at all expensive if you choose a decent place to ski. The base prices at budget-friendly ski destinations start from as low as $65/day, making it highly affordable for visitors with even a low budget to enjoy the experience of skiing.

Which is better: Coronet Peak or the Remarkables for skiing?

Both these destinations for skiing in Queenstown have their very own perks. While Coronet park is more popular due to its near vicinity, steep terrain, and better amenities, the Remarkable is more preferable for people who love terrain parks.

What are the tips to remember for skiing in Queenstown?

A few tips to remember for skiing in Queenstown:

- Even though you need not be a highly trained athlete to try out skiing, it is highly recommendable to have at least a basic level of fitness before you plan to try out skiing.
- To avoid waiting and discomfort, do not forget your lift passes well in advance.
- Skiing clothes are highly expensive. If you are planning to try out skiing for the very first time, if you can borrow the clothes from someone, just do it!
- Do ensure that you rent out or carry the right skiing gear, including eye protection, sunscreen, snow gloves, helmet, and the other equipment and gears.

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