Skydiving in Queenstown

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Queenstown Skydiving FAQs

What are the best places to go skydiving in Queenstown?

1. NZone Skydive: Feel thrilled while indulging in the tandem Skydiving in Queenstown with NZone, the skydive company with 30 years of experience and winner of the Supreme Tourism Award. Be mesmerised looking at the scenic view below you while you fly to the altitude of your choice.

Be prepared to be nudged and thrown from the plane into the sky and feel enliven during the 60 second freefall before you experience a parachute ride for 4-5 minutes while floating towards the skydive drop zone.

Location: Shop: 35 Shotover Street, Queenstown 9300
Cost:15,000ft-NSD 419; 12,000ft-NSD 339; 9,000ft-NSD299

2. Skydive Southern Alps: Enjoy the tandem skydiving experience in a spectacular location with a skydive team having 30 years experience. Feel your adrenaline rush when you jump from the height of 9000 ft, 12,000 ft or 15,000 ft and feel yourself being hurled towards the ground during the freefall before floating down in the parachute.

Enjoy the skydive in a breathtaking location. The view of Lake Wakatipu is spectacular. The famous mountains with their stunning glaciers all surrounding Glenorchy, the place where two New Zealand National Parks have come together, is a perfect vista for an astounding skydive Queenstown experience.

Location:Shop: 35 Shotover Street, Queenstown 9300
Drop Location: Glenorchy Airfield, Glenorchy-Queenstown Rd, Glenorchy 9372
Cost:15,000ft-NSD 459 ; 12,000ft-NSD 359 ; 9,000ft-NSD 289

3. Skydive Wanaka: Delight in a skydiving experience at a place very near to Queenstown. Meet your instructor and then embark on a 10-15 minutes journey to the altitude of your choice.

Enjoy the views of the Wanaka lakes, mountains, the Upper Clutha river as well as a glimpse of Mount Cook, if you are lucky enough. Get the sensation of flying when you freefall before your parachute activates and floats you down to the drop location.

Location:Skydive Wanaka, 14 Mustang Lane, Wanaka Airport, 9382, New Zealand
Cost:15,000ft-NSD 399 ; 12,000ft-NSD 319 ; 9,000ft-NSD 279

What is the best time for skydiving in Queenstown?

Mornings are the best time to indulge in Skydiving in Queenstown. During this time of the day, the view of Queenstown is the best from the sky. Moreover, it can be advantageous to go skydiving in the morning so that in case the weather is not suitable at the time of skydiving, it can be rescheduled at a later time.

Is there any minimum or maximum age limit for skydiving in Queenstown?

Yes, the minimum age limit for skydive Queenstown is 6 years and the maximum age is 94 years. Children below the age of 18 years will require parental or guardian consent. Also, children who are 12 years or below will be allowed to go for skydiving from a maximum altitude of 9000ft only. Moreover, they will be required to clear the assessment of the Tandem Master before skydiving.

Are there weight restrictions for skydiving?

The minimum weight for skydive Queenstown is 30kg. The maximum weight for a normal skydiving is 95kgs. Those above 95kgs will be allowed to go for skydiving only if they are able to clear the Tandem Master’s assessment.

Which are the tips to remember for skydiving in Queenstown?

- Pregnant women should not go for skydive Queenstown.
- People with back or neck problems must check with a doctor before skydiving. People with heart issues also must be certified by a doctor before they are allowed to skydive.
- Skydiving being weather dependent may have to be rescheduled in case the weather is not suitable for the activity.
- Solo jump will be allowed only if an individual has a B-License and a log of recent jumps. Moreover, the individual will be required to be registered with NZPIA before jumping.
- Free lockers are provided for safe keeping of personal belongings during the activity.

How long does the skydive in Queenstown last?

The duration of the Skydiving in Queenstown depends on the altitude opted for. A 9000 ft skydive will take 25 seconds for freefall and 10-15 minutes flight to the altitude. A 12,000 ft skydive will take 45 seconds for freefall and 10-15 minutes flight to the altitude.

The 15,000 ft skydive will take 60 seconds for freefall and 15- 20 minutes flight to the altitude. All three skydives will have 3-4 minutes flight under canopy.

How much is skydiving in Queenstown?

The price of Skydiving in Queenstown depends on several factors which includes altitude( 9000 ft, 12000 ft or 15000 ft), location, solo or tandem, camera options and so on. While the first jump for a solo skydive starts from NSD45, a tandem skydive starts from NSD299.

Can you wear glasses while skydiving in Queenstown?

Yes, you can wear prescribed glasses while skydiving. You will be provided with a goggle that will be fitted on your glasses to avoid it from falling. In case you are wearing a contact lens instead, do not forget to carry your lens solution.

How safe is skydiving in Queenstown?

Skydiving in Queenstown is safe and is done under the authority of NZ Civil Aviation Authority and New Zealand Parachute Industry Associations and both have very strict guidelines.

All parachutes have reserve chutes fitted in it and also have automatic activation devices which automatically activate an emergency parachute in case there is a need.

What do I wear for skydiving in Queenstown?

You should wear clothing that will keep you warm and comfortable at that altitude. For winters, it is better to wear multiple layers instead of a single jacket. Wear shoes that are enclosed and tied-up. You will be provided with a full jumpsuit, gloves, hat and goggles for Skydiving in Queenstown.

Can I take my camera in the plane with me and during my skydive queenstown?

Skydive being an activity requiring a high level of precautions, cameras are not allowed on board in the plane for safety and insurance purposes. However, photographs can be taken from ground level and also there are skydive photographers who can take a skydive along with you to take your photographs during the dive.

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