Paragliding in Queenstown

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Queenstown Paragliding FAQs

What are the best places for paragliding in Queenstown?

1. Bob’s Peak: Bob’s Peak is New Zealand’s most famous peak which is popular for paragliding and the stunning views. To reach the top, you have to use cable cars, which is another thing you should experience while you are Paragliding in Queenstown. These are also known as the steepest cable cars in the Southern Hemisphere. It will not take more than a few minutes to reach the top.

From the 450 meters high Bob's peak, you will be able to have the most spectacular views of Lake Wakatipu. The flying time varies between 8 to 12 minutes depending on the gliding conditions and the weather. You will be accompanied by a skilled and certified pilot that will direct and drive you over the lakes, mountain tops, river and more. Soak in the views effortlessly and enjoy the thrilling experience along with the picturesque views of the Queenstown.

2. Coronet Peak: The launch sites of Coronet park range from 3800 feet to 5500 feet, making it the highest commercial take-off in the whole of New Zealand. To reach Coronet Park, you have to take 20 minutes to ride from the center of Queenstown. You will have the best aerial views of the town while paragliding from the highest peak in the region. The landscape covers the hills, valleys, and rivers that are too gorgeous to miss.

Adding more thrill to your vacation here, this spot offers two kinds of gliding, which include paragliding and hang gliding. You can choose one of them or take your adventurous self to both of them. All the traveling arrangements, from hotel to the peak, are done by travel companies so you can enjoy a hassle-free adventure.

3. Skyline Gondola Complex: To experience the best paragliding in Queenstown, you need a visit to the Skyline Gondola. Tandem Paragliding New Zealand Queenstown is the first, and the only company, to offer paragliding over Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown.

The paragliding experience cannot get any better in this place that is 2500 feet above the Queenstwon and the Lake Wakatipu. You have to inform the pilot, before the trip, whether you would like to have a relaxing sightseeing flight or an adventurous one. If you pick the adventurous one, your ride will be filled with adrenaline fuelled twists, turns, dips and more. Even though this paragliding experience is suitable for people of all ages, a certain level of moderate fitness is required to be a part of it.

Why should I go for Paragliding in Queenstown?

Queenstown has the highest commercially available points for tandem paragliding experience. It is the best location for paragliding in New Zealand. You can enjoy the breathtaking views and feel the cold breeze while you glide over the town with an experienced guide along.

Is Paragliding Safe in Queenstown?

There are training programs before you can go for paragliding if you are not an experienced paraglider. You are accompanied by an experienced guide for your safety. Safety gear, such as helmets and jackets are provided by the paragliding Queenstown companies there.

What do you wear to paragliding in Queenstown?

You are not allowed to wear open-toe footwear, only trainers. You need to be prepared for cold winds, which you’ll face as you’ll start flying, with warm clothes, gloves, and hats. Cloths are available for rent here too, but it is suggested to carry your clothing.

When is the best time to visit Queenstown for paragliding?

March to September is the best month to fly for Paragliding New zealand queenstown, as the temperature, at this time, is moderate here.

How much does paragliding cost in Queenstown?

Paragliding In Queenstown is a year-round sport, but the costs of paragliding for different locations differ by some amount. Though you can book the flight on the spot everywhere, it will cost you more in comparison to prior booking. All in all, the average cost will be $219 per person.

Is there any weight limitation for paragliding?

The maximum weight one flight can carry is 200kgs/440lbs, combined. If the weight is exceeded, bookings need to be altered. The weight, per person, should be less than 100kgs for paragliding Queenstown.

At what different altitude we can experience Paragliding in Queenstown?

The altitude you’ll be experiencing paragliding in Queenstown ranges between 450 meters in Bob’s Peak Paragliding in Queenstown to as high as 5500 meters at Coronet Park Paragliding.

What are the other sports I can do in Queenstown?

1. Heli-Ski: If you are planning to stay in Queenstown for a long time, you can book a helicopter ride to experience the tall cold of the tall mountains and wilderness of New Zealand. This place offers you the best snow experience in the world.

If you plan to Heli-Ski at Queenstown, you’ll surely get awestruck by the beautiful views and the unforgettable alpine experience. The roads to the ski location are not that good, but when you’ll reach the location, that won’t matter.

2. Bungy jumping: Queenstown is the world center for Bungy jumping. This place was the first in the world to open commercial Bungy jumping in 1988! You need to experience the historical Kawarau Bridge Bungy if you intend to have one.

The professionals will help you gear up in the top notch quality equipment, making the activity completely safe under the supervision of the experts. As you take the leap of faith, you will be able to witness the splending views from the top!

3. Jet Boat Ride: Queenstown is also famous for being one of the best holiday destinations to experience Jet Boat Riding. There are wizzy rivers that shoot through rocky gorges and around corners. You’ll also spot historic gold mining relics and see the locations where Lords of The Rings were filmed, while you are Jet Boat Riding here.

These thrill rides include a unique combination of sightseeing and manoeuvres of 360 degree spins. You’ll find many jet boating operators in numerous locations around Queenstwon, so thrill seekers can indulge in the rush of blasting across the water at high speeds.

4. Skyline Luge: Lake Wakatipu is the place in Queenstown where you can experience skyline luge. This luge takes you higher than Skyline Gondola. It is the best thing to do after Paragliding Queenstown as you can watch the beauty of this place while you are relaxed.

You need to travel 1 kilometer from Pinewood Lodge to reach Skyline Gondola. The difficulty levels and steepness of the luge are what makes it memorable, and you can call it ‘the ride of a lifetime’.

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