Bungee Jumping in Queenstown

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Queenstown Bungee jumping FAQs

Which are the best places for bungee jumping in Queenstown?

1. Nevis Bungy: Nevis Bungy is one of the biggest places for bungee jumping in Queenstown. It has an imposing height of 134 meters with a freefall of over 8 seconds. You can easily feel the powerful sensation of gravity during those 8 seconds of freefall. The excitement not only resides at the freefall but the 4WD bus travel is much more captivating.

As you can’t travel directly to Nevis Bungy spot, you need to take a bus drive which goes through the corner of the narrow road, giving an extra mile of adrenaline rush. The road of excitement and thrill of bungee jump at Nevis Bungy makes it an ultimate pack for adventure enthusiasts.

Location: Situated at the Southern Alps, near Queenstown, New Zealand
Timing: Bus timings - Thursday to Sunday at 8:40 am, 10:00 am & 12:00 pm from Queenstown.

2. Kawarau Bridge Bungy: Being dramatic and classy is the favorite combination of engineered sports enthusiasm, who always plan to grab an extra bit of excitement. Kawarau Bridge Bungy is the world’s first commercial Bungy site which is fully set to give you all-new excitement. This is the oldest Bungy spot having a height of only 43 meters which is comparatively smaller than Nevis Bungy but it won’t disappoint your excitement.

A lot of people have accomplished their mission to push their limits and test themselves by taking a leap at Kawarau Bridge Bungy. Get your gears on to make your heart pound and mind racing while shuffling at the edge of the bridge.

Location: State Highway 6, Gibbston Valley, Queenstown 9384, New Zealand
Time: Monday - Sunday (10:00 AM - 04:00 PM)

3. Ledge Bungy: Feeling excited to fling yourself off the edge of Ledge Bungy? Make yourself ready to do a freestyle jump from a platform high above Queenstown. To reach the jump spot, you need to take a short skyline gondola which gives a beautiful scenic view of Queenstown during your ride.

Don’t let your craving for adventure stop here as you have a chance to grab an extra level of excitement at Ledge Bungy. There are few adrenaline-pumping hiking trails that you must give try out to make it more memorable.

Location: Brecon Street, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand
Time: Thursday - Sunday, 02:00pm - 05:00pm

4. Auckland Bridge Bungy: When it comes to the most enduring spot on the Auckland horizon then nothing can match the perfect positioning of Auckland Bridge Bungy, which is right underneath the bridge. This gives an extra buzz to thrill-seekers in New Zealand’s biggest city. This Bungy site gives you a never-ending fun experience and the best is that you can even touch the ocean below with your hand or even with your head.

The bouncing back over the ocean makes it an exciting and unstoppable moment to taste risk and thrill. Make sure you burst your thirst for an adventurous life at Auckland Bridge Bungy.

Location: 105 Curran Street, Auckland, New Zealand
Time: 9 am to 4 pm

5. Taupo Bungy: Bungy jumping is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we’re sure that you don’t want to miss this opportunity to add thrill to your life. Taup? Bungy is New Zealand’s only cliff-top Bungy, giving a leap into all-new exhilaration.

The platform is more of a cantilever style giving a high ground position over the crystal clear water of the Waikato River. Want to go for a solo jump or get tandem with a friend? This platform has both options available for you. Get readied to fuel up your adrenaline-filled thrill that will stay as a memory that you’ll never forget.

Location: 202 Spa Road, Taupo, New Zealand
Time: 9:30am to 5pm

What is the best time to go bungee jumping Queenstown?

The best time to go bungee jumping Queenstown is the months of December to February. Although, selecting the best time for bungee jumping brings huge attention to climatic conditions. Whenever you plan for a Bungee jumping Queenstown then make sure the weather is calm, the sky should not be windy.

Summer and winter seasons won’t hamper much in deciding the timing, until seasons you.

What is the cost of bungee jumping in Queenstown?

The cost for doing a bungee jump in Queenstown starts from 150 dollars. It is also dependent on the place or the spot you choose. It varies from location to location and jumping height.

How safe is Bungee Jumping In Queenstown?

When choosing a super exciting Bungee jumping in Queenstown, then safety is the first priority. Before doing a bungee jump in Queenstown, a full safety briefing and orientation are provided. The support team makes sure that the harness is tied properly and always a double check is done to ensure safety.

Is there any age limit for Bungee jumping in Queenstown?

Yes, there is an age limit and if you want to do bungee jumping in Queenstown then you must be above 10 years of age. However, the Nevis Bungy is the highest point in New Zealand, if you want to do bungee jumping there then you must be at least 13 years old.

What should I wear while Bungee Jumping?

You can wear any casual clothes that give you a sense of comfort. Avoid wearing skirts, slip-on, or heels as they might fall off as you will be turned upside down. You can choose to go barefoot or in tight shoes that make a strong ankle harness for safety purposes.

What are the weight/height restrictions for Bungee jumping in Queenstown?

There are no such height restrictions for Bungee jumping in Queenstown but when it comes to weight limits then certain restrictions are there. Check the list for minimum and maximum heights.

- Kawarau Bridge Bungy – 35kg min/235kg max
- Ledge Bungy - 35kg min/127 kg max
- Nevis Bungy – 45kg min/127 kg max
- Auckland Bridge Bungy – 35kg min/150 kg max
- Nevis Swing - 35kg min/220 kg max
- Ledge Swing - 35kg min/107 kg max

What things must be kept in mind before doing Bungy jump Queenstown?

If you’re a first-time bungee jumper then here are few things which you must keep in mind before doing a Bungee jump in Queenstown.

- Never go with a heavy stomach - Jumping your head down and bouncing around for a bit might cause uneasiness in your stomach if it’s full.
- Wear Suitable clothes - Go for clothes that are loose and comfortable and don’t wear any valuable accessories before doing a bungee jump in Queenstown.
- Show faith in your instructor - Listen to your instructor and follow all the guidelines mentioned by them.
- Avoid looking down - Standing at the edge and looking down can make your legs shaky! Shut your eyes to keep your nerves stable.

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