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With such rich culture and history, a small town of Bhutan nestled in the Himalayan belly, calls out to all the avid nature lovers for the best trekking tours in Paro. Being the only carbon negative country in the world it is no wonder that people want to travel here to savor every bit of the goodness that nature has to offer. Where else in the world can you breathe in this kind of fresh air given the rising pollution and dirt in our ecosystem? It is no wonder then that all trekking enthusiasts hop on over to this small place and start their trekking trysts with the range of options available to them.


There is an all women excursion trip to the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon, where most of the activities are explored while hiking. The beauty of this place is not lost on the travelers and it enthralls everyone with how intricate the trails are to reach any destination, making for a picturesque hike. You can have a trekking tour to Samtengang, for example, via Thimphu and explore the place on foot and meet some locals and try their local cuisines. There is no dearth of restaurants and shops with amazing local mouth-watering dishes and historical and archaeological artefacts to shop for yourself and your loved ones.


Trekking tours in Paro through the narrow mountain passages overlooking the valleys and the beautiful sprawled greens makes the sight breathtaking. You can also have expeditions which takes you to explore the Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan and its many monasteries steeped in strength, vitality and deep-rooted culture. The Bumdra trek for its camping and wilderness, Jomolhari trek in the Eastern Himalayan range, are a few of the many treks in this beautiful country. These treks give you a high and make you want to press the repeat button back to this location.

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Gauranga Nambeesan Women Only Tour of Bhutan
loved this tour. Thanks
nice trip, though the trek was tiring but I and my brother managed to complete it. We took 2 hours break at the top to come back as we were very tired but still we enjoyed alot.