Pena Lhakhang , Paro - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

About Pena Lhakhang

A lot of tourists overlook this quaint little temple when they are in the area, possibly because it is one of many monasteries in the area and is located in the fringes of the village. However, the Pena Lhakhang is one of the oldest and most unique monasteries in Paro and should definitely be part of your list of places to visit in Paro. Although it might not be very evident from its simple exterior and plain appearance, it is very intricately designed inside.

It was built in the 7th century, making it one of the oldest temples in Bhutan. The main attraction of the structure is the giant statue of Jowo Numbar Names. It is also located adjacent to the Dumtse Lhakhang. 

Paro, Bhutan

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