Ugyen Pema Woedling Zangthopelri, Paro - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)
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About Ugyen Pema Woedling Zangthopelri

One of the lesser-known tourist places in Paro is the Ugyen Pema Woedling Zangthopelri, another quaint monastery which is located in the less frequented corner of Paro. Despite not being very well-known, it is one of the most well-constructed structures and Buddhist monasteries in the area.

You can find a giant statue of the Buddha as well as a huge likeness of Guru Tshen Geyed where locals come to offer their prayers and respects. Even though photography is not allowed inside the monastery, you are guaranteed to get some great photographs of the intricately crafted exteriors as well as the surrounding scenery. 

Bonday Lam Rd, Paro, Bhutan

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