Gonsaka Lhakhang, Paro - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)
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About Gonsaka Lhakhang

Paro is home to some of the most spiritual temples in the country. Most of these temples serve as attractive tourist places in Paro apart from centres of spirituality and a testimony to the vibrant history of the place. Gonsaka Lhakhang is also no different, located at a slight elevation from the main town of Paro.

It is from this temple that you can get a view of the famous meditation cave of Pha Drun Drung who was the founder of the Dzong. Another irresistible reason you should visit the Gonsaka Lhakhang is that it offers unparalleled views of the Paro valley and is at a very convenient walking distance from the famous Zuri Dzong. 

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