Trekking in Nashik

Nashik Trekking Packages

Duration Price
Overnight trek to Ratangad fort2 days
INR 1,600
Brahmagiri Trek Nashik14 hours
INR 650
Patta Fort Trek From Pune14 hours
INR 850

Trekking places in Nashik

Trekking near Nashik lets you embark on an expedition to come close to nature to explore ancient forts, ravines, and valleys with your loved ones. Heading out on various trekking places near Nashik, you will get to climb up to the Kalsubai Fort which is considered to be highest peak and is known to offer breathtaking views of nature, Harihar Fort which is surrounded by alluring greenery and is home to a number of places of worships, and many other challenging as well as rewarding climbs. Taking part in this trekking activity in Nashik, you will be able to trail through some of the challenging routes of the hills and get to witness a wide range of flora and fauna. You will also get to experience the scenic routes and capture some beautiful moments to cherish all through your life.

Treks near Nashik are also known for offering beautiful panoramic views like the Sandhan Valley Trek offers a truly exceptional experience where you can go ahead to try out some adventure activities like rappelling. Head out on these adventure filled routes, you can create memorable instances in the tough and rugged Sahyadri mountain ranges of great western ghats.
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Nashik Trekking FAQs

Which are the best trekking places near Nashik?

1. Anjaneri Parvat Trek: Anjaneri Parvat Trek is a perfect Trekking near Nashik that you can take if you wish to spend time in a calm and secluded environment far away from the regular hustle and bustle. To progress through this trek you would need to reach Trimbakeshwar from Kasara through a jeep and then trek for about 10 km to reach the mountain.

You will need at least 3 hours to complete this Trekking near Nashik and reach the temple on the top of the hill. The place of worship is dedicated to Goddess Anjana, mother of Lord Hanuman. You will also come across a large number of monkeys and as per the legend, they are considered to be the followers of Lord Hanuman.

2. Tringalwadi Fort Trek: Tringalwadi Fort in Maharashtra is considered to be an exquisite mountain fort that is quite trendy amid hikers, trekkers, and pilgrims. This is one of the most visited weekend destinations for the residents of Nashik.

The best part of this Trekking near Nashik is its calm ambience and secludedness which lets one spend time exploring the past glory and learn more about the traditional values and cultures. The best time to visit this place would be in the monsoons when the climatic condition is pleasant and you will get to see the best of nature.

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3. Harihar Fort Trek: Built at an elevation of about 3676 feet above the ground, this age-old fortress matches a rectangular shape from the nearby base village. The Harihar fort was constructed during the reign of the Yadava dynasty in Nashik. The centre of attraction of this place is its rock cut steps that lead to the top of the fort. The incline is nearby about 80 degrees and it is not meant for those who have altitude sickness.

Visiting one of the best Trekking places near Nashik, you will get to see idols of Lord Hanuman, Shiva, and Nandi. If you wish to make the most of your trip, then you must plan your trip during the monsoon season as the natural scenic beauty is just awe inspiring. If you reach the top of the fort, you can also sight a number of tourist spots like Anjaneri fort, Brahmagiri, Bhaskargad, or even Basgad, Durg Bhandar, and Utwad fort.

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4. Pandavleni Trek: Pandavleni is an extremely popular place for Trekking near Nashik. This place is mainly visited by college students as it involves simple climbing and this makes it a popular place for young individuals on weekends.

This is one of the best Trekking places near Nashik to visit during the monsoon season to climb up to the top along with beautiful scenic nature. You can capture beautiful snaps from the top and cherish the moments spent with your loved ones all through your life.

6. Brahmagiri Trek: Located in the Trimbakeshwar Village, this trek is about 25 km from the city centre of Nashik. As per the legends, this place is considered to be the mountain form of Lord Shiva and River Godavari originates here. Devotees and avid trekkers come over to this place in the monsoon season to take a circumambulation of Brahmagiri

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The trek leads to the top of the mountain from where one can view the origin of River Godavari and the famous Ganga Dwar Temple. It is a very peaceful place where you can spend time with your family members as well as your group members far away from the madding city environment.

6. Balwantgad Fort Trek: Balwantgad Fort happens to be a small fort in the Kasara region. It is an easy trek that can be complete in a very less amount of time and also with very less challenges. The trek would start from the base village, Maal and heading to the top you would come across a long wall of bastions, ruined structures, and ancient carved items. You will also get a chance to sight picture perfect views of Tringalwadi fort and Kasara Igatpuri train track, which are surely some of the remarkable sights to behold.

7. Bitangad Fort Trek: Located at an elevation of 4000 feet above the ground, this happens to be a moderately difficult trek that will give you some wonderful experience. The fort is spread over a small area as it was used as a watchtower in the past era to get an impression of the things taking place around. The trek from the base village to the peak would take about 1 hour and you will come across some tough terrains and challenging patches as well to test your skills.

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Which are the best forts near Nashik?

1. Harihar Fort: Harihar fort is considered to be an important fort that is located at a distance of 40 km from the city centre of Nashik. The fort was constructed to look upon the trade route through Gonda Ghat. The centre of attraction of this place is its peculiarly cut steps.

2. Tringalwadi Fort: The Tringalwadi fort nestles in the middle of alluring natural beauty and offers a peaceful setting to the trekkers with a dose of past glory. This fort is usually visited by adventure junkies on trekking expeditions.

3. Bhaskargad Fort: Located on the Trimbak range, this fort is still an imposing sight that guards over the Gonda Pass which was once upon a time a well known trade route. During your visit, you must see the fort’s cistern and steps which are carved out of mountains.

4. Galna Fort: Galna Fort is situated on the Burhanpur - Surat trade route which happens to be a major business corridor. The fort was constructed back in 1569 CE and you can witness Indo-Islamic and British architectural designs on it.

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Which are the best 2 days treks in Nashik?

1. Kalsubai Trek: Kalsubai Trek is located at an elevation of about 5400 feet above the ground and it is an offshoot range from the primary Sahyadri range. Being one of the most sought after Treks near Nashik, the Kalsubai trek gives a surreal experience to the trekkers as well as offers some challenging bits on the way. Coming over to this place, you will also be able to capture brilliant snaps of the Alang, Mandangad, Kulang, Ratangad (south-west) and to the south Pabargad, Ghanchakkar & Harishchandragad.

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2. Vasota Jungle Trek: Vasota Jungle Trek happens to be a priceless experience that you would cover in a lifetime. With breathtaking views all over, you would be able to spend time in a splendid environment. The trek would start from Bamnoli village early in the morning and then pass through dense forest till you reach the top.

3. Trek To Alang And Madan Peaks: Alang, Madan, and Kulang happens to be a trio of peaks that nestles in the Nashik region of Maharashtra. With an altitude of 4852 feet above the ground, this trek takes you closer to caves and some water cisterns. The trek can be considered as a challenging and rewarding trek as you will get to enjoy the best of nature.

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4. Trek To Salher Salota Mulher Mora Hargad: Heading out on a trek to Salher Salota Mulher Mora Hargad can be considered as a perfect opportunity for backpackers and people who have got high regards for the rich historical heritage of India. You will get to trek through narrow pathways and make the most of the panoramic views all around.

What are the essential things to carry while going for trekking in Nashik?

- Water Bottle
- Trail Mix, Dry Fruits, Chocolates or Energy Bars
- Trekking shoes or hiking boots
- Daypack or Backpack
- A multi purpose toolkit
- Hand Sanitizer
- Torchlight or Flashlight
- Cap or Hat
- Sunscreen, Sunblocks, and Lip Balms
- Trek Pants or Trousers
- Trek Route or Map
- Medical Kit or First-aid Kit
- Hiking Pole

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Nashik Trekking Reviews

Kashyapi Agarwal
Reviewed: 24 Feb 2020
It was a nice idea for a great getaway with family and friends, we enjoyed this trip to the fullest.
Dev Agarwal
Reviewed: 26 Dec 2019
Best experience for nature lovers, and a perfect getaway from the hectic city, friendly guide, and fun walked it was.
Dhanpati Tandon
Reviewed: 29 Jan 2020
Right from the start went well, We all meet-up at the meeting-point and we get transferred to the base-village in a comfortable bus, Once reached the base village we get a short introduction from the leader...ascend was good with a friendly guide and we finally make it to the top and exploring it wa... Read More
Deenabandhu Sinha
Reviewed: 12 Dec 2019
It was a nice expereince and a great weekend with loved once, trekking was nice, and reaching the Brahmagiri top was truly worth it...The whole trip was nicely planned and managed by the professional guide...Overall this is a wonderful expereince
Purnima Varma
Reviewed: 31 Jul 2017
I was not sure when I heard this trek that we are heading for. But guys I was so wrong, I had the best time of my life. As I said that this was an amazing trek we were provided with all the equipments. I must say everything was very well organized tight from the start of our trek. We reached the ba... Read More
Anand Gill
Reviewed: 31 Jul 2017
I was with my cousin in Mumbai when she told me about this amazing trek. We were four girls who went on this trek. It was a good experience for all of us. Although some of us are beginners it was not that difficult. The tour operator has very well organized everything. Reaching the top of the mounta... Read More

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