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30 November 2015
Fantabulous time spent in the lap of the mountains, our entire cycling group had gone together and we enjoyed immensely. The cycling trip was really difficult at some time but the feel of it was really good. so positivity and cycling through high passes and snow clad peaks was really good. even the camping was good. after a long day of cycling they served us really good food everyday . The group leaders were also very helpful and were able to handle the fairly large group with utmost ease.
22 October 2015
Will recommend it to anyone who wants to reconnoiter the stunning wilds of Ladakh and that too on the challenging yet rewarding cycling trail. it was a difficult trail but worth doing it. i was very proud of myself and couple of my friends who did it. the leadres were very helpful and also the fellow friends we mad in all a brilliant experience of cycling !
Had a great time, had gone here before but not on a cycling trail, so I just got admire the beauty ant my own pace. Please go!!I highly recommend it. The feeling you get after looking down at the valleys is like a rockstar!!!
16 October 2015
we had an amazing cycling experience across the tough terrains of manali to leh. specially tangla pass was very diffucult and ridiing at rohtang pass was very amazing. finaly when you reach ladakh valley everything changes and you fall in love the nature. No doubt, the trip will test ur endurance ,be prepared for the journey because you all will face certain climatic barriers a head of the journey. even camping at the couple of locations were really good. it was a very exploring ride for me. do it if you love riding !!
13 April 2015
All in all a good cycling trail with adequate and well spaced out spots to relax and revel in the beauty. Did not imagine the things to go so smoothly but they did. Made me a better person in fact, I was humbled by the mountains!
A happy trip was it for me. We prepared well before the cycling trip happened. Exercised and tried to get acclimatized by reaching Manali two days before the trip started. The food provided by the team was good, the camping was also flawless. I am looking forward to have a similar trip this year as well.
Cycling is a very tough job that too the hilly regions of Ladakh in the cold. In the beginning I thought I cannot finish the trip but as we crossed Leh, I decided I want to see all of Leh Ladakh though I feel tired. But for my surprise, cycled long distances without hesitation. I found the mind blowing surroundings were giving me energy. A very good place to visit folks. Never be late.
A great deal of energy and physical fitness is needed to cycle for 14 days continuously and it will not be easy if you are not fond of cycling through difficult plains. We had the maximum fun throughout the trip because we were a team of cyclists. The big challenge was to cross the passes at a high altitude. But nothing to worry, the guides’ team was with us throughout and they helped us by providing water and biscuits in between. A backup vehicle was also there. We camped at some places with a campfire to keep us protected from the severe cold. The best time of our life was happening there.
10 March 2015
Rougher dirt tracks needs to be covered. Along with this we also made some very tough climbs. The descents were gut-wrenching yet interesting. If you think that it is very stressful, the distance we covered were somewhat less. It almost ranged from 40 to 80 km on an average. However, the traversing altitudes were over 4000 m. To be honest, if you are not an avid cycler, this can be really tedious and dangerous too. Also, with the altitude and weather conditions, I felt quite dizzy and easily dehydrated. If you are planning to do this, make sure to have great physical fitness. That all being said, this trip was fruitful.
Cycling from Manali to Leh! Wow! It was a really fun ride. The cycling was quite tedious and unlike bike rides, they need a lot of effort physically. I really loved the cycling through the stretch. It was awesome.