Best Tent Stays in Jaisalmer

There is no better way to experience the golden city than booking tent stays in Jaisalmer as it offers a rustic feel amid all sorts of modern luxury. The tented accommodation in the campsites are designed to offer guests with a once in a lifetime experience of coming out of their comfort zones and spend time close to nature. The tents are located on the most sought after sand dunes of Jaisalmer offering a wide range of adventure activities like sand bashing, jeep safari and camel safari.

The Jaisalmer tent stay ranges from budget accomodation to luxury accommodation and it depends on you what you choose for your stay. No matter what you choose, you will surely be able to have a wonderful experience of the Rajasthani Cultural Performances and authentic cuisine that will just delight your taste buds.

You can handpick your Jaisalmer desert tent stay from a long list of stays spread across the Sam Sand Dunes and Khuri Sand Dunes. Almost all the tented camps have got swiss tents to offer you complete safety and luxury. The rooms are also designed to give you a sense of royalty in the course of your stay.

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Jaisalmer Tent Stays FAQs

Which are the best tent stays in Jaisalmer?

1. Moonlight Oasis Camp, Sam Sand Dunes: Moonlight oasis campsite in the Sam Sand Dunes is one of the most luxurious tent stays in Jaisalmer that happens to be an ideal getaway for all the desert lovers. This can be considered as the best place where you can spend some time in solitary along with your loved family and friends.

Spending a night about the place, you will be able to relish mouth watering delicacies, live cultural performances, and of course exciting camel desert safari. The Tent Stays in Jaisalmer offers aerated and cooled rooms for its guests with all sorts of amenities to make the stay comfortable. The rooms and suites are equipped with Jhaorkhas, Tibaris, Pokhara, and fountains. You will also get an attached washroom with every single room.

Location: 45 Kms. from Jaisalmer City, Railway Station and Bus Stand.

2. Madhav Desert Camp: Spending time at the Madhav Desert Camp in Jaisalmer would be a wonderful way to treat yourself with something exceptional. It is another desert Tent Stays in Jaisalmer where you can enjoy the ideal desert mood alongside a number of contemporary courtesies that you love.

You will get a chance to take on a camel safari around the sandy terrains of the desert. The best experience to relish at this place is after the sundown. You will get to enjoy customary cooking, bonfire activities and enjoy conventional rajasthani performances. The camps are well furnished with necessary amenities and offer a peaceful stay in the middle of the desert.

Location: Sam Rd Next Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

3. Oasis Camp Sam: Oasis camp sam is a rich campsite along with a resort that is developed in such a manner that it offers an amazing desert experience to visitors from all over the world.

The camp is very well known to offer comfortable accommodation and conventional Indian hospitality. Staying at this place, one would be able to enjoy sumptuous cuisines of Rajasthan, enjoy traditional music, dance performances, jeep safaris, and much more.

Location: The resort is located in Sam Sand Dunes.

4. Spirit Desert Camp: Spirit Desert Camp is an ideal getaway from visitors who wish to spend time in the middle of the vast desert of Thar. Situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, this place offers amazing vacation to visitors in more than 30 rooms with all sorts of cozy amenities.

The camp has got an inhouse restaurant to offer you amazing Indian and International cuisine and a bar to serve you with some of the finest international spirits. Staying at this place, you can head out on camel safaris along with expert navigators to relish the best experience of being in a desert.

Location: 45 km from The Jaisalmer Bus Station and the Jaisalmer Railway Station.

5. Divine Nilalohita Camp: Divine Nilalohita Camp happens to be an extravagant desert resort that nestles far from the city crowd to offer guests with a peaceful ambience for their leisure stays. The resort is very much popular for its fascinating and relaxing atmosphere.

The resort has got a number of rooms and suites all equipped with modern amenities for comfortable stay. All the rooms of the camp have private bathrooms with showers. The inhouse restaurant offers selected rajasthani dishes that will just delight our taste buds. You can also try out some well curated Italian and Chinese preparations as well.

Location: Divine Nilalohita Resorts, Jaisalmer.

6. Om Desert Camp: Om desert camp is yet another beautiful property in the deserts of Jaisalmer that offers amazing accommodation and adventure opportunities to visitors. The property has got about 18 tents which are equipped with all sorts of modern amenities. Every single room of this jaisalmer tent stay has got a private bathroom with showers and slippers in each for your conveniences.

The camp has also got an inhouse restaurant that offers traditional Rajasthani cuisines prepared authentically by masterchefs. This property organizes various desert safari tours for its guests and also various sightseeing tours to places like Jaisalmer Fort, Tanot Rai Mata Mandir, Sam Sand Dunes and Desert National Park.

Location: Situated just 40 km from Jaisalmer.

7. Mahadev Camp: Mahadev desert camp can be a perfect location in Jaisalmer for an adventurous night out. It is a desert camp that has got about 20 simply outlined houses that are styled like Dhani with all sorts of modern amenities.

There are about 14 extravagant cooled Tent Stays in Jaisalmer to offer you a luxury accommodation. Staying at this place is surely going to be an experience worth a lifetime. The resort offers the getaway seekers with a wide range of safari tours, cultural performances in the evening hours, and extravagant rajasthani supper to delight your taste buds.

Location: Major District Road (MDR) 53, Jaisalmer city.

8. Rojani Camp: The rojani Camp site in Jaisalmer is built purposefully to serve the guests with the best ever Rajasthani hospitality. With a substantial blend of romance and richness, this place offers a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation amid the amazing interiors and generous architectures.

This resort can be considered as a heaven in the desert as it offers adventurous desert safari tours, delectable cuisines of Rajasthan, loads of fun filled activities like Bonfire, cultural performances, and much more. Guests love to spend time at this camp in Jaisalmer because of its perfect work of art of design that is based on the palace theme.

Location: Rojani Resort is located in Sam Sand Dunes.

9. Amush Desert Camp: Amush desert camp can be considered as an area of thrill and excitement. This desert camp can be considered a specialist in offering the guests with desert safari tours which is popularly known as Sand Dune Safari. The extravagant jaisalmer tent stay are equipped with modern amenities to offer you a sense of luxury and comfort.

In the evening hours, you can experience the best folk music and dance along with traditional drinks while enjoying the camping activities on the sand dune. It offers specially curated stays for family vacationers, families, and solo travellers. The resort is spread over a vast area that will definitely offer you a sense of rejuvenation to your body, mind, and soul.

Location: 45 kilometers from Jaisalmer city.

Which are the best luxury tents in Jaisalmer?

1. Le Royal Camps: Le royal camps in Jaisalmer happens to be a lavish desert camp that features about eight luxury cottages which are designed with stitched canvas.

In the course of your stay at this place, you can indulge in various activities like camel safari, jeep safari, and a number of other camp activities like bonfire, cultural programs, and star gazing. In the evening hours, you can relish delicious authentic Rajasthai cuisine that is prepared by expert chefs from fresh ingredients.

2. Camp Paradise: Camp Paradise is yet another beautiful desert camp in Jaisalmer that is located in the middle of golden sands of sam sand dunes. The campsite offers a peaceful environment where guests can relax and unwind themselves away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city life.

In the course of the stay, one can indulge in camel safari tours and enjoy the traditional dance performances by professional Rajasthani performers. You will be served various authentic lip smacking dishes to delight your taste buds.

3. Fifu Desert Camps: Fifu Desert Camps in Jaisalmer is one of the best places to stay if you are looking out for an authentic rajasthani experience.

In the course of your stay, you would enjoy various safari tours, taste some of the authentic lip smacking dishes, enjoy a wide range of activities in the evening hours, and witness the traditional performances. The campsite offers swiss tents and mud cottage style accommodation to the guests that are fitted with all sorts of modern amenities.

4. The Mama's Resort & Camp: Mama’s Resort and camp offers an unparalleled affair of the desert in its offering to give you a toast of the past royal life. The indoor ambiance of the place will surely take you back in the timeline. The stay at this camp site would be filled with luxury and extravaganza.

You will be offered super comfortable and luxurious tented accommodation that are loaded with all modern amenities. One more best part of this campsite is its multi cuisine restaurant that offers a wide range of cuisine to delight your taste buds.

Which are the best desert tent stay in Jaisalmer?

1. CountrySide Camp: Countryside camp happens to be one of the most lavish campsites in Jaisalmer that offers peaceful stay to its guests in the middle of picturesque mountains. This is considered to be a wonderful place for your family vacation, honeymoon travel, or a solo trip.

Staying at this place, one would be able to enjoy lip smacking authentic traditional dishes, watch the colorful fishes swimming in the lotus lake, and indulge in some of the fun filled activities like barbeque, bonfire, and star gazing.

2. Chirag Desert Camp: Chirag desert camp happens to be one of the best places to stay in Jaisalmer if you wish to spend time close to the Thar Desert. The campsite has been serving guests from all over the world with its Indian desert way of living.

The tents are loaded with all sorts of modern amenities and luxurious interiors. You will be welcomed with traditional rajsthani architecture set amidst the sand dunes of Jaisalmer. You can savour delicious Rajasthani preparations and indulge in various safari tours.

3. Prince Desert Camp: Prince Desert Camp is yet another Jaisalmer Desert Camp that can be considered as a perfect place for your stay. Tucked away in the middle of a quiet and peaceful surrounding, this place offers an unparalleled view of the desert. You will fall in love with the authentic Rajasthani hospitality by the staff dressed in traditional Rajasthani Apparels.

4. Pabu Ki Dhani Eco Farm: If you wish to make your excursion exceptional then this is unquestionably the best place to stay. It is an impeccable spot to invest all your energy relishing the best of the land. You will be offered captivating civilities and extravagant desert safari experiences at this place.

Which are the budget tents stay in Jaisalmer?

1. Manvar Desert Camp and Resort: Manvar desert camp and resort happens to be one of the best budget jaisalmer tent stay that comprises 30 brilliantly designed safari style tents that are places in form of a semicircle. If you wish to spend time in complete isolation, then you can choose to stay in its deluxe tents that are arranged around the fundamental camp.

2. Camp-e-Khas: Camp e khas is located at a distance of 45 km from Jaisalmer and is widely known for its wonderful offering at a budget price. The tents at this campsite are designed exclusively to offer visitors a once in a lifetime experience.

Staying at this place, you can head out for amazing camel and jeep safari tours. Tents are well furnished and equipped with all sorts of modern amenities and traditional interior decors.

3. Ratnawali Camps: Ratnawali camp is one of the budget stays in Jaisalmer that is renowned for its quietness and solitary atmosphere. Visiting this place, you will be landing in an ideal getaway far from the hustle and bustle of the city life. You will be impressed by the quality of service and hospitality offered by the staff.

4. Savi Camps and Resorts: Savi camps and resorts are one of the top places that tourists love to stay in their course of visit to Jaisalmer, the golden city of india. The campsite offers super comfortable accomodation in its rooms that are equipped with all sorts of luxurious. There are 10 comfortable tents made up of high quality fabric material that is wind and waterproof.

Which are the best tents in Jaisalmer for families?

1. Samrat Camp: Samrat camp nestles in the middle of the sands of thar desert offering a spectacular view of the Jaisalmer city. The jaisalmer tent stay campsite offers spacious accommodation and every single tent is equipped with lots of entertaining facilities. In the evening hours, you can indulge in various recreational exercises like Rajasthani folk dances, campfires, and star gazing.

2. Chokhi Dhani Desert Camp: It is a part of the famous Chokhi Dhani group and is known to offer some of the best safari camps located in the beautiful Sam Sand Dunes. This campsite offers a perfect blend of the modern luxurious amenities and traditional Rajasthani culture. Coming over to this place, you would be able to land in a peaceful accommodation and enjoy all sorts of comforts and make memories that you will cherish throughout your life.

3. Mehar Adventure Safari Camp: Mehar adventure safari camps take you far from the regular life of the chaotic city and offers you an extravagant stay amidst all sorts of modern luxury. In the course of your stay at this place, you can indulge in stunning camel safari and hill bashing activity.

4. Damodra Desert Camp: Damodra Desert camp presents a hypnotizing atmosphere in Jaisalmer where you can enjoy an exceptional blend of genuine Rajasthani desert experience and tented housing. Staying at this place, you can head out on various safari adventure tours and fun filled sightseeing activities.

Which are the best Sam Sand Dunes tent stays in Jaisalmer?

1. Rajputana Desert Camp: Rajputana Desert Camp in Jaisalmer offers one of the best experiences to its guests in its 40 tents and 10 AC cottages. You will also be provided with delicious breakfast and dinner at the camps. In the course of your stay, you can head out on camel safari and jeep safari tours.

2. Dangri Desert Safari Camp: Dangri Desert Safari Camp is a mid budget campsite that has been fulfilling the wishes of the guests coming over from various parts of the world from the year 2002. There are about 37 swiss camps offering luxurious stays to the guests. During your stay, you can enjoy cultural programs, camel and jeep safari tours.

3. Royal Desert Camp: Royal Desert Camps in Jaisalmer happens to be one of the oldest campsites that offers well curated stays in its 50 tented camps and 5 cottages. This camp has an inhouse restaurant offering delicious rajasthani food.

4. The Serai Camp: The serai campsite in Jaisalmer is considered to be one of the best luxury accomodation that anyone can think of. It is at all times on the top priorities for luxury travellers. The campsite offers fine dining, safari tours, and private dance shows.

Which are the best tent stays in Khuri Jaisalmer?

1. The Mama’s desert camp, Khuri: The mama’s desert camp in Khuri is an excellent mid budget tented camp in Jaisalmer that offers a peaceful stay for visitors away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Staying at this place, you can head out on various safari tours and indulge in fun filled offbeat activity at the campsite along with your loved ones as well as other fellow travellers.

2. Camp E Khas, Khuri: Camp e khas, Khuri is yet another three star accommodation that offers luxurious accommodation to the guests. This happens to be a well designed camp accommodation that is loaded with all sorts of amenities. In the course of your stay, you can enjoy a traditional welcome with drinks, camel safari, musical show & much more.

Can I get my own food in tent stays in Jaisalmer?

No, you are not allowed to carry your own food to the tent stays in Jaisalmer. All the campsites in Jaisalmer have got in house multi cuisine restaurants and bars that offer delectable rajasthani cuisine.

Are tents waterproof?

Yes, the tents are waterproof as well as windproof. All the tent says in the desert campsites are made up of high quality fabric material that keeps you safe from strong desert winds and rain showers. You will be completely safe in these tents during your holiday vacation in the sand dunes.

Are pets allowed during the tent stay in Jaisalmer?

Pets are allowed in some of the tent stays in Jaisalmer while they are not allowed in some. You can check with the resort in which you are thinking of booking your stay. In campsites that allow pets have designed special accommodation for your pets as well as some well curated activities.

How much does it cost to stay at a tent in Jaisalmer?

Spending a night at the Jaisalmer desert tent stay in a campsite would cost you in the average range of INR 4500 to INR 7000. Book some amazing packages from Thrillophilia and get best deals and discounts.

What are the popular places or landmarks to book tents in Jaisalmer?

For booking a tented stay in the campsites of Jaisalmer, you can choose to either stay in Khuri Sand Dunes or Sam Sand Dunes.

What is the lowest & highest price of a tent stay in Jaisalmer?

The lowest price of a Jaisalmer desert tent stay starts from INR 700 per person per night in some of the budget accommodations like The Mama’s desert camp, Khuri and Rawla Desert Camp. The highest price of the tent stay in jaisalmer can go up to INR 20000 per camp at campsites like Damodra Desert Camp, Winds Desert Camp, and The Serai Camp.

Is smoking and alcoholic beverages allowed?

Smoking is not allowed in the Jaisalmer desert tent stay however, you can go to the designated smoking area to smoke. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed into the tents but you can have your drink at the inhouse bar.

Is a tent stay in Jaisalmer safe for couples?

Yes, tent stays in Jaisalmer are super safe for couples as the authorities make sure that guests are served with the best they can and at the same time make proper arrangements for the guests in terms of safety.

The Jaisalmer desert tent stay are made resistant against strong desert winds and rain showers and at the same time proper security surveillance are also taken care of.

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