Tazia Tower Overview

Tazia Tower in Jaisalmer is a five-story architectural marvel showcasing exquisite craftsmanship. Built by Muslim craftsmen, it features intricately designed balconies and minarets. Each floor represents a different architectural style, creating a unique and visually stunning structure that adds to Jaisalmer's cultural richness.

An enigmatic architectural design including a series of grand balconies towering up to 5 stories of seamless contour, Tazi Tower in Jaisalmer is one of the greatest tourist attractions of the city. Found at the Badal Palace Complex, the tower is praised for its design and a strong ancient history it carries with it. Various balconies of the Tazia Tower also have a striking resemblance to the shrine which is a prime element in a number of Islamic festivals and the Muslims craftsmen designed it in such a way to pay tribute to their religion. Explore Tazia Tower's architectural beauty on your Jaisalmer trip package, witnessing its unique craftsmanship and charm.

The tower comprises 5 floors, each holding a significant insight into the royal families it has been home to. Additionally, each of the floors also holds a uniquely crafted balcony, magnificent designs, and carvings on the walls and ceilings reflecting the creative advancement of crafters during the era. The tower is said to have been constructed in 1886 AD as a present to the Hindu ruler of the time, Maharawal Berisal Singh by local Muslim architects and craftsmen. The multistoried design embedded with a multitude of crafts and features makes tourists who visit the place get aw struck.

Furthermore, it also has become one of the favorite places for national and international tourists to visit. All in all, from someone who is on a family vacation trying to learn a bit about India's ancient culture to an architecture enthusiast, the Tazia tower comes across as a breath of fresh air and a place one must not skip to visit especially if they are visiting Jaisalmer.

History of Tazia Tower

The mesmerizing tower of Tazia was constructed in 1886 AD. It was built as a gift to the royal Hindu ruler of the time, Maharawal Berisal Singh. Built by local Muslim architects and craftsmen, the glorious tower was designed with the essence of the Islamic Religion. The tower is segregated into 5 stories each displaying a distinct blend of Muslim craftsmanship and design. Each floor also has giant balconies that were made to depict the Islamic tomb that is a sign of their religious festivities.

The tower itself is also an edition of various Muslim Imams mausoleum. The same is displayed through the cravings on the walls of the monument using thermocol, colored papers, and wood and hence, the tower looks greatly different from all the other Rajputana forts and towers in the city. The tower also comprises of a number of ancient designs and structural pattern that was celebrated during the era. More than a tower, Tazia is respected as a depiction of the Islamic culture and tradition. Moreover, after becoming a heritage site the tower has been carefully maintained allowing tourists to explore its intricate beauty. Established in the heart of the city, the place is a major attraction for tourists.

How To Reach

The tower is in the heart of the city thus, reaching here is no trouble. If you are taking a train, the nearest railway station is Jaisalmer Railway Station. It is about 2.8 km from the tower and visitors can catch a local taxi to reach here.

From Airport: If you are flying, the nearest airport is Jaisalmer Airport which is about 14.5 km from the Tazia tower. Taxi services are quite frequently available at the airport and can take anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes to reach.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to enjoy the Tazia tower is between the months of October and match. It is just after the rainy season and the atmosphere of the city is perfect to explore the Tazia Tower.

The temperature during these months is also very stable with very little humidity and a constant flow of breeze allowing visitors to enjoy the grand balconies of the Tazia Tower. Visitors who love summer can visit the place in between March and June and enjoy a number of indoor activities including a visit to Tazia Tower.

Other Essential Information

- Location: Tazia Tower, Sadar Bazar, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 345001

- Price: No Entry Fee

- Timing: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM every day of the week.

Places to eat near Tazia Tower

Here is a list of restaurants and snack shops visitors must try on their visit to Tazia Tower.

1. The Trio - Acknowledged for its delicious food and top-notch hospitality, the Trio is one place visitors must visit for an extraordinary dining experience. The place serves various Indian and Asian dishes with an array of Vegan options. The restaurant is open between 7:30 AM and 10:30 PM every day of the week which means visitors can enjoy breakfast, lunch and even an early dinner.

2. Golden Roof - Apart from its food, the restaurant is celebrated for the tantalizing view of the city it delivers from the rooftop. With a peaceful and calm atmosphere, Golden Roof expertise in Indian, Asian and Italian (Pizza) delicacies. The place serves perfectly for a grand dinner with family and friends.

3. Moonlight Restaurant - A pocket-friendly dining option also attending to one of the best views of the city, the Moonlight is a vegetarian-only rooftop restaurant that serves a variety of Indian and Chinese cuisines. The place is open between 7:30 AM and 10:30 PM. Due to its friendly staff and delicious food, it has become one of the most popular dining options among localities and tourists in Jaisalmer.

4. RJ15 Fast Food - A street food option one must try, RJ 15 serves one of the best fast food services in Jaisalmer and is a must-visit for tourists who are on the go, looking to grab a quick bite. The place specializes in Indian, Italian, Japenese, and American fast food cuisines.

5. Gaji's Restaurant - A restaurant celebrated for its cushy ambiance and delicious food, Gaji's Restaurant is one of the best restaurants particularly for evening dinner with friends and family. The restaurant is a rooftop and delivers a gorgeous view of the fort at night. Indian, Chinese and Korean food are Gaji's speciality. They also provide a rich option of vegan and gluten free dishes. The working hours of the restaurant is between 7:00 AM and 11:00 PM.

Tips for visiting Tazia Tower

1. The tower is embedded with a number of crafts and inscriptions on the walls and ceiling, visitors should take an extra precaution of not destroying anything in the tower as they hold a high historic significance.

2. Carry enough time and water in your hands, as exploring the huge tower can take more than an hour and during the summer season, it can really get humid.

3. If you are traveling with a child keep him/her away from the balconies and in the reach of your hands.

4. Visit the place either early in the morning or later towards the evening.

5. Sometimes the place can be inoculated with tourists and if you are in a group try to stay close and explore the tower together. 
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Tazia Tower FAQs

Who built the Tazia Tower?

The fort was built by Muslim craftsmen as a present for the ruler of the time Maharaja Berisal Singh. The tower comprises of 5 stories of delightful architecture that includes various balconies, arts, and inscriptions. The design of the tower's balconies replicates the Islamic tomb frequently displayed in various Islamic festivals.

When was Tazia Tower built?

The Tazia tower was built in 1886 AD and is now considered as a heritage site. It is famous among tourists for its breathtaking design and architecture. The tower is truly a depiction of the advanced craftsmanship of that era.

Can we visit the Tazia Tower at night?

No. The entry timing for Tazia tower is between 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM in the evening. The authorities do not allow visitors after the set time. The entry is free of cost and the best time for you to visit the place is either early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Why is the Tazia Tower famous?

The Tazia Tower is acknowledged for its Islamic style architecture and rich history. The tower is a heritage site displaying some of the best craftsmanship of the 12 century through it's design and inscription.

What are the things I should keep in mind before visiting Tazia Tower?

- Make sure you visit the tower well before time.
- To fully explore the tower you'll need anywhere between 1 and 2 hours.
- Stay away from the balconies and especially if you are visiting with a child.
- Always carry a guide if you want to learn more about the place and explore it in its entirety.

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