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Jaisalmer Jeep Safari 

Browse through a wide range of Jeep safari package in Jaisalmer desert packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book the best Jaisalmer Jeep safari tours with exciting deals & offers to pamper you on your Jaisalmer trip.

Jaisalmer Jeep Safari is one of the most prominent attractions of this golden city of Rajasthan. A ride across the desert along the glittering sand dunes is fun and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As the jeep crosses the sprawling desserts with its rolling dunes, visitors feel awed looking at the never-ending desert sight which unfolds in front of them.

The never-ending view is sometimes punctuated with the view of an Oasis or wild desert animals such as Black Buck Antelope. While some visitors go on a short jeep safari for 30 to 60 minutes just to have an exhilarating experience, others go for a longer ride for 4 to 6 hours to make the most of their time in the desert.

Jeep Safari in Jaisalmer taken during the daytime gives you an opportunity to wander around the desert in the jeep enjoying the bumpy ride on the dunes. You can also combine the fun of a jeep safari with the exploration of the desert attractions of Jaisalmer. Many visit attractions such as Jaisalmer Fort, Desert National Park, Gadisar Lake, Sam village, Bhilo ki Basti and so on during the jeep safari.

Travelers also love to go for a night Jaisalmer Jeep Safari booking which starts in the late afternoon. During this time, you are able to enjoy the mesmerizing sunset in the desert. Visitors are also able to enjoy the safari in the cool atmosphere at night when traveling under the stars becomes an enchanting experience.
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Jeep Safari At Desert In Jaisalmer
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Activity location: Sam Sand Dunes, JaisalmerActivity timings: 5:00 AM - 10:00 PMActivity duration: 30 MinutesAbout Jeep Safari at Desert in Jaisalmer:Jeep Safari is one of the most highly rated reasons to visit Jaisalmer and an adventurous way to cruise through the deserts. Gear up for a thrilling experience as you get on a Jeep or Fortuner with your folks. Admire the scenic views of the town or village while stroll through the sand dunes of the Thar Desert. Book this amazing package, enjoy rides on the jeep safari amidst the mesmerizing golden sand dunes of Thar desert in Jaisalmer.

41 Ratings


41 Ratings

₹ 1,347

₹ 849 per Car

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Half-Day Camel Safari Jaisalmer


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Pick-up & Drop-off Location:From/to your hotel or guest houseFrom/to the railway or bus stationActivity Timings: 05:00 AM- 09:30 PMHalf-Day Sunrise Camel Safari: 05:00 AM to 11:00 AMHalf-Day Sunset Camel Safari: 01:30 PM to 09:30 PMActivity Duration: Half-Day Sunrise Camel Safari: 6 hoursHalf-Day Sunset Camel Safari: 8 hoursAbout Half-Day Camel Safari Jaisalmer Tickets:The half-day sunset camel safari has been specially made in order to provide a first-hand experience of seeing an exquisite sunset amidst the dunes of the Thar desert. With this safari, you can visit the desert for the day, eat lunch, and return in the late afternoon after having a glimpse into desert life. The next stop will be at the Khaba Fort for an archaeological tour before moving on to an oasis, which serves as the only water supply for an entire village.

23 Ratings


23 Ratings

₹ 2,049

₹ 1,649 per Adult

Dune Bashing and Camel Safari in Jaisalmer
Dune Bashing and Camel Safari in Jaisalmer



About the Activity:If you are looking for some adventurous desert safari experience, then this tour is a perfect fit for you.Embark on this amazing tour of Sam Dunes in Rajasthan and indulge in various adventurous activities.Get picked up from your hotel in Jaisalmer and proceed towards the location for some amazing experience.Indulge in the dune safari ride and travel along the dunes in style in a 4x4 vehicle.Enjoy an enthralling camel ride and cart rides with your loved ones.End your trip with a lip-smacking authentic Rajasthani buffet and head back to Jaisalmer with lots of memories.

108 Ratings


108 Ratings

₹ 5,600

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Jeep Safari in Jaisalmer, Save 67% & Get ₹1500 Cashback
Jeep Safari in Jaisalmer, Save 67% & Get ₹1500 Cashback


About the Jeep Safari In Jaisalmer:-Make your vacation a special one while you head out on an amazing Jeep safari in Jaisalmer and drive through the deserts.-During this village jeep safari, you will get a chance to explore the villages and basti, where you get a chance to see the cultural life and daily life of these places.-Get a chance to witness the daily life of the famous Basti, as you take this amazing jeep ride.-As you move on from the bustling activity of the village to the serenity of desert, one is at times able to spot a trek of the famous Black Buck Antelope.-The drive continues across the desert to the Lakhmanna, Sam village, Bhillo ki Basti and more places where a number of migratory birds come in the season of winter, and provide a splendid view-Indulge in the Jeep safari activity and travel amidst Lakhamana Dunes for 2 KM in the desert for about 35 minutes.-Take the photographs with your family to make the trip memorable.-End your tour by heading back to the desert camp after indulging in the enthralling fun of 45 minutes.Timings:  You can pick any spot from 8:00 AM till 6:30 PM in a day.Minimum number of people required- 2.

1037 Ratings


1037 Ratings

₹ 5,728

₹ 1,890

Dune Bashing in Jaisalmer
Dune Bashing in Jaisalmer



Jaisalmer implies to a major tourist point that is based in the northwestern part of Rajasthan. Jaisalmer is regarded as the 'golden city' due to the mesmerizing charm that one gets to witness with the flowing of golden dunes in the Thar Desert. Jaisalmer constitutes a perfect blend of lakes along with Jain temples, Havelis and castles that are adorned in golden coloured sandstone. If in Jaisalmer, don't miss out the chance to get delighted with a camel ride and traverse through the desert or experience a warm camping session under millions of stars in the golden land.About the Activity:Looking forward to experiencing an adventurous activity in the golden land? Then we have the perfect option for you. The Dune Bashing activity package in Jaisalmer lets you grab this wonderful opportunity to undergo supreme adventure thrills. This package is exclusively devised for adventure lovers where you get a chance to experience a drive on a 4×4 Jeep at the sand dunes of Jaisalmer.This 45-60 minutes of Jeep Safari takes you to a super thrilling and adventurous journey which is worthy to be cherished for an entire lifetime. This package also takes care of the utmost safety and convenience of the participants of the activity and as such the participants do not need to get troubled with the safety and security aspect throughout the entire journey.Starting Point: Sam sand dunesEnding Point: Sam sand dunesTimings: The activity session starts at 5 PM in the evening.Duration: The adventurous activity lasts for 45-60mins which would be perfect to make your experience a delightful one.Note:We don’t suggest Jeep safari to guests who are plus 80 years, else a kid of 5 years to a senior citizen can & must enjoy this unique experience.

33 Ratings


33 Ratings

₹ 353

₹ 300

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Dune Bashing in Jaisalmer, Save 28% & Get Cashback of 1200
Dune Bashing in Jaisalmer, Save 28% & Get Cashback of 1200


Location: Sam Sand Dunes, JaisalmerTighten your seat belts as you head out for an unforgettable ride in the Thar Desert. Dune Bashing in Jaisalmer at the Sam sand dunes is a must-do activity for you. Get a chance to explore the exotic desert in an SUV or Jeep as you drive through the desert sand.About the activity:Activity Timing: 05:30 PM to 07:30 PMHold on to your seats as you ride past the long lines of camels in the distant and witness the setting sun. You will be given a briefing on sand driving and dune maneuvering, and you are ready to go.The trip is followed by a different type of car one is SUV and other is Jeep.Conclude this activity after 30 minutes and get back home with lots of memories.Feel as if you are on a stunt show and experience the roller coaster ride in a much different way than the usual with an experienced driver. How to reach?The activity location is just about 42 KM away from the city of Jaisalmer. It can be easily accessed by both public and private transport.

933 Ratings


933 Ratings

₹ 2,362

₹ 1,700

Dune Safari at Jaisalmer
Dune Safari at Jaisalmer



About the Activity:The mysterious desert is the ideal venue for a magical and memorable day. Leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city, and set out over a dune safari.Jeep driver will lead you to the thrilling journey – over the sand dunes, and through the Jaisalmer Desert Conservation Reserve.Experience the aspects of traditional life of golden city with mythical and timeless beauty of the desert with the dune safari in Jaisalmer.

39 Ratings


39 Ratings

₹ 1,409

₹ 1,299

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Desert Jeep Safari with Dinner, Jaisalmer- Flat 27% off
Desert Jeep Safari with Dinner, Jaisalmer- Flat 27% off



The desert of Jaisalmer is an ideal allure for travel enthusiasts with a lot of sunshine and a never-ending sleek stretch of sand. And what better way to enjoy the beauty than a desert safari via jeep in Jaisalmer-the golden city. About the tour:-One of the most popular activity after camel safari is jeep safari in Jaisalmer. It takes you across the unexplored beauty of the Sam sand dunes with much ease and comfort. Jeeps are swift as compared to camels and make for a fun ride along the glittering sand dunes. -After jeep safari, you can enjoy by watching cultural folk dance in the evening with your loved ones. And later on, savor delicious dinner.Starting Point: Campsite at sand dunesEnding Point: Campsite at sand dunesTimings: 5-9 pmDuration: 4 hours

35 Ratings


35 Ratings

₹ 1,100

₹ 800

People Also Ask About Jeep Safari in Jaisalmer

  1. Where can I do jeep safari in Jaisalmer?

    1. Sam Sand Dunes to Jaisalmer: This is the most popular sand dunes where visitors go for a jeep safari in Jaisalmer. This dune is known for its beauty which gets enhanced when a unique sight is created when winds cause ripples in the sand. A ride through the Sam Sand Dune in a 4X4 open jeep can be exciting for visitors. A jeep safari early morning watching the sun rise can be a breathtaking experience

    Those embarking on a jeep safari in the late afternoon finds it a captivating experience watching the sunset in the desert. A visit to sam village will allow the visitors to get a glimpse of the Rajasthani culture and way of living. Often Rajasthani dancers perform for visitors and entertain them with their traditional song and dance. The nearby Desert National Park is another place to visit during jeep safari.

    At Desert National Park, visitors can come to know about desert wildlife and feel delighted looking at the clean dunes made by nature. The jeep safari often includes a stay in the desert at night, which is an enchanting experience. Sam Sand dunes has several luxury resorts where guests can enjoy an unique experience of the sight of the desert at night.

    2. Khuri Sand Dunes: Located around 40 kms Khuri Dunes is famous for its desert beauty where visitors can experience traditional lifestyle and Rajasthani folktales at its best. A jeep safari to the Khuri Sand Dunes will make the visitors feel the tranquility of the isolation of the sprawling desert.

    The awe-inspiring landscape of the rolling dunes will make the visitors feel that their travelling will never come to an end. The sight of the desert becomes enchanting during the sun set which the sun rays falling on the sand make them glitter.

    Travelling in a jeep at night gives the guests a glimpse of another beautiful sight. A place to visit during the jeep safari is the Khuri village. The mud thatched houses and winding lanes makes a beautiful sight for visitors. They also enjoy shopping for fabric, handicrafts etc in this village.

  2. What is unique about jeep safari in Jaisalmer?

    Unique about Jaisalmer Jeep Safari is riding a jeep amidst sand dunes while enjoying the beauty of the Jaisalmer desert and catching sight of desert animals such as black buck antelope. A jeep safari is also the fastest and most comfortable way of exploring the places around the desert such as Jaisalmer Fort, Desert National Park, Gadisar Lake etc.

    A jeep safari in the early morning can be very picturque with the view of the rising sun in the middle of the desert. An evening ride before the sunset is also another unique experience when the jeep travels through the dunes with the light of the day fading and night settling in.

    The Jeep safari also gives an opportunity to see the rich Rajasthani culture as visitors visit various villages in the desert and also spend a night in one of the camps during the safari.

  3. How much does it cost for jeep safari in Jaisalmer?

    There are several Jeep Safari packages to choose from. Guests can opt for a 30 to 60 minutes jeep safari in Jaisalmer price between Rs.300 to Rs.500 per person. A package for 4 to 6 hours would cost between Rs.800 to Rs. 1200 per person.

    If you opt for a night package which will also include a stay at a camp, the cost would be between Rs.1200 to Rs. 1800 per person. A jeep safari in Jaisalmer price which includes exploration of villages and bastis you pass is around Rs.1800 per person.

  4. How long does jeep safari in Jaisalmer take?

    A Jeep Safari can be taken for a shorter duration of 30 to 60 minutes for those who want to just get an experience of the ride. Others may opt to combine the enjoyment of riding in a jeep in the dunes along with exploration of the places in the desert city. These Jaisalmer Jeep Safari packages would take between 4 to 6 hours.

  5. Is jeep safari in Jaisalmer safe? What safety precautions are taken?

    Jaisalmer Jeep Safari is a safe activity to indulge, even with children. However, the rides can be a little bumpy so families travelling with children and elder people must be cautious.

    There are some safety precautions to look into while on a jeep safari. So visitors embarking on a jeep safari must pay attention to the instructions given. Some common instructions are:

    - Make sure that you wear your gears properly.
    - Wear your seatbelts to avoid any accidents.
    - Carry sun protection and head cover to protect from sun burn.
    - Carry water to keep yourself hydrated in the heat.

  6. What is the best time to do jeep safari in Jaisalmer?

    Jaisalmer Jeep Safari is an open top ride in the desert heat. Hence it should be embarked during the time of the year when the weather is pleasant between October to March. The ride becomes more enjoyable in the evening after the sun is down as it becomes cooler. Best time is to start at 5pm to enjoy the sunset and return back before the night falls.

  7. What kind of jeeps are used in jeep safari?

    A Jeep Safari in jaisalmer uses powerful jeeps and SUVs as rides. The low stability and friction of the sand desert requires four wheeler vehicles with heavy engines and good power.

    This is required to handle pressure and thrust of crossing sand dunes, some of which can be as high as a two storey building. Some of the vehicles used for jeep safari are Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, Toyota Land Cruiser and Prado.

  8. What do you wear on a jeep safari in Jaisalmer?

    1. Dress: As Jeep Safari in Jaisalmer exposes your body to desert heat, it is advisable to cover most of it to avoid getting scorched. Colours such as Khakis, Olives, Tans and Browns are good to wear in deserts. For night safari, when the desert becomes cold, it is advisable to wear a warm polo neck tee along with a utility jacket.

    2. Headcover: To protect your head from sun beam and also the wind, it is a must to cover your head. A scarf, a cap, hat or turban can be a good head cover during the safari.

    3. Shoes: During safari, it is good to wear comfortable shoes as you may need to get down on the sand.

    4. Sunglasses: It is essential to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the UV rays.

  9. What are the jeep safari Jaisalmer timings?

    A day Jaisalmer Jeep Safari can be embarked on at any time between 8 am in the morning to 6:30 pm in the evening. Guests who would like to go for a night jeep safari can start their trip between 4pm to 5pm and return back to the camp around 9pm before the night fall.

  10. Are kids allowed in jeep safari Jaisalmer?

    Yes, kids love the adventure of the Jaisalmer Jeep Safari. However, they should be accompanied by their parents or guardian. Guests should keep in mind that the jeep safari ride is a bumpy ride hence all safety precautions such as wearing safety gears and fastening seat belts is a must for kids.

  11. What things should I carry for a jeep safari in Jaisalmer?

    - Sunscreen Lotion: It is a must to carry sunscreen lotion to protect your delicate skin from the heat of the sun rays.
    - Water: Water is essential during the jeep safari to keep your body hydrated.
    - Towels: Carry towels to wipe your face.
    - Sunglass: Sunglass is a must to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.
    - Headcover: You must cover your head with a scarf, a hat or a cap during the Jaisalmer Jeep Safari as protection from sun rays.
    - Camera: Do not forget to take a camera along to capture the beauty of the desert and its attractions covered under Jaisalmer Jeep Safari package.

  12. Any travel tips before visiting jeep safari in Jaisalmer?

    - Wear suitable clothing and headcover during the Jaisalmer Jeep Safari.
    - Fasten seat belts and wear gears properly before starting the trip.
    - Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the safari.
    - Carry warm clothing to wear in the evening if your safari stretches till evening.
    - Carry a small kit with general medicines, toilet paper, and towels.
    - Carry torch if going for a night safari.
    - Go for a safari ride in the late afternoon to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

  13. How can I reach Sam sand dunes from Jaisalmer?

    Sam Sand Dune is situated at the outskirt of Jaisalmer at a distance of 38.7 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station, 50.5 km from nearest airport and 36.6km from Jaisalmer Bus Stop. To reach Sam Sand Dune from Jaisalmer, you can travel by car upto a distance and then take a jeep ride or camel ride to reach Sam Sand Dunes.

  14. Are pregnant women allowed for jeep safari in Jaisalmer?

    Jaisalmer Jeep Safari may not be a recommended trip for pregnant women. A jeep ride in the desert is very bumpy with the jeep going up and down the dunes. This can be uncomfortable for a pregnant woman and can make her feel ill.

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