Best Water Parks in Granada

Water Parks in Granada

  1. Aquaola Water Park
  2. Aquatropic Water Park

In the summer, Granada can reach scorching highs of over 40 degrees Celsius. Finding cool alternatives that let you make the most of the warmer days is essential. If you're looking for a way to cool off from the hot sun, a good alternative is to visit water parks in Granada. For instance, you may avoid the crowds at Spain's first saltwater water park, Aquatropic, and still get a taste of the salty sea air and the thrill of the rides. Turn into a human torpedo as you barrel down waterslides and dive into the refreshing saltwater below. Enjoy the free floats in the wave pool, the relaxing waters of the magnificent jacuzzis, and much more!

With only nine attractions, Aquaola is another one of Grenada's waterparks. It is conveniently positioned close to the provincial capital. This, however, is more than adequate to cool, refresh, and entertain people of all ages, down to the tiniest children who may enjoy a pirate ship with a number of water slides. There is a picnic area in this park, as well as eateries and ice cream stands, to keep you fed and refreshed throughout the day.

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Granada Water Parks FAQs

Which are the best water parks in Granada?

1. Aquaola Water Park: Visit the Aquaola water park, which is conveniently located a short bus ride away from the center of the city as this is one of the Granada Water Parks great for group outings of any size. There are numerous slides and pipes for you to test, besides the usual fare of parks and trees, there are also swimming pools, ships, and other attractions to be found there.

And when you're ready to unwind, you may take advantage of the restaurant's tapas or lounge in the shade. The park promises to adhere to all safety regulations mandated by local, state, and federal authorities. Additionally, there are medical professionals, lifeguards, and a ticket service available.

Location: C. Garcia Lorca, 53, 18190 Cenes de la Vega, Granada, Spain
Timings: Open daily from 11 AM to 8 PM

2. Aquatropic Water Park: Envision a beach that also features waterslides, and Aquatropic Water Park is one of the water parks in Granada which is just that. This unique Spanish water park blends the pleasure of being at the beach with the thrills of water slides, coasters, wave pools, and more.

The rides have names like "Tropical Trails," "Lake Cascade," "Zig-zag," "Kamikaze," "Hydrotube," and "Black Hole," you know you're in for an exciting adventure. To top it all off, less chemicals are needed to treat saltwater, making the world even more joyful.

Location: Paseo Reina Sofía, S/N, 18690 Almuñécar, Granada, Spain
Timings: Open daily from 11 AM to 7 PM

What are the best rides in Aquatropic Water Park?

1. Hydrotube: Aqua Tropicana's version of this classic will make you forget all about time. If you throw yourself blindfolded, you'll make it to the water in under a minute.

2. Zig Zag: A staple in the Aqua Tropic canon, this attraction never fails to impress. You can ride Zig Zag in a continuous round from the highest point of Aqua Tropic.

3. Zig Zag with rings: A donut ride on the Zig Zag with rings at Aqua Tropic is a must-do. You can do this enjoyable activity whether you're alone or in a group.

4. Whirlpool: Whirlpool is the newest and most exciting addition to the park, and it will enhance your experience of the scenery. Come test out the quickest spins if you are capable and raring to ride.

5. Tropical Fountain: Three zigzags, one closed tube, and two sets of parallel lines are among the shapes included in the Tropical Fountain. Any child over 1.10 meters in height will find the children's area of this attraction to be too small.

Which are the best water parks in Granada for kids?

1. Aquaola: Aquaola Water Park is one of the water parks in Granada which is the smallest of Granada's waterparks, but the nine attractions (including a pirate ship with water slides for toddlers) are more than enough to keep visitors of all ages happy and occupied.

2. Aquatropic: Aquatropic is a 35,000-square-meter water park in Almunecar's Playa Velilla, on the stunning Costa Tropical. It is one of the only water parks in Granada that uses salt water and is located right on the beach. Six new, larger slides, a "water-tower," two lakes, a wave pool, and a brand-new jacuzzi are all part of the modern addition.

3. Bahia Park: The Gran Niagara and the Kamikaze are two of the eight major slides available in Bahia Park, one of the most popular water parks in Granada. Many of the slides feature inflatable inner tubes, which just increases the thrill and speed. Andalucia's largest jacuzzi may be found in Bahia Park, which also features many other pools, including a wave pool and a pool that dumps a thousand gallons of water on swimmers.

What is the best time to visit Granada ?

The spring months of March–May are widely regarded as the ideal time to visit Granada due to the pleasant weather (low humidity and clear skies). A regular rain pattern is typical for this time of year, but intense downpours, prolonged storms, and other extreme weather conditions are not. In this season, visitors may count on lengthy, sunny days. 

What is the best way to get to Granada?

1. By air: International flights to Granada typically arrive at Malaga Costa del Sol Airport, which is located nearby and serves as a major transportation hub. It is a 125-kilometer (90-minute) trip from Málaga Airport to Granada.

2. By train: From other Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, and Sevilla, the tourist can take a train to Granada. Despite the lack of a high-speed rail system, Granada is serviced by several long-distance lines. It's a 4.5-hour trip from Madrid to Granada, and there are two departures per day (in the morning and the evening).

3. By bus: From everywhere in Spain, taking a bus to Granada is a breeze. Multiple buses arrive and depart from Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga,  Cordoba, Ubeda, Seville, Orihuela, and many other Spanish cities every day. From Barcelona, you may take a bus straight to Granada. There are four daily service departures, and the trip typically takes about 15 hours and 30 minutes.

What is the timing of the Aquaola Water Park?

The timing of Aquaola Water Park is 11:30 AM to 7: 30 PM. During this time frame you can make the most of pools, man-made rivers and water slides in one of the most happening water parks in Granada. 

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