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Biodomo Granada is a science museum located in Parque de las Ciencias science centre that aims at the conservation and research of the world’s biodiversity. It is an educational space that exhibits the relationship between human beings and environment and the mechanisms facilitating life. The park houses 250 different species of flora and fauna nurtured in replicas of their natural habitats.

Granada is a popular tourist destination that is well-known for its rich history, cultural heritage, significant monuments like palaces and fortresses, and traditional Islamic architecture.

An off-beat site in the city, Biodomo, is a zoo in Granada that is a window to the biodiversity of our planet and the ecological interactions that help this biodiversity sustain. Located within the Parque de las Ciencia science museum in the centre of the city, Biodomo is an interactive space that facilitates research, education and conservation of the environment. With over 250 different species of plants, animals and aquatic creatures, Biodomo park is a wonderful place to visit with kids.

Biodomo Granada recreates the various habitats and ecosystems of the world to provide a serene environment for the animals. It has three distinct zones- Underwater, Terrestrial and Aerial.

The Underwater zone has a large aquarium where you can see a plethora of aquatic animals. The Terrestrial and Aerial zones house the replicas of hotspots of the world where biodiversity is abundant. You can walk through the Indo-Pacific region, tropical dense forests of Madagascar and rainforests of Amazon and catch a glimpse of the flora and fauna native to the region.

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• Visit Biodomo Granada park and see replicas of habitats like tropical zones, rainforests and humid evergreen forests where many distinct species of plants and animals are grown.
• Witness a plethora of aquatic, terrestrial and aerial animals harmonised with the vegetation of the same origin including shrubs, trees, epiphytes, herbaceous plants and lianas to improve the biodiversity of Biodomo.
• Explore the Indo-Pacific, Madagascar and Amazon habitat zones and catch a glimpse of different varieties of flora, underwater creatures, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians native to the region.
• Learn about the species conservation projects, research study and educational programmes undertaken by the park to preserve our biodiversity.

How To Reach

By Bus: Board a bus on transit lines 5, 121 and U3 and alight at Cno. Ronda 4 - Alcazar Genil bus station from where Biodomo Granada is just 6 minutes away by walk. You can also use the lines 150,153 and 155 to reach Plaza de las Americas 2 bus stop and then walk to the park. The other nearest bus stations to Biodomo are Parque De Las Ciencias 1 and Doctor Alejandro Otero.

By Metro: The metro line M, Metro de Granada, stops at Andres Segovia station from where you can take a cab or walk to Biodomo in 16 minutes.

By Car: You can drive directly or hire a cab from the centre of the city to reach the science centre in 15 minutes. There are two main parking areas near the entrances.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Biodomo Granada is during the morning hours as soon as the park opens when the animals are enthusiastic and lively. Else, you can visit around late afternoon when the tourist crowds are less. It is advisable to visit on weekdays as weekends tend to be busier than usual.

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Other Essential Information

Tips to Visit Biodomo Granada

  1. Visitors are given a 10-minute introductory session, parts of which are in Spanish, about the rules and regulations of Biodomo.
  2. Food and drinks from outside are not allowed.
  3. Taking pictures with flash and the usage of selfie sticks and tripods are prohibited for the wellness of the animals.
  4. Listen and adhere to the instructions given by the park staff as there are free-roaming animals. 
  5. Do not hit windows to attract the attention of the animals and avoid touching the plants and animals for safety.

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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Point of Interest for Biodomo Granada


The Indo-Pacific Zone shows the rich biodiversity of Southeast Asia and consists of the replicas of main ecological regions like Mekong River and Sulawesi. The Greater Mekong Basin is the biggest rice-growing region of Asia and is the second-largest biodiversity of fish with over 1200 species. The lowland forests of Sulawesi region houses unique species of mammals and birds.

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Madagascar is the fourth largest island that has a distinctive ecosystem with remarkable biodiversity. It has lush green jungles, tropical dry forests, plateaus and deserts. Its rich coastline has some of the largest coral reefs and mangroves of the world. This region consists of more than 11,000 endemic plant species.

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The Amazon is the home to tropical rainforests of the world while the Amazon River is the home to many different kinds of freshwater fish species. You can witness exotic animals native to Amazon like the six-banded armadillo, two-toed sloth, or trumpeter bird in this zone.

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