Museo Casa de los Tiros Overview

Designed to resemble the palaces of the Spanish city of Granada at the time, Museo Casa de Los Tiros is a popular museum visited by tourists from all around the world. The guns that were previously stationed between its battlements gave rise to the building's nickname, "house of the shoots." It had a fortified, military look because it was a part of the Los Alfareros neighborhood's defense wall. 

This famous museum of Granada in Spain was constructed between 1530 and 1540 and has been a center of attraction for history aficionados since the beginning. It is a historic castle dating back to the 16th century called Casa de Los Tiros which lies in the center of the Realejo district.

It resembles a fortification and gets its name from the shots that can be seen in the battlements. The Granada-Venegas aristocratic family purchased the mansion soon after it was built. The family crest, consisting of a sword slicing through a heart and the phrase "the heart commands," may be seen on the Casa de Los Tiros' façade.

In order to avoid conflicts with Christians and Muslims, there are no religious symbols on the facade, which is also notable. Five statues of Hercules, Theseus, Jason, and Hector may be found on the two balconies carved into the front of the home.

Since its acquisition by the state in 1921, the Casa de Tiros Museum has called it home, along with a library and a collection of publications on topics relating to Granada. The old structure is represented only by its tower; later construction has occurred all around it. The main hall, known as the Cuadra Dorada, features polychrome coffering and Plateresque doors.

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• Watch posters, drawings, newspapers, engravings, pictures, and other items that chronicle Granada's history from the 16th century to the present and are on display in the museum's twelve rooms.
• Explore other significant figures like Isabel the Catholic, Carlos V, and Felipe II on the museum's main stairway which is home to a collection of several royal pictures.
• Check out the collection of 19th-century pottery, ceramics with Nasrid influences, and tapestries that belonged to prominent Granadan bourgeois families can be seen in one of the rooms.
• Explore The Golden Square, a chamber in the museum which is often referred to as the most fascinating area. Here, Spanish heroes, royal busts, and narrative inscriptions are all displayed on the hardwood ceiling.

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