Tipu Sultan Mosque Overview

Tipu Sultan Mosque is among the oldest magnificent mosques of all times. Construction of this capacious mosque ended in 1842, and the place of worship has a staggering capacity of 1000. Prince Ghulam Mohammed is the man behind the breathtaking design of the Tipu Sultan mosque.

Unknown to many, Prince Ghulam was the youngest child of Mr. Tipu Sultan. Despite the fact that this mosque is more than 150 years old, it’s still a huge source of history and heritage. As per the structure of any other mosque, the Tipu Sultan Mosque also has 4 minarets on four corners. In the middle are 16 domes that are painted in green color. Due to the color of the mosque, as well as the intricate carvings, one can spot it from a good distance.

Location: 185, Lenin Sarani Rd, Esplanade, Chandni Chawk, Bowbazar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700013.

Price: The entry fee is required to gain access into the Tipu Sultan Mosque.

Timing: 4:00PM to 6:00PM, evening.

Best Time to Visit: 8:00 am to 11:00 am.

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