Alipore Zoological Gardens Overview

Alipore Zoological Gardens located in Alipore Kolkata, West Bengal. The gardens occupy a total of over 46 acres and houses close to 1266 animals. This zoological garden is among the oldest zoological parks in India today. The garden serves as a habitat for different species of mammals, reptiles, birds as well as primates. Also known as Calcutta Zoo,It is one of the oldest zoological parks established in India.

The Alipore Zoo attracts a flock of tourists from various locations, especially during winters. The Zoo is home to the expired Aldabra giant tortoise 'Adwaita', a tortoise which is almost extinct  (from the year 2006). Nature enthusiasts would love this place due to its abundant and plentiful wildlife.

Location: Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal, in India.

-INR.5 (aquarium),
-INR.250 (photo) and
-INR.30 (zoo).

Timing: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm (Thursdays closed).

Best time to visit: During morning hours.

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