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Kolkata Water Sports FAQs

Which are the best destinations for cruise journeys in and from Kolkata?

1. Sundarbans: The best way to closely observe the mangrove ecosystem is to embark on journeys that take you close to the lifestyle. The Sunderbans, the mangrove delta at the confluence of Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers are a wonderland of the wild. This cruise in Kolkata will take you through bewildering sights of wild animals and reptiles. Besides, estuarine crocodiles, monitor lizards and a range of different birds amid the thicket of the evergreen forests can be observed on the way.

Price: Rs.3000 per person (1 day tour) Rs. 10,000-12,000 (3-day tour)

2. Gangasagar:
Immerse yourself in the divinity of the holy Ganga river by visiting Gangasagar, a pilgrimage to the southern side of Sagar Island in river Ganga. This is a very popular spot to be frequented by devotees as it is considered as one of the most important pilgrimages after Kumbh Mela. Taking a dip into the holy waters of river Ganga is said to eradicate one of their sins and take them a step closer to salvation. The Kapil Muni’s Ashram in Gangasagar is a must-visit here. There are daily ferry cruise trips available from Kolkata’s Millennium Park.

Price: Rs 1,000 (One-way only)

3. Varanasi: From the ancient capital city of Kolkata to the most sacred city Varanasi, experience a range from inspiration to poignancy of Ganges, on this 14-day cruise in Kolkata. It is not any other cruise trip but a voyage that will enchant you to the extremes of this country. Spiritual to chaotic, colourful to odd-looking, a sense of adventure sails you through this journey on Ganges. From the smaller towns, historical sites to temples this cruise takes you through the culture of India and its devotion to Ganges. Reach Varanasi to witness the magical mysticism of religious rituals carried on the Ganga Ghats.

Price: Rs. 104,500 (14-day cruise) Prices may vary as per companies.

4. Kaziranga National Park:
There’s no doubt about a cruise through Ganga being a mind-blowing one, so pair it up with another scenic route of the mighty Brahmaputra of Assam. The twin river cruise is a 7-day upstream journey from Kolkata’s Barrackpore to reach Guwahati. Further on embark on another week-long journey to cruise through the beautiful Nameri and Kaziranga national parks. Wildlife viewing, tea gardens visit, living by deserted river islands to learn and appreciate the local lifestyle, you can customize these Kolkata cruise itineraries.

Price: Rs 518,000 (Approximately $7077 per person)

5. Hooghly:
The overnight cruise journeys are of course a lavish affair which may not fit everyone’s pocket. But three-hour long ship rides along the Hooghly river which let you cruise along the calm river waters. Watch the most famous and sacred landmarks from a scenic viewpoint of the river. The iconic Howrah bridge, Kathgola Palace, Hazar Duari and a few other architectural structures can be observed on this ride. Embark on a soothing sunset ride with your loved one or opt for experiencing a warm sunrise as you sail along into the reflections. Admire the enchanting views as you make lovely memories on this Kolkata cruise.

Price: Rs. 1,000 to 1,500 per person

What are the different types of accommodation available on cruises in Kolkata?

Depending on the Kolkata cruise you choose, the accommodation differs. Most cruises have suite rooms with twin bedding. The luxury cruises have some of the finest rooms with accentuating style to your comfort. 

1. Signature Suite: The signature suite offers two types of arrangements - 1 queen sized beds or 2 twin-sized beds. There is also a comfortable seating area.

2. Colonial Suite: The colonial suite boasts of a French balcony to enjoy the views as you pass through the tranquil waters.

3. Maharaja Suite: Needless to say, with royalty attached to their name, these rooms are exquisite ones. They are decked with embellished decor and have spacious bathrooms with both bathtub and shower panels.

4. Heritage Suite: Offering utmost privacy, these suite rooms have a spacious French balcony to witness the panoramic views, Heritage Suite is a perfect retreat. It is fitted with an exquisite four-poster bed, Persian rugs and floor-to-ceiling glass doors.

5. Staterooms: Cosy teak wood cabins, with a capacity of two people. These rooms have a colonial-era character with contemporary comfort in the interiors. They come with a private balcony to enjoy the surroundings from the comfort of your privacy.

6. Double Bed Rooms: These are double bedrooms with AC and attached toilets.

What is the best time to visit Kolkata?

October to mid-March. The weather is dry and the temperature remains pleasant to go around exploring the city. The months of December to February are comparatively chilly across the country, so the dry winter season is also ideal to go cruising in Kolkata.

What is famous in Kolkata?

Drama, theatre, art or literature, Kolkata pioneers in contributing to the culture of a place. Other than its tourist spots, the city is famous for its traditional Bengali sweet Rasgulla. The city is also famous for its pomp and grandeur around celebrations of Durga Puja. Yellow taxis and tram rides are also something that add to the element of this city.

How many days do we need to explore Kolkata?

We need at least 2-3 days to explore Kolkata. The cultural capital of the country can be overwhelming with its offerings of historical monuments, heritage temples, museums, food lanes and the colourful markets. Divide your days into exploring the regions of North, West and South Kolkata each day.

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