Crystal Palace Park, London: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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About Crystal Palace Park

Resting amidst the sky-touching buildings and old vibes of southeast London, the Crystal Palace Park is a one of its kind place where the visitors can learn, maintain health and their well-being along with indulging in some recreational activities. Besides, it houses a number of important natural attractions accompanied by man-made heritages. Also, it is the centre of all national sport events where people gather in a huge number.

Besides, one could also cherish the views of the Grand Terraces and central axis which presents an enchanting site of the old times. While roaming amidst the dense tropical woods and strolling around the clear ponds, you could witness the mesmerising statues of the prehistoric monsters. Built by Benjamin Waterhouse, these statues of the dinosaurs are the first ever life sized models of extinct animals.

The best part of the Crystal Palace Park is the Crystal Palace Museum, which still keeps the renowned Crystal Palace alive in its artefacts, photos, documents and ceramics of the palace. As the history recites, the Crystal Palace was burnt down by a fire in the year 1936 and the popularity of the palace led to the establishment of this museum.

People visit here to understand the story of Hyde Park and Sydenham Crystal Palaces through a series of images and scaled models of the Crystal Palace. The best place to unwind in the entire London, Crystal Park lets you spend some refreshing as well as rejuvenating time by providing you facilities like concrete pathways, lively animal farm, children’s playground, puzzling maze, stunning cafe and much more.

How to Reach Crystal Palace Park

The Crystal Palace Park is located at the South-East London suburb which can be visited by different modes of transportation. Some of the common ways to reach Crystal Palace Park is - 

By Train:
The nearest train stations are the Penge West Station or Crystal Palace Station which is situated at a distance of just a short walk from the park.

By Bus:
Some of the routes which run on this location are 3, 122, 157, 202, 227, 249, 322, 358, 363, 410, 417, 432, 450.

By Car:
People can park their cars on the free parking which is available at the Thicket Road and the Anerley Hill which are the entrances to the park.

What Not to Miss at Crystal Palace Park

Here are some of the best things to do in Crystal Palace Park:

1. Go Skating At Skate Park
Inside the park there is a 1,100 square metre skatepark where skateboarding is one of the must things to do. This is the place where the major UK national skateboarding competition was held in 1977. 

2. See The Dinosaurs
There is a ‘Dinosaur Court’ which is adorned by gigantic statues of dinosaurs. This has been a symbol of British influence on science since it opened in 1854. These sculptures narrate the story of how science was built and changes came over time.   

3. Explore The Maze
This maze is one of the largest in the country which is spread across an area of 160 feet. The maze is a fascinating spot of the Crystal Palace Park which has been bewildering the visitors since 1870. Alongside that there are hedgerows and a confounding network of Pathways.

Places to visit near Crystal Palace Park

1. Westow Park 
In the 1890’s this park was initially acquired by the local authority which made it a children’s playground. Now this place has been turned into an attraction which can be visited by the people who are coming to the Crystal Palace park. Adorned with garden terraces and an ornamental archway which used to lead to the Church Road. Inside the park there are horse chestnuts planted.      

2. Tower Of London 
This is an incredible symbol of architecture that gives a closure to the gruesome and compelling history. This castle has 22 towers which was once a royal residence, a treasury mint, armoury and also zoo. In the present day, this place is just known as the prison where the king, three queens and other nobles met their death.   

3. London Eye
Located at the heart of the capital, the London Eye is the main highlight of the London city. Beautifully rotating over the Thames river, this gigantic structure is located opposite the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. The entire 135 metres high structure, the London Eye is considered the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheels.

Other Essential Information About Crystal Palace Park

7:30AM-8:30PM (Mon-Fri), 9AM-8:30PM (Sat-Sun)

Mobile Connectivity in Crystal Palace Park: Inside the Crystal Palace Park there is a good network coverage for 2G and 3G networks both indoors and outdoors. People having a 5G connection can face some issues as its connectivity is available at few sections of the park.

Highlights of Crystal Palace Park

- Urban Farm 
Gardening Sessions
Crystal Palace Museum Tour 
Skate Park 

Historical Essence of Crystal Palace Park

Crystal Palace Park was the home to the revolutionary Crystal Palace which was made of a combination of iron and glass. Built in the year 1850, the palace was relocated to Sydenham in the year 1854. That is when the exemplary Crystal Palace Park was developed along with its various prominent features.

However, a fire struck the palace on 30th of November 1936 which left this marvellous piece of architecture in ruins. Due to lack of finance the palace could not be rebuilt which left the present day park in this condition. One could still witness the spot where the palace was once located.

Places to Eat near Crystal Palace Park

1. Joanna’s
Opened in 1978, this restaurant is one of the highly acclaimed places in South London. The place is famous for its delicious hamburgers, cocktails and also warm hospitality. The menu has all the best picks from British cuisine and with the view from the window, it becomes more amazing.  

2. Brown & Green
This is one of the best brunch places located in the vicinity of the Crystal Palace Park. The place masters in the art of making coffee and alongside that there are many things which make a great brunch platter.  
3. Crystal Palace Market
This is an innovative idea to enjoy healthy, fresh and delicious food. The market offers a wide array of options to enjoy the grilled chicken or fish which boasts the local flavors.   

Places to Stay near Crystal Palace Park

1. Travelodge London Crystal Palace
Featuring all the luxury, the Travelodge London Crystal Palace is located in the vicinity of the Crystal Palace Park. Alongside that are restaurants in the vicinity of  the hotel which serves a wide range of food and drinks. 

2. Via Lewisham Hostel
For the travelers who are always hustling, this is the perfect place to stay and connect with the locals too. Equipped with all the best facilities and a cheap breakfast, this place is a good deal. 

3. Western London Queens Hotel
This hotel was built in 1854 which showcases contemporary decor and other facilities. Alongside the amazing interiors, there is an onsite car park, conferencing facilities and an Italian restaurant within the premises.

Medical Facilities of Crystal Palace Park

There is a Crystal Palace NHS clinic located within the boundaries of the park. For emergency cases, this trust provides an ambulance car for commuting from the park to rehabilitation centre. 

Travellers' Tip before Visiting Crystal Palace Park

- It is recommended to visit this park during the early hours or late evening to avoid the crowd. 
The easiest way to reach the park is by taking a train which will be hassle-free and easy to reach option. 
The dinosaur park is one of a kind place inside the Crystal Palace park which cannot be missed.
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People Also Ask About Crystal Palace Park

  1. Is the Crystal Palace still open?

    Yes, the Crystal palace is still open. It was taken down and rebuilt at the Sydenham hill at which the site was there till 1936. The Crystal Palace was reopened after that on May 1, 1851.
  2. Is Crystal Palace park free?

    Yes, there is no entry fee for the Crystal Palace Park in London. The visitors can enjoy a day with family and friends exploring the various sections of the park.
  3. Why did Crystal Palace burn down?

    The Crystal Palace Park was constructed of iron and glass which was struck by fire on 30th November, 1936. Due to the wear and tear and lack of finance to repair it, the place remained in very poor conditions. The cause of the fire is still unknown and there was no official inquiry to know the reason.
  4. Can you cycle in Crystal Palace Park?

    Yes. There are specified cycle routes where people can go cycling in the Crystal Palace Park.
  5. Was Crystal Palace a success?

    The Crystal Palace was considered the architectural marvel which gained its importance during the Exhibition. Later it was moved and rebuilt in 1854 in a bigger form at Sydenham Hill in South London.
  6. How do you get to Crystal Palace Park?

    The best way to reach the Crystal Palace Park is by train. The Selhurst and Thornton Heath stations are located at a distance of just 5-10 minutes walk from the ground.
  7. What bus goes to Crystal Palace Park?

    The Bus No. 32 and 432 are the ones which runs around the Crystal Palace Park.