Saint Michael's Mount Overview
St. Michael's Mount is an important pearl in the beauty of Cornwall's Crown. St Michael's Mount is one of Britain's most surprising seaside areas. This little island is cut off from the terrain a few times each day, so it has a character the entirety of its own. The special palace rules this little island, standing gladly on top of a rough apex.

Take a couple of full breaths before you move to the top along a lofty, cobbled pathway. St Michael's Mount is generally acclaimed for its exquisite nurseries, particularly in the spring and summer when the patios course down from the palace is an uproar of shading. It's fantastic that these lavish nurseries thrive, given the ocean hitting the shores and the salty breezes which blow in across the island give you the refreshing feeling.

Location: St Michael's Mount, Marazion, UK
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