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    An experience of a lifetime would be hiking the Grand Canyon, in the state of Arizona. Explore the nooks and corners of this Indian settlement, feast your eyes on the various rock formations and swim in the cascading waterfalls.

    Las Vegas is more than just the casinos, although that’s probably on your checklist! When you’re in the area, don’t miss a chance to go tandem skydiving to get a bird’s eye view of the Las Vegas Strip and Mount Charleston. PS: You can gamble in The Red Rock Casino, the Bellagio, the Venetian-Palazzo or Caesar’s Palace!

    When it’s comes to the sparkling waters of the east coast, and New York’s Harbour in particular, sailing on a yacht or boating cruises are a common sight. Take in views of the Manhattan skyline, Ellis Island and Brooklyn Bridge, with a drink in hand! After sunset, you can also opt for a Liberty Statue cruise.

    Thirsty? America’s wine capital, Napa Valley, where hundreds of wine connoisseurs and tourists stop over, is sure to quench your thirst. Some of them like Jameison Ranch, Acacia and Chimney Rock etc. have exquisite wine tasting tours. If not Napa, California also has the famous Beringer Vineyards of St. Helena or the wineries of Calistoga. 

    1. Cruise at The Prince William Sound

    Image Credits : Christoph Strässler - Flickr

    2. Explore The Grand Canyon National Park

    3. Grab a photo opportunity at The Garvan Woodland Gardens

    Image Credits : Kimberly Vardeman - Flickr

    4. Stroll along Santa Monica Pier

    Image Credits : Boqiang Liao - Flickr

    5. Climb the Rockies

    Image Credits : MaxGag - Flickr

    6. A little bit of France within America at Nemours Mansion

    Image Credits : Peter Miller - Flickr

    7. Walt Disney World

    8. USS Arizona Memorial

    9. Ski at Bogus Basin

    Image Credits : Ridge Tahoe Resort Hotel - Flickr

    10. Have a real Chicago-style Pizza

    Image Credits : The Pizza Review - Flickr

    11. Whizz around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

    12. Tour the Capitol Building 

    Image Credits : Richard Smith - Flickr

    13. Kansas Museum of History

    14. Raise a glass on the Jim Beam tour

    15. Discover a bit of the old neighbourhood in the French Quarter

    Image Credits : Ka!zen - Flickr

    16. Discover a hidden treasure in Acadia National Park

    Image Credits : Paul VanDerWerf - Flickr

    17. Freedom Trail

    Image Credits : Henri Sivonen - Flickr

    18. Mall of America at Minnesota

    19. Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge

    Image Credits : Diana Robinson - Flickr

    20. Have a cold one on the Budweiser Tour

    Image Credits : Clive Darra - Flickr

    21. Glacier National Park

    22. Gene Leahy Mall

    23. Canobie Lake Park

    24. New Brunswick

    25. Statue of Liberty

    Image Credits : MsSaraKelly - Flickr

    26. Nantahala River

    27. Cincinnati Zoo

    Image Credits : Libby Urquhart - Flickr

    28. Go skiing & nature trail at Mount Hood

    Image Credits : Trysil - Flickr

    29. Philadelphia Museum of Art

    30. Green Animals

    Image Credits : Ricymar Photography - Flickr

    31. Practice your swing on some of the best golf courses on the continent

    Image Credits : Fevi in Pictures - Flickr

    32. Visit four ex-Presidents at Mount Rushmore

    33. ‘The King’ at Graceland

    Image Credits : Nick Shields - Flickr

    34. Ben and Jerry’s Tour

    35. Shenandoah Valley National Park

    Image Credits : Amateur photography by michel - Flickr

    36. SkyCity Restaurant

    Image Credits : Ken Lund - Flickr

    37. Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum

    Image Credits : Karen Roe - Flickr

    38. Old Faithful Geyser

    Image Credits : Yellowstone National Park - Flickr

    39. Visit the Zoo in Columbia

    Image Credits : Airwolfhound - Flickr

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