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  • Explore Perth's wine bars and stunning beaches, spectacular green parks and shimmering skyscrapers, funky neighborhoods, and beautiful colonial architecture. Perth's fusion of big-city attractions with relaxed and casual surrounds offers a tempting lifestyle for visitors and locals lots to do for .

     It's a matured, cosmopolitan city with restaurants, myriad bars, and cultural activities all striving for attention. When you want to chill out, it's easy to do so. Perth's nearby bush, pristine parkland,river and ocean beaches – along with an excellent public transport system – allow its inhabitants and tourists to spread out and enjoy what's on offer.

    Here are Best Things to do in Perth:

  • 01hot air ballooning

    Image Credit : Cobalt998
    Feel lighter and experience the peace and harmony of floating high by enjoying the marvellous Hot air ballooning over the Avon Valley. The rural landscape of the area provides a splendid picturesque setting which looks amazingly beautiful during the wee hours of dawn. Floating gently through the verdant landscape covered with lush growth and developing crops and enjoying the picture perfect natural surrounding it is an experience of a lifetime.

    The flight usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour and it starts usually before dawn so the enigma of the first rays on the countryside is never missed. There are various adventure touring companies but one must choose the reputed and reliable ones who have commercial pilots who are licensed attached to them. The safety measures are also taken care of so that vacationers can fully concentrate on the ride. Once the flight is done one can celebrate the same with champagne and breakfast.
    Hot Air Ballooning in Melbourne

    Hot Air Ballooning in Melbourne


    h1 HourlMelbourne

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  • 02skydiving

    When the motive is to enjoy adventurous sports then one can surely try tandem skydiving in the land of Perth. Taking the spectacular dive from multiple heights ranging from 10,000 to 15,000feet, one can enjoy fascinating thrill of the sport through the Geographe Bay and Margaret River region. The sport is done along with experts and professionals of the field so the inexperienced ones can also enjoy the beauty of the game.

     With proper briefing of the rules of the sport, the tour operators take on a splendid journey of 20 minutes flight above the most fascinating and breathtaking areas of the country. With a free fall of more than 66 seconds at the rate of 200km/hour this is a sport perfect to get the adrenaline rush. The tour is provided by many operators in the city and all the essentials are available with them only. So put the stomach butterflies aside and get on. 
    Skydiving Experience in Rockingham

    Skydiving Experience in Rockingham


    h1 HourlRockingham

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  • 03kayaking

    Image Credit : bigandyherd
    Kayaking Tours are equally popular water sports in Perth which are hugely enjoyed by the natives and visitors of the city. Several tour operators especially on the Swan River ensures all kinds of facilities ranging from kayak hire to other necessary accessories to facilitate the tour. They have instructors who can train and provide necessary guidance for the beginners to this game.

     The tours range from 1 hour to multiple hours as booked. Kayaking in Perth can be done all year round and during some tours one can get good opportunity for photo shooting and dolphin watching. One can see a lot of birds and marine life and feed them too in these tours. It’s extremely entertaining on the Swan River and a must try for all. No formal experience is required for this sport.
    Kayaking and Hiking in Byron Bay

    Kayaking and Hiking in Byron Bay


    d2 Daysn1 NightlByron Bay

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  • 04Visit Swan Valley

    On the northern side of Perth and the Swan river lies the beautiful Swan Valley. It is the oldest wine region of Western Australia. The Swine Valley food and wine trail is a wonderful location to explore some of the best cuisine and bag some fine bottle of wines. There are many breweries, winery cafes and fresh produce stalls which can be explored to know the real essence of the city. One can visit the national Park and even do cycling in the Swan Valley Heritage trail. Village Guildford is based at the gateway of Swan Valley.

    One can shop a lot of antique goods or work of art here and explore the local shops. Horse riding tours are also quite popular in Swan Valley. In fact it is an ideal location to have a full day trip with many entertaining activities that helps in spending good time with friends and family. One can get close to koalas in Caversham or enjoy the visual treat of crocodiles in Henley Brook.
    Swan Valley Tour in Perth

    Swan Valley Tour in Perth


    h9 Hoursh30 MinuteslPerth

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  • 05Visit Perth Zoo

    Located at the banks of Swan River about 5 minutes from Perth CBD, lay the Perth Zoo. The Zoo remains open every day of the year and as per records it has never been closed from the day it was opened in 1898. It is quite large an area so if the program is for half a day then one may lose out on essential part of the zoo, so an ideal tour would be for a full day. Almost all types of animals are available here with all coming from different parts of the globe. There are Asian animals, African, Australian, South American and not to forget a whole range of love fauna and a wide range of unique plants. The entry fee of the zoo is different for individuals and for groups. However for child below 4 years of age the entry is free. There are membership cards and citizen concession card which allows great discounts. Educational programs and events are organised here too which are especially good for the kids.

    Location: 20 Labouchere Rd, South Perth 
    Perth City and Zoo Experience

    Perth City and Zoo Experience


    d1 DaylPerth

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  • 06Visit The Perth Mint

    Being the oldest gold mint of the world and a branch of Britain Royal Mint, the Perth Mint was built in 1899. Crossing the iron gates one can visually treat their eyes with the greatest collection of gold bars available on earth. It is almost worth a million dollars gold asset present in the museum. Located within walking distance from Central Business district, the Perth Mint is open on all days throughout the year. The primary work of the institution at the beginning was to gold refining as it was collected from the eastern goldfields of Western Australia and then produce coinage. In this process they have successfully built up a fascinating collection, which is definitely worth a view. One can enjoy the sight of the biggest coin which is made of a ton of pure gold and values about 50 million dollars. Enjoy the view of gold nuggets and many other forms. One can also fetch an entry in the melting house and see gold melting from solid gold bar.

    Location: 310 Hay Street, East Perth

    Timings: 9am to 5pm 
  • 07Visit Fremantle Prison

    Image Credit : Tamsin Slater
    Being the largest convict built prison this is Western Australia’s World Heritage Building which has been used for the last 140 years as a place for incarnation. With 5m high walls this is one of the dominating places of Fremantle. The tour consists of visit to kitchen, men’s cells, and solitary confinement cells. One can visit the women prison and take the underground boat ride through the tunnels. Once entering the gate house one can visit Prison gallery, gift shops and the Convict Cafe which is absolutely free. The first convicts were made to build the same including others as time passes by. Stretching from 1855 to 1991, over 3, 50,000 have been incarcerated here. This is one of the prominent sightseeing spots of the city and a must visit for all who wants to explore the historical places of the city.

    Location: 1, The Terrace, Fremantle, Perth

    Timings: 9am to 5pm 
    Historic Tour of Fremantle

    Historic Tour of Fremantle


    h4 HourslFremantle

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  • 08fishing

    Image Credit : aushiker
    Fishing in Perth is entertaining at any time of the year. However warmer times especially during November to March are considered as specially rewarding. The early morning remains ideal for fishing in the beautiful Swan River with local marine animals moving along in search of food. The river mouth at North Mole, Fermantle to the Mosman Bay is considered as the most productive area for fishing. Land based ocean fishing is also quite common in Perth.

    The popular spots include the blackwall reach close to River Swan mouth, filled with river fish, South Rock Wall, Hillrays, Two rocks hotspot, and Rottnest Island for hooking big sport fish like Whiting, Herring and big Tailor. Crabs and prawns are quite common in the summer months and what’s best you don’t need permit for the same too. Though no license is required for fishing in Perth, however there is a bag limits for every species type and the details of the same can be gathered from any fishing tackle outlets. 
  • 09Visit Kings Park

    One of the largest inner city parks of the world with around 6 million people visiting the destination every year, the Kings Park is one of the most visited places in Australia. With some of the fascinating collection of flora, this place is much visited for picnics, nature walk and for ceremonial events. Providing stunning views of the Perth city and the Swan River this is based on Mt Eliza. There are options of fine dining in the in house restaurant and one can also enjoy a cup of coffee with the locals. Being the first park of the country, it is also home to State War Memorial and State Botanic Garden.

    The park has more than 1700 native species along with a many alluring collection of wildflowers. The Kings Park Festival is also quite popular a festival in this area and it is celebrated every year in the month of September. 
  • 10camping

    Having an overwhelming diversity in regards to natural opulence there are plenty of spots in Perth, Western Australia which can be used for camping and caravanning. The outskirts of the city, the hills and the ocean, the riverside, and multiple parks , all can be used to enjoy camping. Mostly all the locations are family oriented so one can plan tour accordingly. The kids gets huge amused by getting to these locations. The camping grounds are based in not soo far distances which makes it convenient for the travellers.

    The most popular camping grounds include Perth Central Caravan Park, Fermantle Village and Chalet Centre, Carine Gardens Caravan Park, Wanneroo Caravan Park, Hillside Garden Village, Quinns Rock Caravan Park and many others. Though in some of the places there are charges involved for camping however the same is quite nominal. Do take care that some places need permit too.
  • 11parasailing

    Image Credit : Photo-matt
    One of the adventurous sports which can be highly enjoyed in Perth is the parasailing activities. On the Swan River this thrilling sport can be fully enjoyed with proper trainers and professionals. During the summer season, this is one of the popular activities where many participate specially in the weekends.

     There are exclusive tour operates on the sport which provides all the equipments and helps in taking the joyful ride. There are usually two types of parasailing; one is wet and wild while the other is high and dry. So choose according to preference under the guidance of experts and parasail to savour the magnificent views of the river and the city beyond. There are availability of longer tours too where one can spend a full day or half a day parasailing. 
  • 12cycling

    When it comes to cycling, Perth remains blessed with extraordinary tracks especially on the river bank boosting some scenic splendour of the city. Meandering through lush landscapes, extensive parklands the tracks are well marked for both the cyclists as well as the pedestrians. It is extremely rejuvenating walking on the trails close to the river where one can experience exquisite collection of flora and fauna and also some of the best birdlife species like pelicans, parrots etc.

    There are several other tracks which can also be explored like from Blackwall Reach Parade to Canning River Bridge, from Mill Point through James Mitchell Park and finally to Graham Farmer Freeway and from Perth CBD to University of Western Australia and beyond. One can get complete information about the cycling trails from the cycle hire shops in Perth.
  • 13flying fox

    After a prolonged absence, Flying fox is again getting popular in Perth. It is a thrilling sport which provides huge entertainment especially for the smaller members of the family. Moving on high speed with the wind racing through the hair it gives a complete sense of freedom. There are various parks in the city which have the play equipment. Neil McDougall Park close to Ley and Henley roads, Rivergums Park in Baldivis, Woodbridge Riverside Play Space close to Swan River, and Faulkner Park or the Volcano Park.

    Usually all the parks have long flying fox trails for maximum enjoyment. In Woodbridge Riverside Play space one can find two types of flying fox seats, one for the older kids and one eggshell shape seat for the little ones. The latter can be strapped too which make it accessible to the toddlers also. Few have two flying fox trails which help the kids race in the sport and have double the fun. 
  • 14paintball

    For all those who love to explore the world of action and get maximum thrill, for them one of the best option options is Paintball. The sport has an excitement which is unmatched and the same can be enjoyed in various places of Perth. Though all the paintball places are located quite far away from the city, there are few which are based close. Wasp Paintball is based close to Perth CBD and it is the nearest one too.

    There are different tournament fields here which can be explored by the gamers. Each session is of 9 games and it is quite long a period so a half day session would be required to complete the full game. One can opt for either morning or afternoon session. One can enjoy swimming pool, bar and BBQ and for beginners there are training nights too. Paintball Skirmish is also another popular paintball station with much variety. 
  • 15rock climbing

    Image Credit :  Pat Scullion
    Rock Climbing is another adventurous sport which is quite popular in Perth. There are several crags in about an hour’s distance from Perth city centre. Majority of the same is on boulders of granite in the Perth Hills. Churchman’s Brook is another popular rock climbing location majorly for the beginners of this sport with easy hiking trails. There are popular indoor rocks climbing gym in Perth. Rockface, Hangout, City Summit and many other gyms, supporting the sport is available here.

    These indoor gyms can be accessed by people of age 5 to 85 since there are climbing units of all levels from beginners to experts. Most of the rocks climbing gyms are open on all days of the week. Several sessions and training for kids, lades and beginners are separately done here on selected days. The charges of each centre are different but reasonable.
  • 16scuba diving

    Scuba Diving is quite popular in water sports in Perth and there are several tour operators in this regard. One can explore the sport best in the most popular diving sites like the Rottnest Island, Shole Water Islands Marine Park, West Coast Dive Park and Marmion Marine Park. Abundant marine life and long stretch of coastline beautifies all these scuba diving locations. To explore the magic laden in the underwater kingdom contact any of the tour operators for proper guidance on the sport and for all the equipment hire necessary for scuba diving.

     Dew centres allowed diving for kids but for that the child needs to be at least 8 years of age and should have proper knowledge and training for the game. There are many centres which have small training courses for the young divers. 
  • 17hiking

    Image Credit :  StuRap
    Wonderful hiking trails are the essence of Perth and in real terms it is the ideal way to explore the scenic beauty of the city. It has a compressive network of popular and well maintained hiking trails that cover the city and beyond and enables the hikers to enjoy almost all aspects of the city.

     If the practice is avid hiking, then the best track to explore is Bibbulman track stretching for 900kms. Apart from this for the usual hikers, there remains an excellent option for hiking like Scarborough –Trigg Heritage Trail, Matinda Bay Reserve, Carine Regional Open Space, Burswood Loop trail, Allen Park Bushland and Wireless Hill Park. All these places have excellent hiking paths and can be enjoyed thoroughly. 
  • 18snorkelling

    Image Credit : dinhthienanh
    Blessed with incredible coastline, pristine beaches and magical underwater haven, Perth is the ideal place to explore Snorkelling. The most popular destination to enjoy the sport is in Mettams Pool at the metro coast. With treasures of aquatic life one can explore some big fish too. Burns Beach on the northern suburb is also a good place to do snorkelling. Regular reef fish and dhufish can be seen here. Rottnest Island and Penguin Island are also quite popular for snorkelling activities.

     One can explore multiple species of fish and some unique ones like Fairy penguins, sea Lions, rock lobsters etc. There are specified tour operators on this sport and they provide all facilities and accessories in regards to the sport. There are professionals who provide training and accompany in these tours to ensure proper safety and guidance. 
  • 19Visit Art Gallery of western Australia

    At a distance of easy walking distance from the Perth train station, where the Perth Cultural Centre is located which houses the Art Gallery of Western Australia. The gallery was founded in 1895 and it consists of heritage buildings. The gallery consist of some of the best creations of Australian artists, the prestigious State Art collection, and eminent collection of western Australian art and also some International design and art. Design, craft, painting, culture all are present in this collection having altogether about 17,000 collections. In a nutshell, one has a peek into the cultural heritage of the country and enjoy its artistic strength. The gallery remains closed on every Tuesday. One can also take a bus ride to the museum. The blue CAT buses give the nearest drop off and pick up from the museum. There are no entry fees for the museum but one can voluntarily donate.

    Location: Perth Cultural Centre, Perth

    Timings: 10am to 5 pm 
  • 20Visit Scitech Discovery Centre

    Scitech Discovery Centre located at Sutherland Street, close to King’s Park at the city centre displays some of the best theories on science and technology through exhibitions, events and activities. Taking participation from all the visitors this is absolutely entertaining as well as educational that all can enjoy. There are separate sections on space and galaxy and the world of physics s been explored firsthand here.

     One can actually enjoy the versatility of science which is known to have many standpoints that can provide entertainment to people of all ages. It is actually a great value entertainment and a place to get huge knowledge. There are restaurant and in house cafes where one can enjoy snacks and other refreshment. The place is a fascinating location and a must visit for all. 
  • 21Visit Swan Bell Tower

    Based in the thriving Barrack Square, where Perth meets Swan River lies the designed buildings which houses a set of historical bells which was actually a gift from London to Western Australia. Open in the year 2000, it accommodates 12 historical bells from Church of St Martin which is known to be from 14th century. In this place one can get a fabulous insight of the historical times and get to know more about the bells. For the history lovers this is an exclusive way to know more about ancient Perth. The Bell Tower also provides 360 degree views of the Swan River as well as the city and it strikes as the best place to enjoy photo shooting. One can enjoy the fascinating views of the oldest bell in Australia. The place not only showcases the bells but also execute exhibitions and programs worth viewing. For a good time with friends and family this is an ideal location

    Location: Barrack Square, Perth

    Timings: 10am to 5pm 
  • 22Visit Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

    The Shoalwater Islands Marine Park is the best place to enjoy pristine islands, ship wrecks, coral reefs and not to forget exciting sports like snorkelling, diving and marine life watching. At the beautiful Penguin Island one can come close to the beautiful penguins and sea gulls and then feed them and play with them. Various other kinds of fish species can also be viewed from here. The bottlenose dolphins are a sight to watch and with abundant availability this is truly the best. One should also not miss the exotic sea lions of Australia available majorly at the seal Island. Saxon Ranger which is actually a 400 tonne fishing vessel which was used earlier is now based here. The marine park is well accessible from Rockingham which is based on the southern part of Perith. For the entire water sports lover it must be known that necessary permits should be taken for diving here.

    Location: 135 Arcadia Drive , Rockingham, Perth 
  • 23Visit Leighton Beach

    Image Credit : StuRap
    Based on the northern part of Fremantle, lies the beautiful Leighton Beach which has brilliant scenic views and is an ideal location to enjoy snorkelling and swimming. The waves of this beach are quite low and that s why it provides an ideal location to be with kids and family and enjoy a fabulous day. Body surfing is another sport which can be tried here n the cool waters of the ocean. One can enjoy the sight of the locals swimming here daily and view extensive marine life by snorkelling under the water.

    The sight of sunset is one of the key attractions of this location especially with the backdrop of Rottnest Island. The best part of enjoying a day in Leighton beach is that it allows pet and it is an animal exercise ground. So for all those pet owners this is an ideal place to enjoy some play time with your loved ones. 
  • 24Visit Cottesloe Beach

    Pretty as a picture, the Cottesloe Beach is the perfect place to enjoy various water sports like surfing, snorkelling, and swimming in the crystal clear waters. It is a perfect relaxing space where one can enjoy long hours hearing the gushing waters and the scenic beauty beyond with family and friends over a refreshing drink.

    The place can be easily reached by taking a ride with the Transperth busses or take a train ride and then hop off to enjoy a 600 m walk to the lovely Cottesloe Beach. The white sandy beaches and the lovely beachside food is the best way to get entertained as well as spend quality time with the near and dear ones. A lazy afternoon with good is what is promised by the beachside. 
  • 25Visit Scarborough Beach

    Image Credit : bertknot
    The long stretch of white sand and the impressive surf breaks makes it an ideal spot for the teen and surfers, swimmers and even the body boarders. Wind surfing and kite surfing are also popular games being played here especially when the afternoon sea breeze flows. The nightlife here is equally interesting with a lot of cafes and restaurants being based here. One can also pack a picnic and enjoy family time on the stretched grasslands located closeby.

    Beach cricket is also played here especially in organised events in this location. There are also facilities to be accommodated in any of the nearby hotels so that people can stay here and enjoy a lovely summer holiday. The Scarborough Beach is located in the north western side of Perth and takes about a decent 20 minutes drive from the city centre to reach here. Regular buses are also available to reach the spot.