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  • For your honeymoon, New Zealand is a place that’s so diverse culturally and environmentally that every day spent here is a discovery in true sense. Your New Zealand honeymoon itinerary can be a mix of winding hills and deep lakes, snow-capped mountains and sunny beaches. 

    The diverse landscapes of the country present a distinction to you, a drive through which is going to make your New Zealand honeymoon package an exciting rollercoaster. Even the cultural diversity is hard to miss, a perfect blend of the old and the new. Go and Plan your honey here. Also, get complete information from here, honeymoon in New Zealand travel guide.
    You are fond of craft-beer and good, classy, contemporary coffee, and like your history and culinary books, the maori culture and kiwi food are what will excite you to no end, and make sure that you see almost all of New Zealand before you board a plane out of there. So here, you can find some of the great things to do and see in the country, and where to stay and what to include in your New Zealand travel package.
  • Honeymoon Destinations In New Zealand

  • 01Coromandel Peninsula

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    An untouched destination that offers you more than 400 kilometres of white sand and the blue sea, the Coromandel Peninsula is a dream come true for the honeymooner. A combination of picturesque mountains, sandy beaches and the sea, the Coromandel is unique in its landscapes. The Coromandel is a heaven for people who love to walk, the pristine white beach calls for just that.

    Location: The Coromandel Peninsula is present on the North Island of the country if New Zealand, which spreads across 85 kilometres from the west of the Bay of Plenty to the north. It’s a natural barrier that protects the Firth of Thames and the Hauraki Gulf.

    Attraction: Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve, the Hot Water Beach in Mercury Bay, Northern coastal drive, Kauaeranga Kauri Trail, the Place of Love (which is a history lover’s delight with its Edwardian buildings).

    Activities: You can go exploring the place’s gold mining heritage, get a cycle and trail along the Hauraki Rail, or go kayaking and fishing.

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  • 02Rotorua

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    Rotorua is the magical land of New Zealand, complete with its mystic forests, transparent streams, geysers, bubbling mud pools, and biking trails. The natural hot springs are amazing for a dip, or go to a spa which provides the honeymooner with the ultimate unwinding options.

    Location: The Rotorua city is located to the north of the Lake Rotorua, in the North Island of New Zealand. This beautiful city is as picturesque as it can be and is an ideal location for New Zealand honeymoon packages from India.

    Attractions: Hobbiton, Waitomo Caves, Lake Rotorua, Tamaki Maori Village, the Volcanic Hills Winery, the Redwoods Treewalk, the Waimangu Volcanic Rift Valley, the Wai-O-Tapu, Waikite Valley, Waimangu Cauldron, Kuirau Park.

  • 03Marlborough Sounds

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    The Marlborough Sounds comprise of 1500 kilometres of coastline, beaches, bays, and forests. The place is famous for its wildlife, and natural escapades. This is a place where you can see dolphins, penguins, fur seals and more.

    Location: When you think of the word ancient, Marlborough Sounds is a place that comes to your mind in your New Zealand trip package. The Marlborough Sounds are an array of ocean-filled river valleys on the north of the South Island in New Zealand.

    Attraction: A collection of sunken river valleys and islands, three water bodies, namely the Kenepuru, Pelorus Sounds, and Queen Charlotte.

    Activities: Hiking, trailing, cycling, and boating.

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  • 04Queenstown

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    Queenstown is a city situated in the lap of nature. Surrounded by forests and mountains, and close to the lake Wakatipu, the beautiful town is home to some of the best activities you can come by in New Zealand.

    Location: The beautiful town of Queenstown is located on the shores of the picturesque Lake Wakatipu in South Island, close to the majestic Southern Alps.

    Attraction: Lake Wakatipu, Milford Sound, Lake Wanaka, Ben Lomond, Lake Hayes, Skippers Canyon, The Remarkables, Hollyford Walk, Kiwi Birdlife Park and the Queenstown Gardens.

    Activities:  The activities go on all year, river rafting, swimming, canyon swinging, bungee jumping, sky diving, cycling, horse trekking etc.

  • 05Auckland

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    Auckland is the largest city of New Zealand and the biggest transport hub. The city is famous for being close to pristine white, golden and black sand beaches, hiking and cycling trails, and beautiful islands for the both of you to set foot on. The city is vibrant with its Polynesian culture, food, wine, vineyards, and shopping destinations. Auckland houses as many as 48 volcanic cones, and the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park.

    Location: Auckland is a city in the North Island of New Zealand. The city is situated around two harbours. Auckland has the most population in New Zealand. Most New Zealand honeymoon packages from India usually have Auckland included in the trip to New Zealand, if not, kindly ask your tour manager to plan with the city in your list.

    Attraction: Waiheke Island, Sky Tower, Auckland War Memorial Museum, Kelly Tarlton’s  Sea Life Aquarium, Cornwall Park, One Tree Hill, Auckland Art Gallery etc.

  • 06Wellington

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    Situated between a stunning harbour and green hills, Wellington is known for its food, culture, heritage, arts, and  scenic beauty. Oriental Bay, the inner beach of Wellington known for its golden sand, is a beautiful place to visit on a bright sunny day. There are endless places such as galleries, museums, theatres etc to visit.

    Location: Wellington is located on Cook Strait, and is the capital of New Zealand.

    Attraction: Museum of New Zealand, Museum of Wellington City & Sea, The Beehive, the Wellington Botanic Gardens, Zealandia, Katherine Mansfield House, City Gallery Wellington, the Colonial Cottage Museum, the Princess Bay, Matiu Island, Wellington Zoo, Mount Victoria, and the Wellington Waterfront.

    Activities: Walk along the hills and the harbour, go kayaking, mountain biking, ride the Wellington Cable Car etc.

  • Couple Things To Do In New Zealand

  • 07Hike Emerald Lakes & Ancient Lava Flows

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    When it comes to New Zealand trip packages, ancient lava flows and emerald lakes are some of the best things to do for a young couple here.

    Location: The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is located in the centre of the North Island. The place is known to be the best place to day walk in the country of New Zealand.

    Activities: You can go hiking that spans across 11.8 kilometres, making you go past an active crater, lava flows, and emerald lakes. The Ruapehu region and the Lake Taupo are enough to get you hiking for more beautiful sights along the way. You can  trail in either directions, the way from Mangatepopo to Ketetahi is the best way to go on the trail.

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  • 08Take A Cruise In Kaikoura

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    There are cruises that take you deep into the ocean, where you can see whales swimming past you. The exciting trip in Kaikoura is no less than visiting a giant aquarium, you can see dolphins, giant sperm whales all year round.

    Location: The small town of Kaikoura lies two hours from Christchurch in the north. Kaikoura is all about adventure at the sea where you can sight whales if you are lucky.

    Activities: If you love being in the ocean itself rather than watch the show from a cruise, you can go snorkeling too. The fur seals are a must see in this area when you go snorkeling. You can taste the delicious crayfish here at Kaikoura, which is a specialty of the region.

  • 09Hike A Glacier

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    The glaciers line the horizon across the other natural sights of the country along the west coast, which include rainforests, valley floors, and the country’s highest peaks. The rainforests surround the entire place, making the hike to the glacier all the more tempting.

    Location: The glaciers are located along the West Coast of the country of New Zealand, and a must have in your New Zealand honeymoon package. The West Coast of New Zealand is located a drive three hours south of Greymouth.

    Activities: As a young couple seeking adventure, the glaciers are the perfect place to visit and go hiking. You can take a helicopter to the very top of the glacier, or take a guided walk to the Fox Glacier or the Franz Josef.

  • 10Explore Geothermal Physics In Rotorua

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    Rotorua is famous for its mud pools, hot springs, and geysers, which are one of the unsaid wonders on the planet. You can take a walk down to one of these pools and take a dip in the bubbling water.

    Location: Located close to the city of Rotorua, which lies on the north of Lake Rotorua and a three-hour drive from Auckland, the geothermal phenomena in Rotorua is a beauty to see and marvel at.

    Attractions: Thermal pool spa is all the rage amongst young honeymooners in New Zealand and is an experience to take home with you. So get the thermal pool spa therapy experience included in your New Zealand honeymoon package.

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  • 11Experience Maori Culture In Rotorua

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    Experiencing the Maori culture is a treat. New Zealand’s cultural richness is defined by the Maori culture. Here you get to visit an an authentic Maori village,which dates back to the pre-European times.

    Location: Rotorua is also known for its beautiful Maori culture, which you can experience close to the city. Rotorua is located three hours away from Auckland.

    Attractions: Get to know the Maori traditions, eat their food, and be a part of their cultural and dance programs. You can eat the mouth-watering hangi feast, go around the little village and see the way of life of the Maori people. Usually, when the two of you are visiting Rotorua, a trip to the Maori village will be included in your honeymoon in New Zealand packages.

  • Places To Visit In New Zealand

  • 12SKY CITY Sky Tower and Casino, Auckland

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    The SKY CITY Sky Tower and Casino is an entertainment complex located in the heart of Auckland. This world-class casino has more than a hundred board games for you, along with a breathtaking view of the city from the 1000-feet high Sky Tower.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: The SKYCITY Sky Tower and Casino are located 17.8 kilometres away from the Auckland Airport.

    Nearby Attractions: When it comes to the nearby attractions, the Sky Tower is 0.08 kilometres away, and St Matthew-in-the-City Church is 0.14 kilometres away.

    Location: The SKY CITY Sky Tower and  Casino is located in Level 2 Skycity, 72/78 Victoria Street.

    Amenities: Restaurants and bars, two casinos, and theatres. and the Sky Tower which is 1000 feet high.

    Activities: The casinos offer you some of the best table games such as the Baccarat, Blackjack, Jai Sai etc, along with gaming machines and more than 1200 slots. You can go bungee jumping from the Sky Tower as well.

  • 13Te Papa Museum, Wellington

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    The Te Papa Museum is the national museum of the country and a famous art gallery that houses the many treasures of New Zealand. This is one place you need to visit if you wish to find out about New Zealand’s history and culture and traditions. Everything from the Maori culture to the art heritages can be found here, waiting to be explored and experienced and understood.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: The Te Papa Museum is located 6.7 kilometres away from the Wellington Airport.

    Nearby Attractions: The Wellington i-SITE Visitor is located at a distance of 0.38 kilometres, the Civic Square is 0.34 kilometres away, and the Harbourside Market is located 0.14 kilometres away.

    Location: The Te Papa Museum is located at 55 Cable St, Te Aro, on the waterfront in Wellington. It is open 10am to 6pm every day, except for Christmas.

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  • 14Cable Car Museum, Wellington

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    For someone visiting New Zealand honeymoon packages from India, the Cable Car Museum is a place to learn about the original Winding House. The museum has some of the winding machinery that are historic, along with two original grip cars that you can see here. This transportation system was used for over a hundred years to transport the people from the hills to the harbour and vice versa.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: The Cable Car Museum is located at a distance of 8.4 kilometres from the Wellington Airport.

    Nearby Attractions: The Wellington Cable Car is located at a distance of 0.45 kilometres, the Wellington Botanic Garden is located 0.48 kilometres away, and the Lady Norwood Rose Garden is located 0.57 kilometres away.

    Location: The Cable Car Museum is located on 1A Upland Rd, Kelburn.

  • 15Wai-o-Tapu Thermal Wonderland, Rotorua

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    The Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland is New Zealand’s most visited area because of its natural volcanoes. You can walk through the Sinter Terrace Formations, the Champagne pool,volcanic craters, bubbling mud pools and much more. At 10.15am every day, the LAdy Knox Geyser erupts, it’s a must see for tourists.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: The Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland is located at a distance of 36.3 kilometres away from the Rotorua Airport. The Wai-o-Tapu is a must see and a part of New Zealand honeymoon packages all inclusive.

    Nearby Attractions: The Wai-o-Tapu mud pools are located .92 kilometres away, the Waikite Valley Thermal Pools are located 6.81 kilometers away, and the Lady Knox Geyser is located 1.12 kilometres away.

    Location: The Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland is located on 201 Waiotapu Loop Road.

  • 16Waimangu Volcanic Valley, Rotorua

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    A great place that fits cheap New Zealand vacations, the Waimangu Volcanic Valley is the world’s newest geothermal system and you can see how the world began. In 1886, there had been a extreme volcanic eruption, the result of which were the Waimangu volcanic craters and the geothermal activities.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: The Waimangu Volcanic Valley is located at a distance of 30.4 kilometres from the Rotorua Airport.

    Nearby Attractions: The world’s largest hot water spring called the Frying Pak Lake is the biggest attraction here. The Wai-O-Tapu Mud Pools are located 6.46 kilometres away, the Waimangu Cauldron is 1.12 kilometres away and the Tamaki Maori Village is located 7.44 kilometres away.

    Location and time: The Waimangu Volcanic Valley is located on 587 Waimangu Road, Rotorua. You can visit the Waimangu Volcanic Valley between 8.30am and 5pm every day.

  • 17Canterbury Museum, Christchurch

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    The Canterbury Museum is the place to include in your New Zealand honeymoon packages from India if you want to experience New Zealand’s rich cultural heritage and natural history. You get to learn about the Maori cultures and traditions along with the interesting stories that they come from generations ago. You can also visit the Christchurch Street and see the pioneering days.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: The Canterbury Museum is located 10 kilometres away from the Christchurch Airport. This destination is a must have in New Zealand honeymoon packages all inclusive.

    Nearby Attractions: The Avon River is located 0.18 kilometres away, the Christchurch Art Gallery is 0.32 kilometres away, and the Christchurch i-SITE visitor is located 0.21 kilometres away.

    Location: The Canterbury Museum is located at Rolleston Ave, Christchurch Central.

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  • Famous Spas In New Zealand

  • 18Chuan Spa, The Langham Hotel Auckland

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    The Chuan Spa offers you some of the finest and luxurious treatments inspired from the traditional methods of the Orient. Visit the spa for a relaxing time well spent with your partner during your stay. You can go for a couples’ spa here, and enjoy your time together. This is one of the best urban spas in the city, and a must visit for a great time relaxing.

    Location: The Chuan Spa is located in the langham Hotel in 83 Symonds St, Grafton, Auckland.

    Time: The Chuan Spa is open everyday from 6am to 10pm, with the last treatment being at 8pm and the last entry to the pool at 9.30pm.

    Attraction: The spa is well-known for its ancient Chinese medicines, herbal steams and snail showers that are unique and a one of a kind experience.

    Price: The Chuan Spa has a variety of treatments and packages, out of which the most notable are the Chuan Body Elements (USD 177 and INR 11315), Chuan Tao of Detox (USD 282 and INR 18027), Chuan Ritual (USD 275 and INR 17580), Chuan Eternity (USD 318 and INR 20328), Five Elements Rebalance (USD 315 and INR 20137), Thalgo Indoceane Experience (USD 210 an INR 13425), and the Thalgo Polynesia Spa Ritual (USD 210 an INR 13425).

  • 19Polynesian Spa, Rotorua

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    Known as one of the oldest thermal spas in the country, this beautiful spa was used by the Maori people, before it became a bathhouse and everyone from locals to tourists began visiting it. Now it has 28 hot pools where you can soak in and feel the tiredness melting of you.  

    Location: The Polynesian Spa is located at  Hinemoa St, Rotorua.

    Time: The spa operates between 8am to 10pm. The last pool entry is at 10.15pm and the spa therapies are from 10am to 7pm.

    Attraction: Therapies such as reflexology and hydrotherapy are used here and a list of other therapies such as mud body wraps, Aix spa, aromatherapy massages, and exfoliates and massages are famous that you can experience.

    Price: The Polynesian Spa has packages for couples such as the Deluxe  Lake Spa (USD 34 and INR 2173), Adult Pools (USD 21 and INR 1342), Deluxe Private Pool (USD 21 and INR 1342), Romantic Double Dipper (USD 63 and INR 4027), Standard Private Pool (USD 13 and INR 831), and the Deluxe Double Dipper (USD 45 and INR 2876).

  • 20Matakauri Lodge And Spa

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    Located close to the Lake Wakatipu and the Cecil Peak, the spa offers a stunning view of nature. The spa is situated on the very edge of a pine forest, which increases its beauty by a thousand folds.

    Location: The Matakauri Lodge and Spa is located at 569 Glenorchy Road, Queenstown.

    Attraction: The spa is well known for its facials, massages, signature treatments that include an aromasoul body scrub. Matakauri facial and back massage, the Lanolin rehydration treatment, back specific mud treatment, hot stone massage etc., treatment for men, along with specific treatments for your hands and feet. There are two treatment rooms at the Matakauri Lodge and Spa, each one with a shower, private decks, and changing rooms.

    Price: A 90-minute signature treatment at Matakauri Lodge and Spa costs INR 11764 and USD 194. Facials, massages, and any additional treatments have different categories and thus cost accordingly.

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  • 21Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools And Spa

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    As the name suggests, the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa consists of a diverse range of natural pools of rock pools, sulphur pools, bubbles and water jets. Not just that, the spa has sauna treatments, luxurious day spas, along with private pools and steam rooms and is a treat to indulge your partner and yourself in.

    Location: The Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa is located at 42 Amuri Ave, Hanmer Springs. This is a 90 minute drive to the north of the city of Christchurch.

    Attraction: The New Zealand honeymoon packages may include this in the itinerary, if not, you can have some time off your schedule to go to the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa for a rejuvenating treatment. The Spa has a lot of packages such as the Pamper Pack, the Hot Springs Escape, the Southern Spa Escape etc.

    Price: The Spa has different price list for different treatments, but a single entry for an adult in the Thermal Pools costs USD 17 and INR 1086.

  • Incredible Restaurants In New Zealand

  • 22Ortolana, Auckland

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    The beautiful restaurant of Ortolana serves Mediterranean, European, along with the local cuisines of New Zealand. You can visit this highly recommended outlet for a good time and fine dining experience.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: The Ortolana is located at a distance of 27.8 kilometres from the Auckland Airport.

    Attraction: The restaurant’s interiors are warm and welcoming, best visited during the day when you can feel the sun on your face through the huge glass windows. This is definitely a great place for a young couple on their honeymoon to drop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Expect a lot of fresh produce on the menu in this contemporary bistro.

    Price for two: USD 72 and INR 4602.

    Location: The Ortolana is located thirty minutes to the north of downtown Auckland. It’s located on 33 Tyler Street.

  • 23The Sugar Club, Auckland

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    The Sugar Club is famous for its menu which include European, vegan, gluten free food, along with fusion food and local dishes. The Sky Tower gives a stunning view of the city around you, which is one of the main attractions at Sugar Club.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: The Sugar Club is located at a distance of 25.9 kilometres away from the Auckland Airport.

    Attraction: Peter Gordon’s restaurant is one of a kind with different and fresh ingredients combined to give you a different array of food and feel altogether. Visit the Sugar Club for a unique and memorable experience.

    Price For Two: It costs about USD 72 and INR 4602 for two people for a meal.

    Location: The Sugar Club is located on Skytower 72 Victoria St W.

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  • 24Whitebait, Wellington

    Located across the stunning Wellington waterfront, this restaurant offers you food that connects you to the earth and the sea. Explore the best seasonal food here at Whitebait. The luxury dining experience at Whitebait will be enough for a young couple to come back again for a romantic meal by the waterfront.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: The Whitebait is located at a distance of 8.1 kilometres from the Wellington Airport.

    Attraction: You can expect to see a lot of fresh produce, meat and seafood on the menu which are all about simple cooking with the help of their Josper charcoal oven.

    Price For Two: USD 86 and INR 5497.

    Location: The Whitebait is located on Ground Floor, 1 Clyde Quay Wharf, Oriental Bay.

  • 25Roots, Canterbury

    The Roots restaurant is a small and beautiful place located in the town of Lyttelton, and they offer you some of the best fresh produce that you can come across. The Roots restaurant consists of an open kitchen, two large dining rooms, and a courtyard that opens to a private garden.

    Attraction: The restaurant offers you gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian food along with local New Zealand dishes, International and European cuisines. Expect a great time and great food here, while nestled in the comfort of a homely environment.

    Price For Two: USD 130 and INR 8310.

    Location: The Roots restaurant is located on 6 London Street, Lyttelton.

  • 26Fleur’s Place, Moeraki Bay

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    The Fleur’s Place is a restaurant, bar and cafe that’s well known for its seafood, New Zealand cuisine and soups. Set in a small, sleepy fishing town, the restaurant uses its background of the Bay and local fish to its advantage and has come up with a lot of fish dishes that are celebrated throughout the country.

    Attraction: The view from the restaurant is stunning, with the waterfront and jetties. Honeymoon in New Zealand packages might not include the small sleepy town of Moeraki Bay, which is why you can get it included.

    Price For Two: USD 22 and INR 1406.

    Location: Fleur’s Place is located at 169 Haven St, Moeraki. It’s located right on the waterfront of the old jetty at Moeraki Bay.
  • 27Plato Café, Dunedin

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    The Plato Cafe offers you amazing European and Armenian food along with snacks. The laid back eatery is located on the harbourfront, and offers a variety of seafood cooked to perfection.

    Attraction: Drop by here during your honeymoon for excellent seafood, local produce and beverages, along with boutique beer that the Plato Cafe brews themselves. The food is cooked simply, so you can taste the natural flavours, along with the beverages that are a perfect match and compliment the dishes on the menu.

    Price For Two: INR 5178 and USD 81.

    Location: The Plato Cafe is located at 2 Birch St, Dunedin.
  • 28Amisfield, Queenstown

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    The Amisfield offers you New Zealand cuisine, European, and a vegetarian menu. Amisfield an excellent chef’s menu along with an amazing collection of wines. The dishes on the menu have been well conceived and thought of ,and prepared with fresh ingredients and the unique cooking style of the chef sure gives it a twist.

    Attraction: Come here for the fish, pork, and local produce cooked to perfection. The collection of wine is diverse and you will enjoy it to the fullest.

    Price For Two: USD 72 and INR 4602.

    Location: The Amisfield is located at 10 Arrowtown-Lake Hayes Rd, Frankton, Queenstown.

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  • Romantic Places To Stay In New Zealand

  • 29Abaco on Jervois, Auckland

    Image Credit :

    The Abaco on Jervois has quality accommodation for honeymooners like you. The hotel is close to the city, and yet far from the hustle and bustle of the city. The hotel offers you suites and studio apartments which are apt for a couple.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: The Abaco on Jervois is located just 27.1 kilometres away from the Auckland Airport.

    Nearby Attractions: Speaking of attractions close to the Abaco on Jervois, we have Ponsonby (0.23 kilometres), Snap Fishing Ventures(0.95 kilometres), Westhaven Promenade (1 kilometre), and the Auckland Dockline Tram (1.17 kilometres).

    Price For Two: A standard room for two costs between INR 6369-INR 10413 and USD 99-USD 162.

    Location: This four-star hotel is located at 57-59 Jervois Rd, Ponsonby in Auckland.

    Amenities: Located just on the outskirts of the city, the Abaco on Jervois offers you a comfortable stay without the noise and chaos of the city, along with satellite TV, kitchenette, and suites.

  • 30Museum Art Hotel, Wellington

    Image Credit :

    The Museum Art Hotel is one of the most well-known designer hotels in the country. The four-star hotel is famous for its designer rooms and collection of contemporary art.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: The Museum Art Hotel, Wellington, is located at a distance of 6.5 kilometres from the Wellington Airport.

    Nearby Attractions: Since it’s located in the centre of the city, the Museum of New Zealand is located 0.17 kilometres away, St. James Theatre is located 0.26 kilometres away, and the Circa Theatre is located 0.26 kilometres away.

    Price For Two: A standard room for two costs between INR 9333-INR 18091 and USD 146-USD 283.

    Location: This four-star hotel is located at 90 Cable St, Te Aro. Located very close to the city centre, this is an ideal place to stay where you can visit nearby restaurants and cafes, and go for local sightseeing.

    Amenities: The hotel has two high end restaurants called the Hippopotamus and the Lobby Lounge. The hotel gives you a feeling of luxury. The hotel has 163 designer apartments and room, all decorated tastefully. There’s a spa, a gym, sauna, and a pool at your disposal.

  • 31The Cambridge, Wellington

    Image Credit :

    Located in the heart of the city, The Cambridge provides you with a comfortable stay, fine dining, and drinks. The hotel is a perfect example of a perfect traditional kiwi hotel along with its kiwi hospitality.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: The Cambridge is located at a distance of 6 kilometres from the Wellington Airport.

    Nearby Attractions: The Cambridge, Wellington, is located very close to the BATS Theatre (0.22 kilometres), the Kura Art Gallery (0.22 kilometres), St. James Theatre (0.34 kilometres), and the Hawthorn Lounge (0.21 kilometres).

    Price For Two: A standard room for two costs between $35 - $102 and INR 2237-INR 6520.

    Location: The three-star hotel is located at 28 Cambridge Terrace, Te Aro.
  • 32The Resurgence, Motueka

    Image Credit :

    The Resurgence is located on the edge of two wildlife reserves, spread across 22 hectares of land. The place is ideal for nature lovers and honeymooners who seek solitude and seclusion.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: The Resurgence is located at a distance of 45 minutes from the Nelson airport (70 kilometres away).

    Nearby Attractions: The Kaiteriteri Beach is located 8.32 kilometres away from The Resurgence, the Abel Tasman Coast Track (8.82 kilometres away), the Abel Tasman Eco Tours (8.50 kilometres away) are some of the local attractions near The Resurgence.

    Price For Two: A standard room for two costs between $421-$608 and INR 26913-INR 38867.

    Location: The Resurgence is located at 574 Riwaka Valley Road, Motueka.

    Amenities: The Resurgence, Motueka, has six Bush Suites and four boutique Lodge Rooms, all well-equipped with modern amenities. You have access to a pool, spa, bikes for hire, and gym facilities.

    Any Other Specialty: You can enjoy BBQ and New Zealand wine here at the Lodge dinings. Taste the delicious local produce and local food.

  • 33The George, Christchurch

    Image Credit :

    The George is a luxury boutique hotel that promises you supreme comfort and a personalised stay. It overlooks River Avon and Hagley Park, and gives you a stunning view of the scenery.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: This five-star hotel is located at a distance of 8.7 kilometres from the Christchurch Airport.

    Nearby Attractions: The nearby places close to The George are the Canterbury Museum (0.55 kilometres), Victoria Street Clock Tower (0.25 kilometres away), Christchurch Art Gallery (0.55 kilometres), and Christchurch Casino (0.38 kilometres).

    Price For Two: A standard room for two costs $205 - $575 and INR 13105 - INR 36758.

    Location: The George is located on 50 Park Terrace, Christchurch Central.

    Amenities: This five-star hotel has airport transportation, two restaurants called the Pescator and 50 Bistro, along with all standard facilities of a five-star.

    Any Other Specialty: When it comes to New Zealand trip packages, The George has a variety of guest rooms, which are Park suites, Junior suites, premium executive rooms, executive rooms, The Residence, and 360 degree panoramas.

  • 34Villa Del Lago, Queenstown

    Image Credit :

    This five-star accommodation gives a stunning view of the Lake Wakatipu. The apartments in Villa Del Lago offer a beautiful view of the lake and the mountains around. The place is perfect for honeymooners because of the view and one bedroom suites.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: Villa Del Lago is a two-minute drive from Queenstown. The Queenstown airport is only 4.7 kilometres away from the Villa Del Lago.

    Nearby Attractions: The Villa Del Lago is very close to the Queenstown Hill which is 1.14 kilometres away, the Queenstown Trail which is 1.29 kilometres away, the St. Peter’s Anglican Church which is 1.50 kilometres away, and the Queenstown Arts Centre which is 1.55 kilometres away.

    Price For Two: A standard room for two costs $236 - $466 and INR 15086 - INR 29790.

    Location: The Villa Del Lago is located on 249 Frankton Road, Queenstown.

    Amenities: The Villa Del Lago has an array of facilities well beyond what the guest would need.

    Any Other Specialty: Apart from the amenities available indoors, these are the facilities available outdoors - jetty, BBQ, private sports, herb garden, free parking, DVD library available free of charge, bicycles for hire, drying locker etc.

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