White Island Overview

The white island attracts volcanologists and tourists alike from across the globe as it is home to the world’s most dynamic spring made out of gushing lava. It is home to New Zealand’s one of most active volcanoes which can be witnessed from a scenic helicopter ride. There are many lookout points from where you can easily spot the steam clouds puffing from the crater at The Whakatāne Heads.

One of the most thrilling places to see in New Zealand, White Island is the centre of attraction for adventure enthusiasts, volcanologists, and experiential travellers. You need to be a real brave heart to plan a trip to this wonderland as it is one of the most active volcanoes in the country.

The latest eruption was in December 2019, which killed and injured visitors and guides on the island, diminished the crater lake and generated new vents and landscapes.

Take a helicopter ride to soak in the beauty of this adventure island or a boat cruise to reach there and explore its magic on foot. For fearless ones, scuba diving around White Island also gives the opportunity to get close to the underwater vents of the volcanoes and discover the underwater world and mystery.


• Take a guided tour of the Moutohora which is the perfect opportunity to witness certain birds that are no longer found on the terrain.
• Discover the rare species including the likes of little darker Kiwi, kakariki and Tieke.
• Experience surfing at the Ohope beach which has an 11km sandy shoreline and is home to many surf schools.
• Undertake scuba diving sessions which will give you a perfect opportunity to witness the underwater vents of the Volcanoes.
• Marvel at the legend of a ‘moving home’ by visiting Mataatua Wharenui which is adjacent to the White island.

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