Fiordland National Park Overview

Fiords are basically u-shaped valleys carved out by glaciers and flooded by the sea. In simpler words, they are basically a grand show put up by mother nature and the Fiordland National park is full of them as it is home to more than fourteen fiords. The Milford sound region is so visually stunning that it is often described as the eighth wonder of the world.

The largest national park in the country, the Fiordland National Park is amongst the most beautiful places to see in New Zealand. Packed with astonishing surroundings and unmatched landscapes, the area is full of excitement and thrills and entertains all sorts of travellers.

Featuring fabulous fjords, magnificent waterfalls, untouched rainforest, shimmering lakes, and snow-capped peaks, the park is awe-inspiring and a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well. Cruise or take a flight to the magnificent Milford Sound, spot bottlenose dolphins, fur seals or penguins at the Doubt Sound, or feel the elegance and aura of grand mountain peaks, alpine lakes and lush valleys with a walking tour.

The park offers a range of choices that visitors can choose as per their likings and preference but each option promises an unforgettable experience.


• Explore the doubtful sound as well, apart from checking off the Milford sound which is widely believed to be the most popular fiord in the region.
• Spot fur seals, penguins and even bottlenose dolphins as it is believed to be New Zealand’s deepest fjords and is rich with marine life.
• Take three of New Zealand’s acclaimed ‘great walks’ including the Milford Track, Kepler Track and the Routeburn.
• Enjoy all of these iconic walkways that can be experienced inside the Fiordland national park itself.
• Explore several fiords astride a kayak and witness deep-water sea plants growing near the surface.
• Be a part of scenic cruises that also go to the Milford Sound.

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