Bungee Jumping in New Zealand

Bungee Jumping New Zealand

The Nevis Bungy and Swing, Kawarau Bridge, The Ledge, Queenstown, Rotorua Bungy, Hanmer Spring, Auckland Harbour Bridge, Taupo bungee, Auckland Skytower, Shotover Canyon Swing

Tourists feel excited to indulge in Bungee jumping New Zealand while visiting the country that is known to be the best destinations for adventure. The popularity of the activity in this country is also because Kawarau Bridge in New Zealand is the place where bungee jumping was first offered as an adventurous activity to tourists.

Adventurous Tourists love to go bungee jumping to enjoy the experience. The first feeling of a few moments of trepidation and then the undulated excitement of being in the air compels them to indulge in this activity. The rush of the cool air during the drop and the feeling of being in the air fills their mind with a sense of being free. While some go for this activity on their own, there are others who prefer to pair up and do it in tandem.

For those who are beginners, the perfect place to start would be Rotorua Bungy or Hanmer Spring where the altitude is less and the jump is easy. Those with experience will love to opt for Kawarau Bridge, which has a history of being the birthplace of bungee jumping. Some tourists with a craving for an awesome view will go to The Ledge where the scenic view of the location with snow-covered peaks and beautiful lakes is delightful, while those who wish to feel the water below will prefer Auckland Harbour Bridge above sea or Lake Taupo above the lake for their bungee jumping. Those who are real daredevils will surely go for Nevi Bungy, the third-highest bungee jumping place in the world.
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New Zealand Bungee jumping FAQs

Which are the best places for bungee jumping in New Zealand?

1. The Nevis bungy and Swing: Tourists keen on bungee jumping New Zealand should not miss out going for the place which is not only the biggest in New Zealand but is also the third highest in the world. The Nevis bungy and Swing is one of its own kind, giving the tourists a spell of heart stopping adventure which is not only limited to the activity itself but also in reaching the platform from which to jump.

Not only is the platform three times higher than the Statue of Liberty at 134m above Nevis Canyon, it is also suspended in the air with the help of strong wires. Reaching the place would require participants to take a thrilling cable car ride and then be prepared for the scary jump.

Location: Nevis Bungay,Queenstown,New Zealand
Timings: Thursday to Sunday: 8:30 am to 4 pm, Monday to Wednesday: Closed
Price: Adult : NZD192, Spectator: NZD50

2. Kawarau Bridge: Kawarau Bridge is the home of the commercial bungee jumping where the activity first began. Located in Queenstown itself, the activity takes place at the Kawarau Bridge. Be ready for this famous bungee jump and enjoy taking a plunge of 43m towards the water and feel the cold water splash on your body while you touch the water.

If you do not want to get wet, opt for the option which will stop before reaching the water.

Location: Kawarau bungy Centre, State Highway #6, Gibbston Valley, Queenstown, New Zealand
Timings: Daily from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Price: Adult : NZD143.5, Child: NZD108.50

3. The Ledge, Queenstown: Enjoy a 47m bungee jump in a location with a breathtaking view. Reach the location by a skyline Gondola. Jump from a platform over the skyline of Queenstown with a view of the majestic Southern Alps with its snow covered peaks and the view of the Lake Wakatipu below and enjoy a freestyle bungee jump while enjoying the surrounding view. The Ledge is the only place which also allows a jump at night as well.

Location: Brecon Street, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand
Timing: Thursday to Sunday: 2 pm to 5 pm
Monday to Wednesday: Closed.
Price: Adult: NZD143.50, Child: NZD108.50

4. Rotorua Bungy: For tourists who are adventurous at heart but are scared to really go for it, Rotorua bungee is just the place. It is less scary and is not one with a natural environment with a cliff or a river. Take a jump from a platform which is 43m high and get the experience of bungee jumping New Zealand with safety ensured with harnesses.

Location: 1335 Paradise Valley Road, Ngongotaha, Rotorua 3010, New Zealand
Timings: Thursday to Monday: 9 am to 4 pm, Tuesday & Wednesday: Closed
Price: NZD149

5. Hanmer Spring: Enjoy bungee jumping at an amazing location which is apt for those adventure seekers who are not daredevils. With a platform at only a height of 35m, those who are scared of a too high platform will feel more comfortable in this place.

This bungee is from a bridge in the Alpine river valley into the fast flowing river below. The stunning view of the surroundings acts as an added attraction to the thrilling activity.

Location: 839 Hanmer Springs Road, Hanmer Springs 7334, New Zealand
Timing: Everyday 9am–5:30pm
Price: NZD169

6. Auckland Harbour Bridge: The Auckland Harbour Bridge, with its eight-lane motorway, is also a popular spot for a bungee jumping activity. The bungee pod, the platform for the jump, is attached underneath a bridge, making it an exciting place to start.

The 40m bungee jump ends in the ocean, giving the participants a chance to enjoy the cool splash of sea water on their body before they bounce back.

Location: 105 Curran Street, Westhaven Reserve, Herne Bay, Auckland 1011, New Zealand
Timing: Everyday 9.30am to 4pm
Price: Adult: NZD 132, Child: NZD 108

7. Taupo bungee: Enjoy New Zealand’s only cliff-top bungee jump at Lake Taupo. This 47m bungee jump from the cantilever platform allows participants to touch the clear waters of the lake before they bounce back. Participants can opt for a tandem with a friend or partner if they do not like to take the jump by themselves.

Location: 202 Spa Road, Taupo 3332, New Zealand
Timing: Everyday - 9 am to 5 pm
Price: Adult NZD 148 Child NZD 108

8. Auckland Skytower: Get the thrill of dangling from the edge of one of the most iconic buildings of New Zealand - the famous Auckland Skytower and then jump from the building with nothing but just a wire to hold you.

Feel the adrenaline rush while plummeting down 53 floors (1076 ft) towards the pavement of Auckland streets in only 11 second. Feel great being able to control your descent.

Location: Victoria Street West, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Timing: Everyday - 10am to 8pm
Price: NZD281

9. Shotover Canyon Swing: Although not a bungee jumping in strict sense, this activity has gained equal importance and has found a place in every list of top bungee jumping activities.

Located above the gushing Shotover River with an amazing view of the rocky scenery, this 100m freefall towards the river is adrenaline pumping activity which most brave hearts would love to go for.

Location: 34 Shotover Street, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand
Timing: Everyday - 9am to 5pm
Price: $215 NZD in solo or tandem. $35 NZD for extra jump

What is the best time to go bungee jumping New Zealand?

It is best to go for bungee jumping in the winter months when the sky is clear and sunny with high visibility. Bungee jumping enthusiasts prefer to choose the morning time when the visibility is high and energy level is at the brim.

How much does it cost to bungee jump in New Zealand?

The cost of bungee jumping depends on the place which is selected. On an average, the cost of bungee jumping New Zealand would range between NZD 150 to NZD 300.

Is there any age limit for Bungee jumping New Zealand?

The age limit is 10 years and children below 10 years cannot participate in this activity. However, children under 14 years would require an adult to accompany them on the experience and sign a consent form before the activity. Nevis Bungee allows children above 13 years only.

What should I wear while bungee jumping?

You can wear anything comfortable during bungee jumping New Zealand. However, ladies may refrain wearing skirts or dresses. Wear flat and securely fastened closed footwear. You can also jump barefooted. Contact lens and glasses not allowed during the jump.

Is there any weight limit for bungee jumping?

People weighing below 35 kgs cannot participate. For tandem bungee jumping, maximum combined weight can be 150kgs. But the difference of weight between tandem jumpers cannot be more than 30 kgs.

Which is the highest Bungee jumping point in New Zealand?

Nevis River in Queenstown is the highest point for bungee jumping New Zealand. At a height of 134 meters above water, it is the third highest point in the world.

What are the essential things to keep in mind while going for bungee jumping?

1. Do with a reputable company: Do bungee jumping with a reputable company that ensures high level of safety and risk management.

2. Go along with someone: Since the activity needs lots of nerves, it is better not to do it alone. Atleast have someone accompany you for moral support or in case of any untowards incident.

3. Prepare yourself mentally: It is essential that you are mentally prepared for the jump. For this, it is better to be well informed about the activity beforehand.

4. Wear Comfortable clothes: Wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable during the jump and do not obstruct during the activity.

5. Trust your instructor: Your instructor is well trained and is a pro in this activity. Listen to the instructions well and jump as advised by him/her.

6. Choose the best location: Choose the location that is most suitable for you. If you are a beginner, you may choose locations with less height. If you are experienced, you may want to try the best location.

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